3D Fiber Lashes Mascara

Fake Younique Mascara (3D Fiber Lashes+)

Fake Younique Mascara

This post goes for all fake beauty products but being a Younique Presenter I am aiming this mainly at our 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara+. Today I have had a friend contact me regarding her “Younique” mascara and it turns out it was indeed a fake Younique Mascara. We, as Younique Presenters, are asked daily about these copycat mascaras so please take care when purchasing.

Fake Younique Mascara

Name editing out for privacy of my friend

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Do not fall for the fake Younique Mascaras, or any make-up brand for that matter. Genuine mascaras are ONLY sold through Younique and their Presenters, and even we cannot get them for cheaper than what they are sold for (unless we sacrifice our commission).
These fakes are unregulated, can contain ANYTHING (fiber glass, arsenic, paint, tons of lead) and can cause pain/inflammation/discomfort and much worse – plus they don’t come with a 14 day love it guarantee.

If the mascara you see looks too good to be true – ie $5, £4.99, £10 and BOGOF DO NOT BUY! Christmas is around the corner (at the time of writing haha) and it is so tempting to try and save a few ££’s but please think before you risk your own eyes or those of your loved ones who you might want to buy as a gift.

Also, they no longer sell the original formula, only the 3D+ (unless a Presenter has some left over stock) so it won’t be genuine anyway!

Real Younique mascara

This is what our new enhanced 3D+ Mascara looks like

If in doubt ask me to confirm that you are buying a genuine product; comment below or drop me an email.



I joined Younique in March 2015 after watching the company for many months, before they even launched in the UK. Within these months I watched many videos, read many forum posts and blogs but it was finally seeing what the 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara could do that made me decide to jump in and join the opportunity. I decided to become a Younique Presenter mainly for the make-up and thought that if I’m going to buy it then I might as well sell it too, making a bit of extra money for me. I do a lot of work online and thought that as this company is very social media focused that it would run along nicely with the rest of my work; and it does.

Since then I have become hooked on their products loving not only the mascara but the eye shadows, liners and lip stains; turns out I’m not the only one. I have noticed a real change in me as I have gone from the frumpy 30 year old housewife and mother who barely bothered to do her hair in the morning to really caring about my skin, my health and what I put on my face. My face has also become my shop front so I am taking better care of it as well as wearing a little more make-up, so I can sell it 😉

So, you may have come here wondering who Younique are?

Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.

The company was founded by a brother and sister team, Younique’s philosophy is centred around the core values of simplicity, spiritual enlightenment, positive influence and the celebration of inner and outer beauty. Derek and Melanie firmly believe that all women should feel valued, smart, and empowered through opportunities of personal growth and financial reward! Joining the Younique family provides opportunities for women to belong to a company that truly believes that the sky is the limit!

The products themselves are naturally based and as close to being 100% natural as they can. Some of the products are gluten free and others are vegan friendly. Not only do Younique sell make-up but they also sell the tools needed for applying and removing it. From brushes and blenders to their AMAZING shine cloths which take off the mascara with ease while nourishing your skin with essential oils and vitamins (it’s a facial treatment in a cloth). They are constantly bringing out new products to build on their already wonderful collection.

Younique are so confident that you will love their products that they offer a 14 day “Love It” guarantee, so if you aren’t 100% with your purchase you can send it back for a full refund.