Free Lottery Draws

Free Lottery Draws: Emoji Lottery

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll already know how much I enjoy daily lottery draws, you will have probably read all the posts and signed up to them – I hope you’ve been checking as a few of the people I’ve signed up have won recently and not claimed (DOH!). If you’re new here then (firstly hi!) you won’t have read them all so make sure you go and check them out after reading this one. Anyway, here is the latest one that I’ve come across and I’m rather enjoying – this is Emoji Lottery.

Emoji Lottery

This latest lottery draw site is, I must admit, the funnest of them all. You select five different emojis (emojis are the little smiley face symbols) then each day check back to see if your five match the winning five – simple.

The prize starts at £5 and rolls over each day if it isn’t collected. Unlike other lottery draw sites there isn’t a daily checking bonus but you do get an email encouraging you to check each day and that has a very simple “1 Click Check” button – so you have no excuses.

Emoji Lottery is super simple to sign up to, you simple select your emojis and enter your email address. Done. Like I mentioned, you get a daily reminder to your email so you’ll (hopefully) never miss a draw.

As of October there is a refer a friend monthly draw that promises great prizes (at the time of writing this there is no mention as to what the prizes are). The site makes it’s revenue using advertisements so if you can turn any adblockers off then that helps the site hugely – it might mean they can start introducing more bonuses.

As I said earlier, I think Emoji Lottery is super fun. I loved picking my favourite emojis to use as my draw selection and I’m still waiting to win the prize – hopefully I won’t be left waiting too long.

Sign up to the Selfie Lottery here and let me know which emojis you have chosen 😉 😀 😛

Emoji Lottery

Daily Lottery Draws: Free Birthdate Lottery

If you haven’t already seen, I do love a free lottery – the chance to win a bit of free cash is always appealing. I spend around 2 minutes a day checking all the free lottery draw sites that I’m signed up to. Recently I was alerted to the Free Birthdate Lottery.Free Birthdate Lottery

Similar to Date of Birth Lotto, Free Birthdate Lottery use member’s dates of birth to pick a lucky winner. There are two draws each day, the Birthdate draw which has a current jackpot of £5 (£10 on Monday and Friday) and the survey draw which has a jackpot of £5; both draws take place at 11am. As the site grows they plan to increase the jackpots available.

Winnings can be paid via PayPal, BACS or PAYM.

You can also earn “Penguin Points” that you collect and spend on scratchcards (20 points each) to give you more chances of winning. You can collect these points in the different ways as listed below:

  • Registration (20 points)
  • Daily visit (20 points per day)
  • Page view (5 points each, max 15 per day)
  • Blog post view (5 points each, max 15 per day)
  • FAQ view (5 points each, max 15 per day)
  • Login (5 points per day)
  • Comment on our site (5 points each, max 20 per day)

Refer-a-friend will also earn you 1p for every visitor who goes there via your link, they plan to introduce a sign-up bonus of 20p soon; these credits are payable once a £50 threshold has been reached.

There always seems to be a competition running such as retweeting their tweets or naming the adorable penguin in their logo.

It takes a couple of minutes to sign up and less than 30 seconds a day to check if you’re a winner – as I said, it takes me around 3 minutes a day to check all of the ones I’m signed up to.

I haven’t personally won with these guys yet but I have only been a member for a week (at time of writing) so I have my fingers crossed. If you have any questions about this site, or any of the other’s I have blogged about then feel free to drop it in the comments below.

Free Lottery Draws: Ashleigh Money Saver’s daily prize draw

Over the last few posts I have talked about all about the Free Lottery Draw sites that I check on a daily basis, this being my final one – for now. The others that I have already posted about are The Selfie Lottery, Free Postcode LotteryLucky PhoneNumber Plate LottoThe Street Lottery and the Date of Birth Lotto, so go check them out. Today I will be letting you know about Ashleigh Money Saver’s daily prize draw.

Ashleigh Money Saver's daily prize draw

Ashleigh Money Saver offers a VERY simple to enter prize draw which involves signing up to her site, which can be done via Facebook, and then each day she draws a random name and they win £50. This amount doesn’t roll-over if left unclaimed and you don’t receive an email to say you are the winner – you do, however, get a daily reminder to check the site to see if you have won.

There isn’t a loyalty bonus for returning to the site but there is a referral program where, if you refer a friend and they win then you win £25 – you do get an email if they check and claim to say you have the little bonus waiting for you.

Ashleigh Money Saver’s daily prize draw is so simple to sign up to, I haven’t personally won this one yet but I do check daily so one day it will be my turn.

At the time of writing this I have covered all the available (and worthwhile) daily draws but new ones pop up all the time so I will cover those as and when they appear.

If you have any questions about any of them feel free to drop me a message or comment below. I hope these posts have helped and you win on them.

Good Luck


Free Lottery Draws: Date of Birth Lotto

Post six (of seven) about the Free Lottery Draw sites that I check on a daily basis. The others that I have already posted about are The Selfie Lottery, Free Postcode LotteryLucky PhoneNumber Plate Lotto and The Street Lottery. This time I’m going to introduce you to the Date of Birth Lotto.

Date if Birth Lotto

As with all of these daily draws, the name says it all. The Date of Birth Lotto draws a random date of birth each day and if it your’s then you win a share of the daily £50 pot, so if you are the only person registered with your date of birth then you get the lot.

There is a referral scheme which gets you an entry into the monthly draw each time someone signs up via your link. This draw is for £50,

There is no loyalty bonus for coming back to the site to check each day, but you do need to physically check the results in order to claim if you’re the winner.

It is quick and easy to sign up to the Date of Birth Lotto, but this isn’t one I have won with yet.

Have you won with the Date of Birth Lotto? Let me know in the comments.

Free Lottery Draws: The Street Lottery

This is post five (of seven) about the Free Lottery Draw sites that I check on a daily basis. The others that I have already posted about are The Selfie Lottery, Free Postcode LotteryLucky Phone  and Number Plate Lotto (click for more information. Now it is time to let you know about The Street Lottery.

The Street Lottery

The Street Lottery is the newest lotto on the block, at the time of writing. It’s not as established as sites such as Free Postcode Lottery or The Selfie Lottery but it still offers a random winner a cash prize.

You enter your house number and street address, these details are then thrown into the pool and each day a street is chosen (from those entered into the pool – meaning there is a winner each day). The minimum cash prize is $10 paid within a couple of hours of claiming via PayPal.

The cash prize does rollover if it is unclaimed and like all other daily draws, you do have to physically check the results. You have 24hrs from your street being drawn to claim and the draw is done at midnight (GMT).

For everyday you check and don’t win you are given an additional entry into the next draw. So if you go two weeks without a win you will have 14 entries into the draw.

There is also a referral bonus, you will win 20% of your referrers win as long as they claim! All unclaimed referral bonuses are thrown into a monthly draw and then one random person will win that pot of cash.

It is really quick and easy to sign up to The Street Lottery and I have won from these guys as well as having one of my referrals win so can vouch for them paying.

Have you won The Street Lottery?