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Are Juice Plus Capsules All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

You may have seen that I’ve already covered Juice Plus a couple of times on my blog, having tried the shakes and their Boosters previously. The one part of Juice Plus that I haven’t touched (and to be honest never will) is their capsules. Are the Juice Plus capsules really all they’re cracked up to be or is it just over exaggerated nonsense? If you’re a rep and your reading this, only go on if you really want to learn something about your product.

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Juice Plus Boosters Review

So January 1st hits and the usual “lose weight, feel great” posts started popping up everywhere including the brand new, always sold out AMAZING Juice Plus Boosters. I was seeing posts from the multiple reps on my Facebook feed showing these fantastic results from taking a few of these sachets each day and after giving the shakes a go (see my post HERE) I thought “why not”. Here is my honest Juice Plus Boosters Review.

Juice Plus Boosters

What are Juice Plus Boosters?

Juice Plus Boosters claim to stop up to 25% of your consumed fat from being absorbed into the body, fill you up and curb your hunger pangs. The ingredients are:

Oil emulsion (dried corn syrup, palm oil, oat oil, glucomannan (33%), fructose, flavouring (multi-fruit), green tea extract (3.3%), stabiliser (sodium polyphospate), flavouring, caffeine.

In each sachet there is 1.0g of glucomannan and 9mg of caffeine.

They are not recommended for children or pregnant women due to the caffeine content.

They cost £74 for a ONE month supply (90 sachets), you can split the cost over four monthly payments of £19.50. The box recommends that for weight loss you take 3 a day but taking 1 or 2 is recommended by most reps so they last longer.

What is glucomannan? Glucomannan is a sugar (you’ll notice a lot of that in the ingredients) that is made from the root of the konjac plant (Amorphophallus konjac). It is used as a thickener/gel agent in foods – it absorbs water to create a bulky fiber (which is why it claims to make you feel fuller). There is some evidence that it can be used to aid constipation, diabetes 2 and high cholesterol. There is insufficient evidence to prove that it aids in weight loss or the treatment of obesity – contradicting research. Evidence shows that it should only be taken for 4 months at a time. (Information taken from www.webmd.com)

How do you take them?

Juice Plus Boosters are a powder you have to mix with water and drink before you eat a meal. The solution has a slight lemon taste to it but be warned, no matter how much you mix it, they never fully mix so you are left with floaty bits. I read a lot about how bad they tasted so I prepared myself for the worst but they weren’t as bad as that, in my opinion anyway – still not nice though. Different people have commented how they take them such as pouring the powder straight on to their tongue then drinking the required 1-2 glasses of water, others make it into a shot and some have even added squash to it. My preferred method was to make it in a tumbler, down it and chase it up with even more water. The instructions didn’t state how much 1-2 glasses was so I assumed a pint was enough.

Do they work?

You’ve come here for my honest opinion, right? Well, that would be a no. I was going to do a full month on them to see how they did but after 2 weeks of seeing stunted weight-loss I gave up. The first week I lost 1lb, which was less than I normally lose (the week before I had lost 4lb not on them); baring in mind it is claimed you don’t have to change your diet for these to work and I was following the Weight Watchers plan at the time. The second week I switched to Lean In 15 while on them and lost 2lb – this was after 3 days worth of exercise too,and no it wasn’t because my fat magically turned to muscle which weighs more. The last week while not on them I lost 3lb so to me, that is saying something.

Did they make me feel fuller for longer? Well yeah, but so would drinking a pint of normal water before any meal. Did they curb my hunger pangs? After being on Lean In 15 without the boosters then the answer is no – eating high protein, satisfying meals are curbing my hunger pangs without the cost.

What they did do is give me a headache because of the caffeine – I try to avoid caffeine where I can (drinking decaff etc) so this was basically the same as having a cup of normal tea everyday which made me feel terrible. I also got an upset stomach from using them.

But what about all these AMAZING results? You know, I’ve noticed a pattern with these results – everyone posting are also on the shakes/eating plan which is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) so of course there is going to be great results – plus they are cutting out dairy, gluten, pork and drinking at least 3 pints of water each day which helps prevent water retention (making you weigh less) and no doubt they are doing some exercise. The same results can be seen using Cambridge Diet, Xante, Slim Fast etc as you are creating a calorie deficit. As with all these diets – once you come off it you’ll gain it back…I know, I’ve been there with them all.

You want an effective way to lose weight without limiting the foods you eat? Check out my review of Joe Wick’s Lean In 15; there is a reason the book was the fasted selling one of 2015 (released in December) and has been at number one on Amazon for five weeks. You are eating good, wholesome food that really does keep you full while making you leaner, stronger and healthier- plus it’s the cost of a book, not a 3 month contract and the food costs you less that it does to do the JP plan properly.

Have you tried Juice Plus Boosters? How have you done? Are you considering them and if so, has this changed your mind?

Juice Plus Review: Does it work?

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a serial dieter, I yo-yo and I’m always looking for the next quick fix. I’ve tried a variety of fad diets since I was in my early teens and obviously the fact that I’m still overweight and dieting proves that I’m never 100% successful in what I do. The latest one I gave a whirl was Juice Plus.

Juice Plus is a meal replacement diet that sees you replacing two meals with their shakes, soups or bars which is then accompanied by a meal and two snacks in the day. Unlike most meal replacement diets I’ve tried (and there are a few) you have to give up a rather large selection of foods including dairy and wheat, the products only come in a couple of flavours but they are cheaper; the basic package is £32 a month but will last you longer (you need less powder in your shakes than the recommended serving). Juice Plus also do a range of fruit, veg and berry supplements.

The diet

You start the diet by doing a detox. This isn’t necessary but it is highly recommended as it helps prepare your body for the shock of cutting out a lot of tasty food. The detox basically fills the time between ordering your products and receiving them. I did it for one week rather than two and to be honest, the supplied meal plan was pretty tasty; I learnt how to make a homemade kebab from it – YUM!

You then have two shakes, a meal and two snacks during the day. There is a huge list of foods you are allowed and those you really should avoid. You are also allowed two cheats a week, a daddy cheat (big) and a baby treat (small). There are many foods you have to cut out of the diet, the two hardest are wheat and dairy – oh and pork, that was the stabbing blow for the husband. No bread, potatoes, pasta…unless you get gluten-free and even then it is classed as a cheat.

The Shakes

I gave the shakes a try for 3 months which come in either chocolate or vanilla. You can make this up with water (preferred method) or any non-dairy replacement such as coconut milk, hazelnut milk, soy milk, almond milk – all unsweetened. You can then add any fruit or veg to the shakes to give them flavour and make them a little filling. With this being an honest post, I didn’t care for the shakes in the slightest (neither did my husband who did it with me). No matter what I put in it I couldn’t get rid of the fake vanilla taste or the powdery taste from either the vanilla or chocolate. Saying that, I do have a friend who is also doing it who loves the shakes; it really is a personal choice. I know I have had better tasting shakes from other companies but they were a lot more expensive.

Does it work?

Of course it works, all of these meal replacement diets work as they are cutting out the calories while ensuring you get the right balance of nutrients into your body. Will it work for you? Well that is a different question completely.

For me, well for the both of us, the problems started a couple of month in. Yes, when we started it we had so much motivation to stick with it and we saw the weight coming off but after a while the weight was no greater that if we were calorie counting or doing Weight Watchers and we were giving up so many foods we loved to see that loss. Over the 3 months I lost just over a stone and I wasn’t 100% working to the plan but a couple of months down the line and I’m right back where I started.

If you have the willpower, don’t mind the shakes or having to cut things from your diet (including bacon) then this is probably fine for you but it isn’t by any means easy; in fact, it felt harder than the ones I have done previously where you completely replace your meals with packets.

Like I said, Juice Plus does work and some people better than others. When I decided to write this review I asked my Juice Plus rep if I could have a testimonial from her and another customer; both of which have had brilliant success on the plan.

“3 years ago I went onto the injection pill. I have my first boyfriend and thought it would be the safest thing to do(haha) ?. I felt so comfortable in my body I was around a size 8 and felt amazing!

Fast forward to 3 years and I put on over 3 stone went up to a size 14 verging on a size 16 and have never felt so crap before. Was tired constantly, used to sleep all weekend and would never do anything. I had no money was always skint, my hair my skin and my body felt so run down my hair was breaking my skin was breaking out in loads of spots.

I went onto trying slimming world and managed to lose half a stone in 6 weeks I was pretty proud but didn’t satisfy me so I gave that up.

I seen a few of my chums posts about ‘shakes’. I thought how can shakes be healthy for you? Not eating food no way I couldn’t do that. Anyways I done some investigating about it and found this lovely girl Emily graham who asked me if I wanted to try out the products.

I thought to myself what is £32.50 a month? Nothing I would spend £200 a month on my shopping normally so why not just give it a shot. Well first 2 weeks I lost around 6 pounds, I then had my birthday and a few weekends so wasn’t 100% on it.

Sticking to the plan for 6 weeks straight I dropped an amazing 1.5 stone that’s even having a cheat at the weekend ?.

So back to the money situation I put up a status on my page saying I was looking for a part time job – Emily again came back to me and offered me a job with juice plus! It was a £50 fee that I didn’t have !! But yes I took the chance signed up and got on with it.

First 3 weeks into the business I reached 2 promotions and got a bonus of £200 signed up 36 girls and guys to my plan and made an amazing £700!!

I now would never look back at this plan! Am not on the shakes and premium capsules my hair has grown over 4 inches since April my skin is spot free and I never feel tired anymore ! Ive gone from a size 16:14 – 10 ! I love my life and my new lifestyle” – Aimee Smith

“At the age of 10 I was diagnosed as being diabetic type 2 and I found it really hard to deal with. I was put on tablets and diet control to save it from getting any worse.

At the age of 15 I was then told my diabetes had gotten worse and I had to start taking insulin. I would have to take it morning and night and every time I had something to eat to regulate my sugar levels.

I found this even harder to deal with. I started taking my insulin like I I was told to but after a few months I stopped. It was hurting me so much taking it all the time.

I took my insulin on and off for 6 years I know I shouldn’t of done this, but I did. No matter what anyone said to me I wouldn’t listen.

On the 13th January 2015 I started taking my insulin again. I started my Juice Plus journey on 3rd February. Since then my diabetes has been so much more controlled. I have went from taking 6/7 insulin injections a day to just 2.

I’ve just recently been to my diabetic clinic and there so pleased with my results. My average blood sugar has more than halved since I was there in January.

So Juice Plus thank you for saving my life in the long run” – Laura P

If you would like more information on Juice Plus (whether you want to give the plan, the supplements or the opportunity a go) then feel free to drop Aimee Smith a message on Facebook and she’ll be happy to have a chat with you.

Have you given Juice Plus a go? Let me know how you have done or are doing in the comments below.