Who is Chammy?

Chammy In Real Life

Hey there, welcome to Chammy In Real Life.

My name is Chermaine though I better known as Chammy. I’m a 32 year old Yorkshire-bred rambler who is a wife to an engineer (Aaron) and mother to mad 7 year old boy (Eban). I have a passion for gaming, baking and music; preferably all at the same time. I also have an obsession with changing my hair colour.

I work from home and have been doing so since 2014, I do a number of different roles which includes running this blog, mystery shopping, surveys, website evaluation and topping up my earnings with a bit of matched betting – I have plenty of posts about this across my blog. I have also previously sold Younique Make-Up but made the decision to stop that after about a year and a half to concentrate on other things.

I spend my free time with Aaron and Eban, we love to go for walks and Aaron is a keen photographer – something I am trying to encourage him to do on a more professional level because I think he’s amazing (but I am biased). I love to bake, I can whip up a portion of biscuits or a cake in no time which is a baaaad bad thing and is the reason I’m constantly yo-yo dieting – but at least fad diets give me something to write about. I also love my rock music; if it involves guitars, drums and a bit of grunting I’m all over it. I’m a bit quirky, my husband often refers to me as Derpy Hooves, so is my style – I’m rather alternative, in every sense.

Derpy Hooves

Photo credited: Umbra-Neko on DeviantArt

If I get the time I also enjoy gaming, I’m a serial WoW offender in that I leave and come back more times than Robbie from Take That. I’m on a gaming break at the moment due to a lack of gaming PC-age but plans are being made to change that so keep an eye out.

A few more facts:

I love purple
I love Mexican food
I love Ryan Reynolds
I love skulls – the decorative ones, not actual human skulls
Cheesecake is the greatest dessert on the planet
I like my coffee like I like my men – strong, white and with a beard…no, wait, what?

So more about my blog. The things I tend to ramble about include food, make up, my family, gaming, how to make extra money from home or save extra money. I love to review products, brands, restaurants, activites…anything that I think will interest you. If you’d like me to review something because you know I will do it honestly then shout and I’ll see what I can do (and if it fits in with my blog).

I also have a YouTube channel that I poorly maintain but not for the lack of trying, my current equipment doesn’t allow me to make videos to a standard I’m happy with so I tend to avoid it – for now; like I said I have plans for the future so keep your eyes peeled.

Anyhoo, if you’d like to know anything else then you can find me all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc or drop me an email to chammy@chammyirl.co.uk

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Chammy xx

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