Food related posts.

Zamcog & Voucherbox £2 Challenge: #2poundchallenge

I’ll be completely honest, I’m not really that frugal when it comes to food. I don’t food budget, I don’t meal plan and I certainly don’t take note of what I spend in the shops. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to do all this and if needs be then I’m pretty sure I could do it but I’ve never needed to. With this in mind I decided to take on the #2poundchallenge to see if I really could stick to a strict food budget.

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Dabble In Stocks: Put your Vegetable Scraps To Good Use

I dabble in stocks all the time, but with no financial risks. Yes, it’s a bad joke but one that might save you a few pounds buying stock cubes.

I hate waste, especially waste that I’ve paid for. I’m always looking at ways of reducing the amount of food waste I have such as batch cooking, putting leftovers in the freezer for another meal and making clean up meals (basically throwing everything about to go bad into a pot and hoping for the best). Just before Christmas I came across yet another way to save money on something so simple yet so useful – vegetable scrap stock.

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The Introduction Post

Happy New Year all, I hope you all have had a good one and didn’t over indulge too much. If you did then not to worry I’m here to give you a guiding hand towards feeling better about you! Throughout January, and maybe February, I’m going to be posting advice, opinions, information and results for a range of different ways you can help you towards your own New Year. New You. New Me.

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Alternative Christmas Meats For Your Regular Turkey Gobbler

Christmas dinner! I don’t know about you but when someone starts talking about Christmas dinner I picture a spread of tasty veg, crispy roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy and…eugh, turkey. Now, don’t get me wrong, turkey is a perfectly average meat – I mean, it makes tasty and healthy meatballs. To me turkey is just boring, it’s just a big chicken with less flavour and can be really dry if not cooked right. My husband and I never have turkey for Christmas dinner as we have it often enough during the year, last year it was a five bird roast from Aldi which was ok. So what are the alternative Christmas meats for your regular turkey gobbler?

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Cheap, Quick And Easy Pizza Pasties

Do you ever have one of those days when your looking in the fridge for something different to feed the short ones in your house? Too lazy to create something from scratch and the kids are bored of the usual “f-it Friday” dinner of chicken nuggets, potato waffles and beans. I was here last weekend. I needed something quick and tasty before heading out to the fireworks so looked in my bare fridge (day before shopping day) and threw together these cheap, quick and easy pizza pasties.

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