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Prolific Academy

Surveys! Love them or hate them, everyone has probably done one at some point or another and they do have a bad reputation for being low paid, ridiculously long and boring; I have read time and time again about people not doing them for these reasons. Yes they can take a lot of time and often have a high payout threshold but they are not all that bad. In September 2014 I was introduced to a website called Prolific Academic via The Money Shed, a survey site with a difference; the difference being that you are never paid less than £5 per hour for the research you assist in.

Prolific Academic was set up for University students who need research doing from a variety of backgrounds and where better to go for that information than they internet. The surveys or studies as they are called vary from researcher to researcher and it is very rare you will find two similar. Some studies will last 3 minutes and others require you to be invited back over a few days, I think the lowest I have been paid is about 25p for a 2 minute survey and recently I received £10 for playing a game for the researcher. Most of the studies do take some concentration, they are not like your usual surveys where you can just breeze through, quite often there will be quality checks to ensure you are actually reading the text. If you do not concentrate, answer incorrectly or rush through then you may see your survey rejected.

I can vouch for Prolific Academic as I have personally withdrawn over £40 into my Paypal account (currently the only payment option) and it has always gone in within a couple of days. There is a minimum threshold to meet of £5 and if you wait until you hit £20 you avoid Paypal fees, it doesn’t take long to get there anyway. Many people on The Money Shed have earned double, if not more, than me as I can get a little lazy when it comes to checking the site.

There is a condition for sign up, you either need to have an academic email or sign up with Facebook; this is their way of assuring people don’t sign up under multiple emails to earn more than once from each survey.

Today, Prolific Academic announced that they now have a referral scheme which sees you earning a HUGE 10% every time one of your referrals cashes out. There is no limit to the amount of people you invite under your referral so the sky is the limit when it comes to additional earnings. You can refer friends/family/colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, email and with your personal link.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask below or check them out on Twitter, Facebook or contact their rep on The Money Shed’s thread.

You can sign up to Prolific Academic HERE.