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Furby Connect review

What Did It Just Call Me? Furby Connect Review

wee-tah-kah-wee-loo. wee-tee-kah-wah-tee. u-nye-loo-lay-doo? Now, if you’re a parent to a child born anytime from the 80’s onwards or even a child of the 80’s or 90’s you will recognise that jibberish at the beginning. It is indeed Fubish, the language of the Furbies. I was a young and innocent 14 year old when Furbies first hit the shelves […]

Valentines day

6 Unique Date Ideas to Impress and Have Fun This Valentine’s Day

For many men and women, Valentine’s Day is an important holiday as it is the one day of the year devoted entirely to the one they love. So, if you’ve got a hot date this February 14th, you better have something planned; something special and memorable. To help you out we’ve collected some great date […]

setting up a cake business

Setting Up A Cake Business

A little known fact about me, I used to bake and sell cakes, cupcakes and sweets. It is something I love to do but it didn’t last me very long because I didn’t take the time to really think about what I was getting in to. I was driven by the phrase “wow, your cakes […]


Zamcog & Voucherbox £2 Challenge: #2poundchallenge

I’ll be completely honest, I’m not really that frugal when it comes to food. I don’t food budget, I don’t meal plan and I certainly don’t take note of what I spend in the shops. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to do all this and if needs be then I’m pretty sure I […]

Quidco exTRAVELganza

Quidco exTRAVELganza Giveaway

The Quidco giveaway is back and as you all know, I love a good giveaway! Whether it’s a free daily lottery draw or the ever so popular TopCashback Sweet Treats game – if there is free money involved then I’m there! So here it is again, this time it’s the Quidco exTRAVELganza giveaway and here are […]