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Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set Review

I’m no make-up artist, in fact, I didn’t even take make-up seriously until about 2 years ago when I bought a new foundation to replace the one I bought for my wedding (in 2008) – that’s how much I didn’t do make-up. Until then I owned an orange foundation, a black mascara, a black eyeliner and a black eyeshadow. Then something in me clicked, I think it was turning 30, that suddenly gave me an obsession with make-up. I’m YouTube taught so I’m not even that good but at least I know (kinda) how to contour and that getting winged eyeliner is practically impossible for me. Anyhoo, the last area of my make-up I learnt how to do was my eyebrows – doing these scared me. So this is where Topplk and their Brow Building Fibers Set came to the rescue.

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I’ve Had My Nose Pierced

I’ve realised that I don’t really post random posts on here, which being a blog about all the things I want it to be about is rather odd. So I’ve made the decision to post more often and to include lots of randomness about my life – starting with the news that I’ve had my nose pierced.

nose pierced

This was and wasn’t a spur of the moment thing, I’ve wanted my nose pierced for years – even before I had my scaffold bar done. I’ve always put it off for fear of not knowing how it was going to look and worried about the pain of having it done – which is weird coming from someone who has a bar at the top of their ear and multiple tattoos…oh and who has been through childbirth.

Anyhoo, last Saturday I finally plucked up the courage to get it done. There was a moment where I was looking at my husband hoping he’d say “nah, lets go home” but he didn’t and I just went in – he had his lip pierced too. I had it done at Holy Ghost Tattoo Collective in Rotherham by the lovely Liv who made me feel settled and found me a lovely stud with a purple gem (and we all know how much I love purple). Yes, it hurt but for about a millisecond while she pierced it and popped the stud in. I’ve had a panicked few minutes when it came out while washing my face because I couldn’t get it back in again BUT once I’d calmed down and watched a few YouTube videos about putting this type of stud back in it was all good. Besides that, it has been easy to look after and I’ve had no problems – it will take a few more weeks to completely heal though.

The husband loves it and keeps complimenting it, my mother not so much. I’m so glad that I finally had it done but piercings are like tattoos for me – I’m now wanting another doing but not sure what.

Do you think it suits me? Are you thinking about having it done but not sure (go for it if so)?

Jamberry Review

RIght, so I planned this review to be completely unbiased coming from someone with no connection to Jamberry. My friend told me she was joining up so I offered to host a party to help her out and I also planned to write this Jamberry review based on a free sample I had received – this review was comparing the wraps to my normal nail varnish. Anyway, before I get in to this review I want to disclose that I was so impressed with these wraps that last night (13th April 2016) I decided to become a consultant – I had no intention of doing so when I planned this post so I’m hoping you will still view this as an honest post.

Jamberry Review

Jamberry are an American direct sales company who sell vinyl nail wraps and accessories. They sell via consultants to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and as of April 2016, the UK. These wraps claim to make your nails look great without the risks that come with nail varnish such as chipping, smudging, nail peeling and reduce application time as there is no need to wait for each coat to dry.

When my sample set came through I got enough to do one full manicure with five different designs. I had previously read the instructions on the Jamberry site and watched an application video so I knew, basically, what I was doing. The process is simple enough though with time it will be easier. The only downside to the free sample was that the wraps didn’t fit my nails well as I have HUGE nails but the full sets purchased from them have many different sizes which won’t be a problem. To make this a fair review I did one hand with Jamberry wraps and the other with my regular nail varnish.


As you can see from the picture, the middle finger is a perfect application, my ring finger was a little small, my index finger was almost perfect (I placed it too low down), my little finger and thumb were too small but with a full sheet that isn’t a problem. You don’t need the mini heater they sell as a hairdryer works fine, the advantage to the heater is that it frees up a hand because it supports itself. Altogether I was extremely happy with the application process and now was the fun part.

I don’t do well with nail varnish, during this experiment my nail varnish actually did a lot better than usual but I had to redo it after my first application because it smudged and looked terrible so one point to Jamberry.

My first real compliment was the next day, I made pastry and if my nails were completely wraps then I wouldn’t have to worry about flakes of it in my pastry unlike the nail varnish. After day one the Jamberry wraps were still looking pristine whereas the varnish was already looking grubby.

Jamberry review

I then spent the next few days going about my normal tasks, washing up, opening ring pulls etc Four days later and my Jamberry nails were looking as fresh as day one which was more than could be said about my nail varnish.

Jamberry review

One week in and I was ready to call time on my nail varnish, it had done a lot better than usual as I normally have huge chips in it within hours. I’ve also tried many different brands, base coats and even a £25 bottle of “chip-proof” topcoat that my friend applied in an attempt to keep them looking gorgeous for longer (that chipped the next day).

Jamberry review

As I said at the top of the post, I am now a Jamberry Consultant but I hope that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a honest review and I decided to sign up because I was that impressed with the quality of these wraps – and the fact that they really last.

They are £15 per set, they do at least two manicures and two pedicures (three for short nails). They come in over 300 designs including some aimed at children (3yrs-8yrs) which are super adorable. They have a permanent offer of “buy 3 get 1 free” which drops the price of the wraps to £11.25 each. These prices do not include shipping which is £2.99 for less than 10 wraps, £6.99 for any order not including wraps (such as application kits, heaters) and free for orders over £135.

Do I recommend them? If I had posted this Jamberry review yesterday before I signed up then the answer would be the same. I think it says something that I was so impressed with them that I wanted to sell them myself so yes, I love them and I cannot wait to remove this nail varnish and get all my nails done.

If you’re interested in ordering some then please check out my store by clicking this link – every month I will run a giveaway to one random customer so if you’re asked to pick a party, make sure it’s the one with the current month in it 😉 This could be a free accent set, a full sheet or even accessories.

If you have any questions then please feel free to comment them below or drop me an email to There will be more Jamberry information appearing on my blog over the coming weeks as I update all the information into the right areas.

Have you given Jamberry wraps a try yet? What did you think?

Lip Rock review

Lip Rock is a metallic foil for your lips designed to add a little more WOW than basic lipstick. I decided to give them a go as they looked interesting and fun, so here is my Lip Rock review.

Lip rock review

When you open the box you get 3 sheets in your selected colour, mine was red – obviously, as well as a tiny pot of glue; yes glue. The glue comes with a little brush for you to paint on your lips. Now, I failed to properly read the instructions and the first time round I put the wrong side of the sheet onto my lips (though looking at other reviews I’m not the only one). So you paint the glue on to your lips and leave it a couple of minutes to go clear and tacky. You then place the sheet on to the glue and firmly press on to your lips. You then have to “rip” the sheet off which leaves behind the coloured foil.

I’m going to admit that it will take practice to get this right, my first go was no where near perfect but the second time wasn’t too bad – please excuse the bad hair and lack of make-up. There is still plenty of room for improvement but then again I am just terrible when it comes to my lips.

Lip rock review

I’ve been wearing it now for over an hour, patting my lips together and rubbing them and it is still on – plus, it doesn’t come off when kissing BONUS!

I honestly think these would be great for fancy dress or a special night out but wouldn’t recommend using them for use on a regular basis; I can see the glue becoming an irritant on your lips but for a bit of fun these are definitely worth the current cost of £3.49 (RRP £6.99) with free shipping. You can get them from Amazon in red, silver, bronze, gold and purple (click the colour for the direct link).

If you give them a go let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know what colour you picked and what you thought about them.

I received this product at a discounted price for an honest review, this didn’t have any sway on my opinion.

Cheap Hair Treatment

I had my hair bleached last week by my hairdresser on my mission to get it, basically white. I was previously a dyed red head with a brown dye on top to try and grow the dye out without it looking too…crazy. Before going red I was black and I tried to strip the colour at home, leaving my hair slightly damaged, so going over it again last week had me worried. This is when I came across a tub of Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Treatment in Home Bargains at the awesome price of just 99p, it is a fantastic, cheap hair treatment!

Ok, so I was sceptical. How can a 99p tub of product do anything for my hair but I thought what the chuff, lets try it. You whack it on towel dried hair, apply it from root to tip and leave it for 7-10 minutes then rinse it off with warm water. My hair feels AMAZING! I honestly cannot tell that it has recently been bleached or that I had treated it so badly before that. This product is a must have for anyone who is wanting to add a little extra moisture to their hair as it completely nourishes it. You don’t have to use loads, well it depends on the length of your hair, so it goes a long way and is certainly worth having in the cupboard.

cheap hair treatment

I’m that impressed with it that I felt that it needs it’s very own blog post to sing it’s praises. I’m glad there is no need to spend a huge amount on an expensive hair treatment when this does the job so well.