Cappuccino To Skinny Latte: David’s Story

As part of my New Year. New You. New Me. series I reached out to my readers and my friends asking for their honest experiences of their lifestyles changes; specifically those who have made health changes. Today I bring you the first of those successes, an interview with David from Thinking Thrifty.

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I haven’t known David long, in fact I’ve only known him since a blogging conference we went to in September 2016 so I haven’t personally seen him on the whole of his journey but nonetheless it’s inspiring to read.

David’s Lifestyle Changes

What was your lifestyle like before you decided to make changes?

I was drinking far too much. I was trying to stay out of the pub to save money, but found that drinking in the house quickly lead to things getting out of control. I was saving money, but my health was suffering. I could easily go through between eight to ten cans of cider a night. Drinking made me lazy and take-aways crept into my routine. Add that to the six cans of coke I used to drink at work and it wasn’t long before I had ballooned and piled three and a half stone on.

What was the trigger/reason that made you realise that something had to change?

I couldn’t fit into anything anymore. I had gone from a small to a medium and swore to myself I wouldn’t allow it to go any further than that. But, just a few months later there wasn’t any choice about it, I needed large tops and the 32in waist pants I’d been fighting with had to be swapped for a 36, I’d actually jumped two waist sizes not one, and even they were tight! The final straw was one morning in work, I’d arrived sweating after power walking to work and took a girls head off for having the heating on, the heating wasn’t on, I was just over weight and out of shape and my body was struggling with a 5 minute walk around the corner. I knew I had to do something about it.

lifestyle changes

Photo used with permission from David at Thinking Thrifty

What was your initial goal?

Initially I thought I could do it on my own using the typical fad diet I’d become accustomed to over the last few years. I got a stone off, but I didn’t feel very healthy and had developed chronic constipation that would leave me in agony. It was then that a lad in my office joined up for Slimming World, knowing he was there took the embarrassment side out of it for me a bit and I joined up. I set myself a target to lose two and a half stone and never looked back.

What changes did you make?

First and foremost I cut down the booze and pretty much stopped drinking Coca-Cola, swapping it for Coke Zero instead. I still drank, but nowhere near as frequent. As soon as the daily boozing stopped I wanted to get back in the kitchen again, unfortunately the kitchen I had in the flat I was living in was rubbish and a total headache in all honesty. So, to keep me on it, I used some of my savings and we moved into a swanky pad with a Master Chef kitchen! I now cook healthy homemade meals every day and, most importantly, I love doing it.

Did you find these changes hard to stick to? What kept you on track?

There was always the temptation to have a few beers, especially if the football was on and my mates were inviting me around to their house etc. But, going to group at Slimming World opened my eyes up to other people’s struggles. People who actually had a real issue with food, emotional eaters and addiction, it certainly put my problems into perspective. I just like a party and I get lazy when I do so, I didn’t suffer the daily issues these guys had. It made me realise there was no excuse and I had to sort it.

What are your aims for 2017?

I’m still a few pounds from my target and now Christmas is out of the way I’d like to hit that by the end of January. After that it’s a case of not slipping back into old habits and maintaining the hard work I’ve put in. I go on holiday in June and I’d quite like my six-pack back before we set off so I’ll be starting to get some exercise in for the first time in many moons! Apart from that, I’m working on replacing my wages with a steady passive income from numerous income streams to fulfil my dream of early retirement in the sun!

I think David has done phenomenally, and I look forward to meeting up with him again in May (for another blogging thing) to see how much he has changed since we last met up. Reading through his answers has really given me a kick up the butt to crack on with my journey so hopefully come May he won’t recognise me either. Thanks for this David.

If you have any questions for David about his lifestyle changes then pop over to his blog (Thinking Thrifty) where you can find all his contact details.

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