DiscountIF Review

I love a bargain, as do most of you I assume but sometimes the hunt for a bargain can be a little…well, boring. Recently my attention was pointed in the direction of a website called who promised to add a little spark of excitement to your internet shopping, so I decided to give them a try – here is my DiscountIF review.

DiscountIF review

DiscountIF is a UK retail site that offers a little excitement to its shoppers. When you want to make an online purchase from you run the link thought them, you are then given a list of upcoming events that have cash back offers attached to them. You select the offer/event you like the most and if you win then you get the cash back – this means that you could get your purchase for free. It’s a win-win situation, if you don’t win then you get the purchase you were getting anyway but if you do win then that purchase could be completely free.

How does it work?

You find the product you want to buy from and pop the link into where you might even get a better offer. You confirm the order, making sure all the product options are correct such as colour, size etc. You’re then offered a list of cash back offers that are linked to different events; events include anything from football and tennis to the X Factor and the weather.

70% cash back IF England wins the Euro 2016
100% cash back IF Donald Trump becomes president
80% cash back IF it snows on Christmas Day

You then buy your item like you would normally and it is shipped to you as usual. You then wait for the results of your event, if you win then you get the stated cash back but if not then you still have your purchase.

Cash back that has been won is deposited into your DiscountIF account within 30 days and you can either withdraw it back on to your selected debit/credit card or use it to purchase other items via the site.

The percentage of cash back can change as it is calculated in real time so you are given 10 minutes from selecting your offer to completing your purchase, a timer will appear on your screen to let you know how long you have left to make the purchase. Once the time is up you will need to start over if you still wish to make the purchase but your offers may be different.

I’ve used DiscountIF twice now, once for a set of car mats that should have been £12 on Amazon and I got for £5.50 on DiscountIF – I didn’t win my event though so no cash back for that purchase. The item arrived on time, just the same as if I’d have ordered it on Amazon. I have used it again today for an item which was £1 cheaper and if Manchester Utd win 2-1 today against Derby I will get 100% cash back meaning my item will be free – COME ON YOU RED DEVILS!!!

The customer service is also great, there was an error ordering the item today and within 15 minutes of tweeting the guys it was fixed and my order was placed. I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a little bit of fun and fancies the chance of getting their order free or even more discounted; if my husband sees something he wants then he’ll always send me the link to the item so I can see if DiscountIF will get it cheaper for him.

Have you used DiscountIF? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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