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Free Lottery Draws: Emoji Lottery

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll already know how much I enjoy daily lottery draws, you will have probably read all the posts and signed up to them – I hope you’ve been checking as a few of the people I’ve signed up have won recently and not claimed (DOH!). If you’re new here then (firstly hi!) you won’t have read them all so make sure you go and check them out after reading this one. Anyway, here is the latest one that I’ve come across and I’m rather enjoying – this is Emoji Lottery.

Emoji Lottery

This latest lottery draw site is, I must admit, the funnest of them all. You select five different emojis (emojis are the little smiley face symbols) then each day check back to see if your five match the winning five – simple.

The prize starts at £5 and rolls over each day if it isn’t collected. Unlike other lottery draw sites there isn’t a daily checking bonus but you do get an email encouraging you to check each day and that has a very simple “1 Click Check” button – so you have no excuses.

Emoji Lottery is super simple to sign up to, you simple select your emojis and enter your email address. Done. Like I mentioned, you get a daily reminder to your email so you’ll (hopefully) never miss a draw.

As of October there is a refer a friend monthly draw that promises great prizes (at the time of writing this there is no mention as to what the prizes are). The site makes it’s revenue using advertisements so if you can turn any adblockers off then that helps the site hugely – it might mean they can start introducing more bonuses.

As I said earlier, I think Emoji Lottery is super fun. I loved picking my favourite emojis to use as my draw selection and I’m still waiting to win the prize – hopefully I won’t be left waiting too long.

Sign up to the Selfie Lottery here and let me know which emojis you have chosen 😉 😀 😛

Emoji Lottery