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6 Unique Date Ideas to Impress and Have Fun This Valentine’s Day

For many men and women, Valentine’s Day is an important holiday as it is the one day of the year devoted entirely to the one they love. So, if you’ve got a hot date this February 14th, you better have something planned; something special and memorable. To help you out we’ve collected some great date ideas that are sure to satisfy your date this year.

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Aims for 2017 – Blog, Health, House & Everything Else

Well that’s it! 2016 is coming to a close and with only four days left to the year it’s time for the annual – lets make plans/targets/aims that we’ll break after the first two months, also known as New Year’s Resolutions. I am guilty of being one of those who routinely makes and breaks their resolutions but it doesn’t stop me from at least giving them a go. So here are my aims for 2017.

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The Christmas Tag – Woohoo IT’S CHRISTMAS

Wow! It’s Christmas week. The past few weeks have been crazy for my family so we haven’t really had time to think about Christmas this year. That said, now we’ve settled in to our new home we’ve managed to do the Christmas food shop and get all the presents for the family sorted (and wrapped). It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas, so with that in mind I’ve been tagged by the ever awesome Katy from KatyKicker.com to take part in The Christmas Tag.

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A Naughty Christmas Gift Guide

Now don’t get me wrong, I love socks and slippers for Christmas as much as the next parent but sometimes you just want something a little saucy adding to your stocking. It’s often had to decide what is the right amount of saucy which is why I only recommend buying these kind of gifts for someone you KNOW will either love them or will see the funny side. Here is my naughty Christmas gift guide.  Continue reading