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Scoff Club Review

Oh how I love sweets, well apart from foam sweets such as shrimps and bananas – bleugh! Fizzy and sour being my favourite type, which while pregnant with the child was what I craved. So when the awesome guys over at Scoff.Club asked if I fancied trying one of their monthly subscription boxes I almost bit their hand off. Here is my Scoff Club review. Update 30/10/2016 – during blog maintenance I discovered that Scoff Club are no longer trading, I will keep an eye on them to see if they restart and update as necessary.

Scoff Club reviewScoff Club are a monthly subscription box perfect for those with a sweet tooth and a longing for days gone by. The cost for these boxes of joy is £12.99 per month, with three (£34.99) and six (£69.99) month options also available; each option also comes with free shipping. For this you get a boxed crammed with around 1.3kg of random sweets which will take you back to your childhood. Flying Saucers, jelly babies, bonbons, chocolate honeycomb, sugared mice, drumstick lollies…you name it and they’ve probably had it in their boxes.

When my box arrived my first thought was “wow, that’s a lot of sweets” just from the weight of it, you don’t realise how heavy over a kilo of sweets is until you hold it in your hands; I feel sorry for the poor Royal Mail lady who had to carry it on her rounds. The box is just a standard brown box, well secured with the Scoff Club logo on it so you know where it is coming from (and can jump around the room in excitement).

Scoff Club reviewOnce you break open the box you are met with a cute little yellow parcel tied with a yellow ribbon, it adds to the excitement of unwrapping your gift rather than it all just being placed in a box. I was extremely happy with my box, and so was my husband (who isn’t a big sweet lover – give him chocolate any day). In this box I received 5 bags of loose sweets, I didn’t weigh them as I was too eager to scoff them so I’m not sure how much there was there (I’d guess a good 250g of each one), and I got 3 packets of sweets.

My loose sweets were: Watermelon Rockets, Chocolate Honeycomb, Clotted Cream Toffee Bonbons, Tutti Fruiti Fizzy Cubes and PROPER Jelly Babies (not the awful Bassetts ones). The separate packets were: Eye Poppers, Reese’s Pieces, and Now and Later (long lasting chews).

Scoff Club reviewFirstly I was relieved that I had no vile foam sweets, much to my husband’s disappointment, and secondly I was bouncing off the ceiling about the Jelly Babies. I loved these Jelly Babies growing up and I could never stomach the overly sweet ones that Bassetts do. The Chocolate Honeycomb was also a favourite between the two of us. The child, upon waking the next day, was happy to see the fizzy cubes because he inherited my love for sour/fizzy things (he’ll happily scoff a lime) so they are mostly for him.

Do I think this subscription box is worth it? HELL YES! If you love sweets and fancy a surprise then this is the box for you. It works out at less than £1 per 100g if you take the free delivery into account and this tends to be cheaper than most pick ‘n’ mix shops, I love that it’s a surprise for what you’ll get, yes you might not like something that comes one month but I’m sure you can find a child somewhere (maybe in your house, check under the bed) that will happily scoff the unwanted bag or save it for Christmas and give it that Auntie you’re not too keen on.

In conclusion, yes I thoroughly enjoyed my Scoff Box and I’m even thinking about sorting my father-in-law out with one as a gift. Scoff.Club are on both Facebook and Twitter (so go show them some love), where you will find discount codes, info about what’s in the latest box and all the other social media interaction you expect to find; including many, many pictures of sweets.

If you want your own subscription then click HERE to be taken to their website where you can join, if you want any more info then feel free to Tweet or message them.

So, what’s your favourite childhood sweet?