Who is: Grav3yardgirl?


About a year ago while randomly watching YouTube videos, as I do, I came across a scaring looking video entitled “3D Mascara – Does this thing really work?”. In this video a crazy lady from Texas product tests Younique’s 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara to see if it does in fact do as it says all over social media. This crazy lady has since become one of my favourite YouTube Vloggers, Grav3yardgirl (Graveyardgirl) aka Bunny.

The mentioned video was one of the things that perked up my ears about Younique and had me follow them until I eventually joined but this blog isn’t about that, it is about Grav3yardgirl.

It took me a while to get used to how quirky and excited she is which is a mystery because I see so much of myself in her, she is how I’d love to be on the YouTube videos I do but I lack the confidence to just relax. She has a huge obsession with everything to do with make-up, shoes, creepy dolls, old knick-knacks, Shopkins and whatever takes her fancy; a recent video saw her bouncing around in a pair of Kangeroo Boots (I now want a pair more than anything). With her “Does this thing really work?”, “First Impression Friday” to her “Follow me around” series (where we see her become an earthworm as she enters the store), Grav3yardgirl is anything but boring.

Watching her latest videos has kind of become a nightly ritual for my husband and I, this ritual isn’t forced on my husband as he enjoys her videos just as much as I do. We lay in bed with my phone playing her latest antics which has me wanting all the pretty, shiny new things she is showing me (very bad for the bank balance).

She has many trademark sayings such as “Sippy Sippy….ahhhhh” as she take a sip from her beloved cup and straw which is normally filled with sweet tea. Another is “sassy” which is more often that not used to describe her hair, especially when it is up in a messy bun. Her followers are part of her Swamp Family and everyone who likes one of her social pages or subscribes to her channel (which is now at more than 5 million subscribers) is said to “give an alligator its wings”.

If you are looking for a new YouTube channel to follow then Grav3yardGirl is a perfect addition especially if you love pure craziness.

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Stay sassy!