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Jamberry Review

RIght, so I planned this review to be completely unbiased coming from someone with no connection to Jamberry. My friend told me she was joining up so I offered to host a party to help her out and I also planned to write this Jamberry review based on a free sample I had received – this review was comparing the wraps to my normal nail varnish. Anyway, before I get in to this review I want to disclose that I was so impressed with these wraps that last night (13th April 2016) I decided to become a consultant – I had no intention of doing so when I planned this post so I’m hoping you will still view this as an honest post.

Jamberry Review

Jamberry are an American direct sales company who sell vinyl nail wraps and accessories. They sell via consultants to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and as of April 2016, the UK. These wraps claim to make your nails look great without the risks that come with nail varnish such as chipping, smudging, nail peeling and reduce application time as there is no need to wait for each coat to dry.

When my sample set came through I got enough to do one full manicure with five different designs. I had previously read the instructions on the Jamberry site and watched an application video so I knew, basically, what I was doing. The process is simple enough though with time it will be easier. The only downside to the free sample was that the wraps didn’t fit my nails well as I have HUGE nails but the full sets purchased from them have many different sizes which won’t be a problem. To make this a fair review I did one hand with Jamberry wraps and the other with my regular nail varnish.


As you can see from the picture, the middle finger is a perfect application, my ring finger was a little small, my index finger was almost perfect (I placed it too low down), my little finger and thumb were too small but with a full sheet that isn’t a problem. You don’t need the mini heater they sell as a hairdryer works fine, the advantage to the heater is that it frees up a hand because it supports itself. Altogether I was extremely happy with the application process and now was the fun part.

I don’t do well with nail varnish, during this experiment my nail varnish actually did a lot better than usual but I had to redo it after my first application because it smudged and looked terrible so one point to Jamberry.

My first real compliment was the next day, I made pastry and if my nails were completely wraps then I wouldn’t have to worry about flakes of it in my pastry unlike the nail varnish. After day one the Jamberry wraps were still looking pristine whereas the varnish was already looking grubby.

Jamberry review

I then spent the next few days going about my normal tasks, washing up, opening ring pulls etc Four days later and my Jamberry nails were looking as fresh as day one which was more than could be said about my nail varnish.

Jamberry review

One week in and I was ready to call time on my nail varnish, it had done a lot better than usual as I normally have huge chips in it within hours. I’ve also tried many different brands, base coats and even a £25 bottle of “chip-proof” topcoat that my friend applied in an attempt to keep them looking gorgeous for longer (that chipped the next day).

Jamberry review

As I said at the top of the post, I am now a Jamberry Consultant but I hope that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a honest review and I decided to sign up because I was that impressed with the quality of these wraps – and the fact that they really last.

They are £15 per set, they do at least two manicures and two pedicures (three for short nails). They come in over 300 designs including some aimed at children (3yrs-8yrs) which are super adorable. They have a permanent offer of “buy 3 get 1 free” which drops the price of the wraps to £11.25 each. These prices do not include shipping which is £2.99 for less than 10 wraps, £6.99 for any order not including wraps (such as application kits, heaters) and free for orders over £135.

Do I recommend them? If I had posted this Jamberry review yesterday before I signed up then the answer would be the same. I think it says something that I was so impressed with them that I wanted to sell them myself so yes, I love them and I cannot wait to remove this nail varnish and get all my nails done.

If you’re interested in ordering some then please check out my store by clicking this link – every month I will run a giveaway to one random customer so if you’re asked to pick a party, make sure it’s the one with the current month in it 😉 This could be a free accent set, a full sheet or even accessories.

If you have any questions then please feel free to comment them below or drop me an email to chammy@chammyirl.co.uk. There will be more Jamberry information appearing on my blog over the coming weeks as I update all the information into the right areas.

Have you given Jamberry wraps a try yet? What did you think?

Join Jamberry Nails

Join Jamberry NailsWhen you join Jamberry, you become one of their Consultants and are offered a great commission plan as well as many monthly incentives; either from the company or your teams upline. What I really like about their plan is that no matter how high you go, selling the products is a key focus and the products really do sell themselves. You also have the option to build your own team and gain a small bonus for their success – a great way to be rewarded for all your hard work and support.

If you love having pretty nails and you like the idea of selling them then read on, here is all the information you need if you’re looking to join Jamberry.

Cham’s Jams Opportunity by Slidely Slideshow


Sign up fee

The “sign up” fee is £108.99 (the kit is £99) in the UK, this includes p&p. For that £99 you get your Consultant’s kit which is full of everything you need to get started as a Jamberry Consultant – including samples, catalogues and order forms. Along with the kit you will get access to your own personal website to refer customer to, workstation which give you access to training and the virtual party planner (free for the first 3 months then option to pay £10 per month or use the basic free version – perfect for hobbists or kitnappers), support from your upline and your own Jamberry branded debit card.

What’s in the kit?
Jamberry Kit

The current kit includes:

20 Catalogues
Startup Guide
25 Host/Join Brochures
25 Order Forms
Rubber Cuticle Pusher
50 Orange Sticks
5 Nail Files
Alcohol Wipes
3 Buffers
3 Sets of Scissors
50 Sample Cards
Cuticle Oil Pen
2 Full-Sized Sheets of Exclusive Jamberry Nail Wraps
Application/Removal Tear-away Note Pad (100 pages)
Contact Information Tear-away Note Pad (100 pages)
Jamberry Brand Book
2 Nourish Hand Crème Sample Packets
3 Months of Use on Your Personal Website
4 Mega Sheets of Accent Nails in Matte, Glossy, Metallic, and Sparkle Finishes

Upon closing your first qualifying party (totaling 150+PRV), you will receive:

Two Free Wrap Codes
25 Marketing Materials Credits converted at currency rate

The Commission

Now the Jamberry commission structure can be a little difficult to get your head round but once you have let it sink in it really isn’t that complicated – it just has many layers. There are five ways for a Consultant to earn from Jamberry;

Retail and Personal Sales Bonus: This is the basic way to earn, selling the wraps to customers and earning commission for the sales – plus bonuses for larger sales.

Level Overrides: This is where building a team can benefit you – you can earn between 3% and 24% of your teams sales.

Fast Start Bonus: This is a timed bonus scheme for the first three months of your Jamberry life – bonuses paid upon completion of specific targets such as number of parties, amount of sales and sponsored team members.

Advancement Bonus and Matching Bonus: These bonuses are earned when you or your recruit meet certain ranks determined by your sales volume.

Generation Overrides: This is earning 2% of the sales volume of the teams in your downline – only for Team Managers.

Jamberry Commission

In total there are 13 roles within Jamberry, ranging from Consultant all the way up to Elite Executive. On this post I’m going to be manly concentrating on the first 7 levels up to Team Manager.

As a Consultant you start on 30% commission of all sales, if you sponsor somebody while being a consultant you will then earn 3% of their sales – no targets to meet at this level, no minimum sales. Once you have made £200 in sales, known as PRV (Personal Retail Volume) you move up to Advanced Consultant and with this you get a 3% commission rise and earn 5% from your team sales. As there are many steps to these roles I will include the commission plans below – if you have any questions about it then please drop me an email to info@chamsjams.co.uk and I’ll be happy to go into more depth for you.

As you get further up “the ladder” you have targets that you and your team have to meet such as Team Retail Volume (TRV) and being active (achieving 200 PRV for so many months in a row)

Jamberry commission

Jamberry Commission

Fast Start is a timed bonus plan aimed at motivating you to build your business and jump in from the start – additional payments are made when you meet specific targets within the time frame. So for the first period you have the month you joined and then one (so I have April and May) to host a qualifying party (£150 of sales+), have a PRV of 500 and sponsor another person on to my team. I’d then get £65 in product credit to spend)

Jamberry Fast Start

Rank advancement also comes if you or a member of your team move up the ranks within a certain period of time.

Jamberry rank advancement

You then get deeper into the commission plan which has another six roles which come with bigger targets to fill – more about these levels can be found at www.chamsjams.co.uk then clicking “Join” on the tab at the top.

What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor is basically your team leader, you join Jamberry under them and in return they guide you through getting started and beyond. Choosing the right sponsor is a key step in joining Jamberry because like with any company your can have good ones and bad ones – read my “Choosing The Right Sponsor Post” to see why this is so important. A good sponsor will listen to how you would like to run your business and put your wants first; they wont pressure you to go in a direction you don’t want. My sponsor is a friend who I met through Younique – I actually helped her when she was in need of help because her sponsor wasn’t in slightest bit helpful. We now help each other through Jamberry.

I am currently looking to sponsor anyone interested in joining Jamberry so drop me a message for a chat.

If you have any questions about joining then email me at info@chamsjams.co.uk

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) that are not covered elsewhere on my website.

Q: I am a guy, am I allowed to join Jamberry?

A: YES! You are more than welcome to join up to Jamberry,

Q: How old do you need to be to sell Jamberry products?

A: You need to be 18 or over to join Jamberry.

Q: The kit you get looks amazing, can I buy that without having to actually sell anything.

A: Yes, I welcome “kit-nappers”. If you let me know that it is just the kit you are interested in then I’ll make a note not to bug you unless you change your mind; and many do. You get the exclusive Consultant discount for 12 months from joining that is discounted at purchase – rather than waiting for your commission.

Q: I’ve seen the nail wraps cheaper on eBay, how can you be selling it for more?

A: Simple answer to this is that any product found on eBay, Amazon, Gumtree or your local Facebook selling page is most likely to be fake, especially if it is cheaper. Jamberry Consultants are not allowed to sell their products on 3rd Party sites such as those mentioned above and if they are selling it cheaper than the retail price then they are loosing money. Please do not risk buying any of our products from those sites as the ingredients aren’t regulated and you do not know what is in them or what damage they could cause your nails.

Q: Why can’t you sell/advertise Jamberry products on Facebook?

A: It helps deter fakes knowing that the genuine products can only be bought via a Consultant and their website.

 Q: When did Jamberry launch?

A: As Jamberry are still launching across the world I will update this answer with each country as it launches.

USA: Website launched June 2011
Canada: December 2013
Australia: October 2015
New Zealand: October 2015
UK & Ireland: April 2016

Why I joined Jamberry Nails

There is nothing in this world that makes me feel more girly than having some colour on my nails. I love having my nails painted but I HATE having to spend a hour or so doing them only for them to either smudge just before they’re dried or to have chipped the next day. They always chip, a very good friend of mine who has an obsession with doing her nails (and does them beautifully) even came round to do them once and used a “chip-proof” top coat that cost her £25 – the next day I had huge chips in several nails. The struggle was real – first world problems, aye?

Join Jamberry

Initially I had no plans to join Jamberry. I had seen all the hype about them coming to the UK, I admit I was interested in the products but when I was approached by a couple of reps to join them I flat out refused. I was happy with Younique, I didn’t want to have to juggle two companies and the plan was to give the wraps a try, write a review, host a party and help a friend by popping a banner on my blog for them. That was it.

When I got my sample through and put them on it was a bit of a game changer; I loved how easy they were to apply, how quick, no smudges, no chips and if you read my review HERE you’ll see how they held up against my regular polish. I wouldn’t shut up about them, my party came and I saw how interested people were in them and there was a lot of interaction during the party but I was still just going to be a customer. I sat chatting to my husband about them and what the plan was – he flat out told me to join. He could see how much I love them, he didn’t see the point in settling for free wraps and discounts from sales via my banner when I could be earning the commission from them myself. I still was hesitant, yes I loved the product, yes there has been LOADS of interest but it was another thing for me to juggle – if you read any more of my blog then you’ll see I do a lot of things from home. He was right though, I love these things so I might as well sell them too – even if it is only hobby money. There are no targets I have to meet and I get a consultant discount for 12 months for my own use.

So I joined up the second week they launched in the UK, my friend who is also now my sponsor was shocked but she secretly knew that I’d want to join because they are right up my street – even more so than Younique. Her support and that of the rest of my upline has been fantastic.

I’m now building my own team, there is nothing I love more than helping people so it makes sense for me to have my own team. So if you’re interested in the product and would like to join Jamberry then feel free to drop me an email info@chamsjams.co.uk and we can have a chat. I promise a helpful, friendly and supportive sponsor/upline.

So in conclusion, I joined Jamberry Nails because I think the wraps are freaking amazing and I want to share them with the world! If you’d like to take a look at the designs then pop over to my shop www.chamsjams.co.uk

Jamberry Nails

Love pretty nails but hate the drying time, the chipping and the smudging? Then Jamberry Nails might be for you.

“In 2010, a slow and expensive visit to a nail salon sparked the idea for sisters Lyndsey, Christy, and Keri to create a line of do-it-yourself nail wraps. Today, Jamberry is bringing you their creation: one-of-a-kind nail wraps that truly represent your signature style!

Jamberry nail wraps are made with durable materials, so smudges and streaks are never an issue, and can last for up to two weeks on fingernails and four weeks on toes. With over 300 nail wraps in an incredible variety of designs, you can customize, pair, and layer Jamberry nail wraps to create a look that’s all your own—all from the comfort of your home.” – Jamberry Website About

Jamberry Nails

These are actually my Mum’s nails

So what exactly are Jamberry Nail Wraps?

Simple, they are a vinyl nail wrap that gives you salon nails in your own home. They take moments to apply, last 1-2 weeks and do not chip! They are also cruelty free and vegan friendly. They come in a range of over 300 designs (in the UK) with more being added all the time and each sheet will do 2 manicures, 2 pedicures and have left over for accent nails.

How do you apply Jamberry Nails?

Jamberry wraps are heat and pressure activated. You simply warm them up either under the Jamberry mini-heater or a hairdryer, press them on to your nails and apply pressure before re-warming them and pushing down again to create a water-tight seal – application video coming soon (waiting to take my current wraps off haha)

There are other steps such as filing and cleaning your nails with an alcohol wipe beforehand, trimming the wraps to length and filing off the excess but you get the general idea.

How do you remove Jamberry Nails?

Basically the same way you apply them. They are durable and extremely resilient but when you have to remove them it takes minutes. Simple warm them up again under the heater, hairdryer or I like to do it while in the bath. Then using your thumb nail or an orange stick, work from the side of your nail (never the top or bottom) and slowly prize them off using an alcohol wipe or polish remover. They come off leaving no damage to your nails and ready for your next set to be applied.

How much to Jamberry Wraps Cost?

Jamberry wraps cost £15 in the UK plus p&p – they do a minimum of 2 manicures and 2 pedicures, with spares for accent nails. That £3.75 per application. The p&p is £2.99 for wraps and £6.99 for any of the tools such as the mini-heater or application kit – free shipping is available on orders over £135.

Do Jamberry do any offers?

YES! Jamberry has a permanent “Buy 3 and Get 1 Free” offer – this means you get four wraps and they work out as £11.25 each. This is a great deal if you fancy splitting it with a friend or family member, or if you simply can’t decide what you want. There are also exclusive monthly wrap available each month – so make sure you grab that while you can.

Do you have to buy the mini-heater/wipes/application kit/cuticle oil?

NO! You do not need to buy these things from Jamberry in order to apply the wraps. That’s a great thing about Jamberry, you can use what you already have in the house or anything you prefer. The Jamberry nail care line was developed to compliment the wraps so for example, the mini-heater – it gives you a free hand to work with rather than having to juggle a hairdryer and a wrap. In my experience it is much easier to just have one but you can apply them without just fine. I also have to say that the cuticle oil smells delicious and makes my fingers look fab.

Be sure to go check out my review, I had planned to write it before becoming a consultant (not that I actually planned to become one) and if you have any questions then please feel free to drop me a message at info@chamsjams.co.uk