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What Is The Best Diet? Is There One That Always Works?

Now this is the question that plagues many of us for most of our lives. What is the best diet? Is there a diet which will always work? Many people and companies claim they have found a guaranteed way to lose weight but it really is a case of what works for one may not work for you; that’s the key here – you need to find something that works for YOU!! So what is the best diet?

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The Introduction Post

Happy New Year all, I hope you all have had a good one and didn’t over indulge too much. If you did then not to worry I’m here to give you a guiding hand towards feeling better about you! Throughout January, and maybe February, I’m going to be posting advice, opinions, information and results for a range of different ways you can help you towards your own New Year. New You. New Me.

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Why I Love Vaping (E-Cigs)

I grew up in a family of smokers with both my Mum and Dad being heavy smokers. Later my sister and step-sister became smokers, with me giving it a whirl for a whole month when I was 15 – I hated it though. I hate the smell, the smoke, the coughing and obviously the health implications that are connected to it so as a teenager I vowed to never date a smoker. Previous relationships were always with non-smokers until Aaron came along and “fate” or whatever you want to call it decided that I’d fall in love with him – a smoker. Luckily for me he jumped on the vaping bandwagon before it became popular and now I love that he vapes.

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Are Juice Plus Capsules All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

You may have seen that I’ve already covered Juice Plus a couple of times on my blog, having tried the shakes and their Boosters previously. The one part of Juice Plus that I haven’t touched (and to be honest never will) is their capsules. Are the Juice Plus capsules really all they’re cracked up to be or is it just over exaggerated nonsense? If you’re a rep and your reading this, only go on if you really want to learn something about your product.

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