Free Postcode Lottery

Free Lottery Draws: Free Postcode Lottery

There is nothing better than the chance to grab some free cash. Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing some of my favourite websites that offer a free lottery draw – basically you can randomly win a cash prize. The first website I’m going to tell you about is Free Postcode Lottery.

Free Postcode Lottery

The name pretty much explains what the site is all about. You register with your email address and postcode and from that point you are entered into their 4 daily draws.

Main Draw

The daily jackpot for the main draw starts at a HUGE £150 and rolls over each day that it isn’t claimed. At 12pm each day one postcode that has entered the draw is drawn randomly and everyone who is registered at that postcode will win a share of the prize; so if you’re the only person registered you’ll win it all but if you are one of 10 entries you will win a tenth of it.

The biggest win so far has been £904.02 and the biggest miss has been £750, as mentioned you have to actually visit the site in order to claim your winnings – it isn’t automatically paid out.

Survey Draw

The survey draw involves a little more work than the others as it requires you to answer a few survey questions every couple of days, these are quick and simple. The pot for this draw starts at £75 and rolls over each day if unclaimed.


As well as the main prize draw and the survey draw, there is also a chance to win a smaller pot of money with the stackpot. This draw is done twice a day, at 9am and 9pm, and offers several registered postcodes the chance to win a £10 prize.

Mini Draw

This draw is hidden away at the bottom of the main page, between 6pm and midnight every night a postcode is drawn and one registered user at that postcode can claim a £20 prize.

Bonus and referral scheme

Every day that you visit the Free Postcode Lottery website you are credited with a 1p bonus which is paid out to you upon winning, over time this can add up to a nice little bonus when your postcode is picked. You can also refer friends/family and receive 1p for each sign up and then everyday they visit the site up to a maximum of 20p bonus. There’s a maximum number of 1000 referrals and a cap of £200 on your bonus earnings. You’ll get a personalised link which you can then share via social media, text, email etc.

Unfortunately I haven’t personally won from this site as of yet but I am forever hopeful. This site is certainly worth the daily check, or twice daily check for the stackpot draw.

Have you won from Free Postcode Lottery? If so let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from winners.