Tesco beef steak

Review: Tesco beef steaks

I received a £4 voucher as part of The Orchard at Tesco panel, this voucher was to be used as full or part payment towards Tesco beef steaks (including counters but excluding mince and frozen).

I used my voucher as part payment towards two Irish Beef Sirloin Steaks which cost £7.81.


My first thoughts when I purchased the steaks was how big they looked for the price, both were almost equal in size and they looked very tempting; certainly worth the money. The meat was a lovely red with just enough fat around the edge, no signs of any gristle.


In my house steaks are always rare, unless my mind drifts off to a land filled with Unicorns and purple fairies then they end up medium rare. I fired up my grill, sprinkled each steak with a generous pinch of fresh black pepper and popped them under the grill for a few minutes each side. They were served with parsnip chips (I’m on a low carb diet), peas and a fried egg, eggs were done in coconut oil which I highly recommend.


The first thing on the plate I tried was the steak, my ordinary dinner knife cut through it like it was jelly; no steak knife needed here! The taste of the steak was sensational, I’d say restaurant quality but obviously the compliment needs to go to the cow rather than the supermarket but well done Tesco for sourcing such a tasty cow. The only problem with the steak is that it had to end, I could have happily wolfed down a piece of that beast double the size.

Mr Chammy also really enjoyed his and when asked what he thought his reply was “It was tasty, why?”…eugh, men! There were no complaints from him though he did cut the small amount of fat off, trying to be good, which the cat was extremely happy about.

All in all I am very happy with the quality, price and taste of the Tesco beef steaks; I will certainly be popping back to for another lot of them – especially on March 14th 😉

5 puddings

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