Skylanders – Give us a chance


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So like most five year olds, my son is obsessed with Skylanders. If you don’t know what it is then here is a quick explanation. Skylanders is an interactive game available on consoles and tablets, there are now 100’s of plastic figurines available to buy in addition to the game. The child chooses a character and puts it on a portal that transports the character into the game with all the stats, currency and level it had last time it was used; it makes it a great game to play with friends as it stores data and lets you take it to a friend’s house to play.

His obsession first started when he saw the figures in the toy shop and wouldn’t stop nagging us for them. We eventually gave in and purchased him a Wii in order to play, luckily they were on offer because unbeknown to us another game was on it’s way. My mother was also over the moon as it gave her something to treat him to every month.

Skylanders Giants kept him happy for a few months until he saw a trailer, gameplay video or something advertising the latest “Skylanders Trap Team”. Now he wanted this and he REALLY wanted this. For Christmas we had already got him an iPad because the tablet we’d bought the previous year (or year before that, I forget) had finally packed in so bought Trap Team to go along with that. Nanny bought him a handful of figures also to compliment our gift.

Then the fun started! The latest game not only saw a whole load of new figurines but the addition of traps in order for your child to capture defeated enemies and the annoying Kaos Trap that didn’t become available until only a few weeks ago; but had my child bugging me for it since he opened his Christmas present. Only last week we learned that there are TWO expansions for it, a light and a dark Skylander…his face when he saw that was hilarious, like a kid who had just won the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory he now wanted to rub his face in these shiny new play things. I immediately let his Nan know these had hit the shelves at a rather spicy cost of £29.99 EACH! 😉

I’m pretty sure he only needs an Earth trap, a few figures and the two new expansions (there are LOADS of different trap styles but he has one of each). Just as I thought we were coming to the end of having to buy all these in order to satisfy our child’s addictions I come down from a lovely bath to find a newsletter from one of the big toy shops containing the words “NEW Skylanders Superchargers available to Pre-order Now!”…WHAT????? No, this isn’t fair! At least let us finish collecting one set before bring out the other…you have ONLY JUST released the expansions.

I now plan on avoiding the toy shop until Christmas, wish me luck!