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Money Making Tips For Christmas

It’s safe to say that Christmas is probably the most expensive time of the year. In 2015, according to an article in The Telegraph, the average family spent over £800 at Christmas with a staggering 35% of them saying they borrowed to pay for gifts and 23% borrowing for food because they feel the pressure to compete with those around them. We all have this ideal picture of our perfect Christmas but isn’t the whole point of Christmas to enjoy the time with family and friends, and obviously the religious connection for those who celebrate it for that. Should we really be getting in to debt to live up to an ideal? I say no, which is why I’ve included some top money making tips for Christmas – as well as reaching out to some of the country’s best money bloggers from the UK Money Bloggers.

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Alternative Christmas Meats For Your Regular Turkey Gobbler

Christmas dinner! I don’t know about you but when someone starts talking about Christmas dinner I picture a spread of tasty veg, crispy roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy and…eugh, turkey. Now, don’t get me wrong, turkey is a perfectly average meat – I mean, it makes tasty and healthy meatballs. To me turkey is just boring, it’s just a big chicken with less flavour and can be really dry if not cooked right. My husband and I never have turkey for Christmas dinner as we have it often enough during the year, last year it was a five bird roast from Aldi which was ok. So what are the alternative Christmas meats for your regular turkey gobbler?

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A Naughty Christmas Gift Guide

Now don’t get me wrong, I love socks and slippers for Christmas as much as the next parent but sometimes you just want something a little saucy adding to your stocking. It’s often had to decide what is the right amount of saucy which is why I only recommend buying these kind of gifts for someone you KNOW will either love them or will see the funny side. Here is my naughty Christmas gift guide.  Continue reading

Quidco Santa Tracker Giveaway

As you all know, I love a good giveaway. Whether it’s a free daily lottery draw or the ever so popular TopCashback Sweet Treats game – if there is free money involved then I’m there! So when the Quidco Santa Tracker giveaway started I knew I needed to get in on the action and wanted to take away the “hard work” of figuring out the daily clues for my readers – like I do on the TopCashback ones.

This giveaway has now finished – thank you for visiting and I look forward to helping with the next one.

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Hand-Waving Snowman LED Candle Review

I’m stupidly excited for Christmas this year, I’m hoping to be spending it in a new house which means I can buy loads of new decorations. Last year we got one of those slimline “modern trees” in black because we thought it would look great in our current living room – that tree is going to Daddy-In-Law this year. So when the lovely people over at Home Impressions on Amazon asked me if I’d like one of their Hand-Waving Snowman LED Candle I jumped at the chance to give it a go.

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