SKENDA 12pc Kitchen Knives review

I’ve recently moved home and with a new home comes the ability to decide on your colour schemes for each room, as the kitchen is MY room I decided I wanted to inject colour into it. I’ve got brightly coloured utensils and have been on the look out for a quality knife set to match. I’ve been a little cautious about these being a gimmick and have no real functionality in the kitchen. When I was offered a set of these Skenda knives to review I jumped at the chance to give them a whirl.


Although my title says 12 pieces, you in fact get 6 different knives; it is 12 pieces if you include the sheaf for each knife. The knives are presented in a sturdy cardboard box, each in their own separate compartment to keep them secure. The box has a magnetic seal as well as being taped shut. In the box you receive Santoku, Bread, Carving, Paring, Utility & Chef Knives in a variety of colours. They currently retail on for £19.90 plus p&p (free for Prime customers).

As I said, I’m always a little sceptical when it comes to coloured knives as I’ve seen many out there of questionable quality but I honestly didn’t need to worry when it came to these from Skenda. As soon as I held them in my hands I knew that they were going to be good at what they do. They have a really pleasant grip which makes food preparation easy and quick. I was extremely impressed with how sharp each knife was and I gave each one a go on a potato; just as an excuse to play with them straight away.


I decided to wait to do this review until I’d had the chance to give each knife a proper test and I must say I’ve not been disappointed. I have 2 trusty knives in my kitchen drawer, a carving knife and a cleaver, which I thought were great all rounders but these Skenda knives surpass them in every way. The sheaf for each knife is needed as these knives are really sharp so they help protect not only you from cutting yourself but also help protect the blades. I think my only problem is that they don’t come with a way to keep the blades sharp; luckily I have my own knife sharpener.

Each knife feels great in your hand with a really comfy grip, they do feel a little flimsy are first but they are really strong; I’ve crushed a lot of garlic with the chef’s knife over the last few days. The non-stick coating also makes them super easy to wipe clean and minimises the stickier veg from sticking to the knife when cutting – especially with the Santoku knife.

I would recommend this Skenda knife set to anyone who is looking for a good quality knife set and want something a little more fun. They really are a joy to use and make food prep quick and easy.

You can grab your set here. If you have any questions or comments about this set then please feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Disclosure: I received this product at a discounted price for this review, this doesn’t have any sway on my personal opinion and this is an honest review of this product.

Review: Tesco beef steaks

I received a £4 voucher as part of The Orchard at Tesco panel, this voucher was to be used as full or part payment towards Tesco beef steaks (including counters but excluding mince and frozen).

I used my voucher as part payment towards two Irish Beef Sirloin Steaks which cost £7.81.


My first thoughts when I purchased the steaks was how big they looked for the price, both were almost equal in size and they looked very tempting; certainly worth the money. The meat was a lovely red with just enough fat around the edge, no signs of any gristle.


In my house steaks are always rare, unless my mind drifts off to a land filled with Unicorns and purple fairies then they end up medium rare. I fired up my grill, sprinkled each steak with a generous pinch of fresh black pepper and popped them under the grill for a few minutes each side. They were served with parsnip chips (I’m on a low carb diet), peas and a fried egg, eggs were done in coconut oil which I highly recommend.


The first thing on the plate I tried was the steak, my ordinary dinner knife cut through it like it was jelly; no steak knife needed here! The taste of the steak was sensational, I’d say restaurant quality but obviously the compliment needs to go to the cow rather than the supermarket but well done Tesco for sourcing such a tasty cow. The only problem with the steak is that it had to end, I could have happily wolfed down a piece of that beast double the size.

Mr Chammy also really enjoyed his and when asked what he thought his reply was “It was tasty, why?”…eugh, men! There were no complaints from him though he did cut the small amount of fat off, trying to be good, which the cat was extremely happy about.

All in all I am very happy with the quality, price and taste of the Tesco beef steaks; I will certainly be popping back to for another lot of them – especially on March 14th 😉

5 puddings

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Review: Vidal Sassoon Salonist


I was lucky enough to be selected to trial the latest hair dye Vidal Sassoon Salonist, which I received the product for free. Here is my review of the product.

Colour: Medium Intense Red

Cost: £9.99 RRP

What’s in the box?

Black Gloves

Mixing bowl

Application brush



Product 1 – Rich colour cream

Product 1 – Colour activating lotion

Product 2 – VS Serum

The application

This product is completely different to any I have used before. For this dye you get three products and you treat the roots separately to the rest of your hair. The first stage involves you mixing both products labelled 1 together in the pot provided, with the brush provided until it is smooth. You then use the brush to apply three quarters of the product to your roots.

This part of the process was a little tricky for me, I felt that my long hair made it more difficult; trying to fight it while parting it took the longest time. I have since had my hair cut so I will revisit this aspect when I re-dye it.

After making sure my roots had a good application (including my hair line – I often miss patches of this) I had to give it a good massage to ensure the roots had a good covering and then move on to the next stage.

For the length I had to mix product 2 into the remaining quarter of the first mix, making sure it mixed thoroughly. Then just apply it to the rest of my hair, smoothing it over. The developing time is 30 minutes so I went off to clean up the mess I had already made of the bathroom and wipe the dye off my face.


As with most hair dyes the rising is the same with the added step of shampooing before adding the conditioner; I don’t tend to get this with the other brands I buy. The conditioner supplied is a 6 week treatment and it smells divine, kind of coco-nutty and you can feel the quality straight away.


Once I had dried my hair the colour and coverage was fantastic, it is a beautiful bright red which you will see in the picture below. My hair was full of life again and I couldn’t keep my hands off of it. I spent the night telling my husband to touch it as it felt fantastic.


Hair the day after, my hairdresser had been to do a cut and style.

After care

As mentioned, the conditioner supplied is a 6 week application (once a week). It certainly does continue to leave your hair feeling fabulous.


Unfortunately I had to re-dye my hair much sooner than I normally would, though I am sure this is because of the fact I had stripped black hair dye from my hair a few weeks before. I bought another Vidal Sassoon Salonist in the same shade of red and again it was a fantastic shade and coverage. Also much easier with the shorter hair.

Overall review and score

I have to admit that this is now one of my favourite shades of hair dye. It is a little pricer than my normal dyes coming in at almost double what I usually pay but I have been that impressed with every aspect of the process that it is a case of quality over cost. I couldn’t recommend Vidal Sassoon Salonist more.

5 puddings