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Lip Rock review

Lip Rock is a metallic foil for your lips designed to add a little more WOW than basic lipstick. I decided to give them a go as they looked interesting and fun, so here is my Lip Rock review.

Lip rock review

When you open the box you get 3 sheets in your selected colour, mine was red – obviously, as well as a tiny pot of glue; yes glue. The glue comes with a little brush for you to paint on your lips. Now, I failed to properly read the instructions and the first time round I put the wrong side of the sheet onto my lips (though looking at other reviews I’m not the only one). So you paint the glue on to your lips and leave it a couple of minutes to go clear and tacky. You then place the sheet on to the glue and firmly press on to your lips. You then have to “rip” the sheet off which leaves behind the coloured foil.

I’m going to admit that it will take practice to get this right, my first go was no where near perfect but the second time wasn’t too bad – please excuse the bad hair and lack of make-up. There is still plenty of room for improvement but then again I am just terrible when it comes to my lips.

Lip rock review

I’ve been wearing it now for over an hour, patting my lips together and rubbing them and it is still on – plus, it doesn’t come off when kissing BONUS!

I honestly think these would be great for fancy dress or a special night out but wouldn’t recommend using them for use on a regular basis; I can see the glue becoming an irritant on your lips but for a bit of fun these are definitely worth the current cost of £3.49 (RRP £6.99) with free shipping. You can get them from Amazon in red, silver, bronze, gold and purple (click the colour for the direct link).

If you give them a go let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know what colour you picked and what you thought about them.

I received this product at a discounted price for an honest review, this didn’t have any sway on my opinion.

Fake Younique Mascara (3D Fiber Lashes+)

Fake Younique Mascara

This post goes for all fake beauty products but being a Younique Presenter I am aiming this mainly at our 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara+. Today I have had a friend contact me regarding her “Younique” mascara and it turns out it was indeed a fake Younique Mascara. We, as Younique Presenters, are asked daily about these copycat mascaras so please take care when purchasing.

Fake Younique Mascara

Name editing out for privacy of my friend

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Do not fall for the fake Younique Mascaras, or any make-up brand for that matter. Genuine mascaras are ONLY sold through Younique and their Presenters, and even we cannot get them for cheaper than what they are sold for (unless we sacrifice our commission).
These fakes are unregulated, can contain ANYTHING (fiber glass, arsenic, paint, tons of lead) and can cause pain/inflammation/discomfort and much worse – plus they don’t come with a 14 day love it guarantee.

If the mascara you see looks too good to be true – ie $5, £4.99, £10 and BOGOF DO NOT BUY! Christmas is around the corner (at the time of writing haha) and it is so tempting to try and save a few ££’s but please think before you risk your own eyes or those of your loved ones who you might want to buy as a gift.

Also, they no longer sell the original formula, only the 3D+ (unless a Presenter has some left over stock) so it won’t be genuine anyway!

Real Younique mascara

This is what our new enhanced 3D+ Mascara looks like

If in doubt ask me to confirm that you are buying a genuine product; comment below or drop me an email.

Younique Splurge Cream Eye Shadow

Younique Splurge Cream Eye Shadow charming

Each month there is a new shade of Younique Splurge Cream Eye Shadow released and for June it was the shade “Charming”, as soon as I saw it I knew that I had to have it. “Charming” is a gorgeous off green/sea-foam colour that has a wonderful amount of sparkle; it goes great for brown eyes – lucky me.

I received mine last week just in time to show it off at a wedding and I was super impressed with the quality of the product and how little you actually need to use. It glides on smooth, it is build-able on (you can add more layers or different colours) and it lasts. I wore it for 12 hours at said wedding and when I got home it still looked fabulous. I would recommend grabbing a cream shadow brush to apply it though, I currently use a normal brush for mine and while it works fine, I feel it would benefit from a purposely made one; you can use your finger too.

The eye shadow is £21 and I expect it to last MONTHS even if you used it everyday, I don’t plan to so it should last me longer. I have already teamed it up with the Mineral Eye Pigments in the shade “Corrupted” which is black and it goes amazingly well. It also really helps your eye lashes to POP when you are wearing the 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara. Rather than me going on about it, check out my review/product test type video below and let me know what you think about it.

This really is a pretty shade and I am so glad I decided to grab myself one, though next month’s shade “Dreamy” is looking gorgeous too.

Have you tried a Younique Splurge Cream Eye Shadow? Which one and what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.