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What Is The Money Shed?

Until April 2014 I assumed that working for home either involved direct selling such as Avon or Ann Summers, both I tried and failed at, door-to-door sales or being very lucky and having a company that is willing to let you stay at home to work. I was proven very wrong when I was introduced to The Money Shed by it’s founder Jon.

The Money Shed

I had been trawling the forum of a popular parenting site when I came across a post about working from home, I commented and not long after Jon was there to tell us about opportunities that were available which weren’t any of those I have previously listed. One of the opportunities caught my eye more than the rest, 63336, the text answering service, I queried Jon about this job in which he pointed me over to The Money Shed. At first, like many I am sure, I was a little put off by a random link to a forum I had never heard of; slight warning bells rang but I made a leap of faith and found myself on a very new forum. It had only been running since January and you could still tell it was finding its feet but I looked passed that and started to interact with the members. Jon gave me the referral details for the 63336 job, he coached me through what to expect and before I knew it I was officially a Researcher for them. Jon did this for many people who signed up for the company as he had been with them a little while and before that worked for another similar company called ChaCha.

As I had found my feet on the forum I started paying attention to what the other members were doing to earn an income. Some were very into mystery shopping, others into surveys but not the kind you get paid pennies and spend half an hour completing one. Many though blogged. I had blogged in the past but nothing serious and certainly didn’t know there was any money in it. This is again where The Money Shed came in handy, all the members were more than willing to help; no question was too stupid. They still do, and even though I’ve been writing this blog for a year now (with a couple of others prior to that) I still find myself heading to TMS for advice and info about moving my blog forward.

What most people don’t realise unless they are already in this world is that there are so many ways to earn online or from home and you can bring in a full-time wage, the likes of Lionbridge or Leapforce who pay per hour (around $14 per hour) and you can basically choose your hours. Then there are people who just want that little extra spending money each month who choose to do things like Roamler/StreetSpotr/Click&Walk/Field Agent which are all mystery shopping apps; if you are in the right locations then these can bring in an excess of £100 per month. I have chosen at the moment to just top our household income up rather than diving into a full-time wage; I like to have my finger in many online pies so I never get bored of the same thing. Which is why I do Younique, Jamberry, Matched Betting, Mystery Shopping, Website Evaluation – to name but a few things.

I’ve now been a member of The Money Shed for over 2 years and play a very active role on the forum as a moderator and walking advertisement. With that I have discovered many of the opportunities I have listed on Working From Home and Online post as well as being given tasks by Jon that companies have approached him with. One of those was a sort of audio-transcription job, I had to say 100 phrases into my microphone which took less than an hour and if I remember rightly it paid £13. Another was a bit of a research job hunting down footballers alias and writing 3 clues about their identity; this took about 2 hours and paid £25.

I’m also in charge of the direct sellers/MLM board where representatives from different companies come along to talk about their opportunity in a non-spammy way. I’m very strict about that too, I know how it feels to want to build your team, to expand your business but I don’t stoop to spamming people so don’t allow others on the forum to either. So if you’re interested in a certain company, take a look at that board for honest information from people in that area.

With almost 80,000 posts and a member base of almost 3000 people, The Money Shed is now the largest UK forum dedicated to working from home; oh that’s another point, it is only available to UK residents. This ensures that every opportunity is available and relevant to the members.

Check out The Money shed Blog HERE and I highly recommend reading through the Working from home Toolkit to anyone looking to get started earning at home.

If you have any questions about The Money Shed or anything else in my blog then please feel free to ask. I hope this helps some of you find your feet in the confusing world of working from home.

Matched Betting

We all know the saying “If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is” and this is something I’ve come to embrace over the years I’ve been working from home – either that or “If it’s too good to be true, then check The Money Shed to see if others are doing it”. One exception to this rule is Matched Betting because it really is that good, it’s turned around my online earnings instantly.

Matched Betting

At lot of you will read the title of this post and your brain will focus on the betting part, automatically assuming that all I do all day is place bets on events and hope I win – don’t worry, I was exactly like this when the topic first caught my attention. I saw betting and avoided all of the posts that were to do with it, even having Jon (the guy who runs The Money Shed) telling me it is something I HAVE TO DO wasn’t convincing me. Months down the line I finally decided to start reading the Matched Betting thread over on TMS and had a proper chat with Jon.

I took his figures to my financial advisor aka The Husband and tried to explain the concept to him – it went over his head. He knew that Jon was a trustworthy source (he’s found me many opportunities and not let me down before) so I went ahead and gave the free trial over on Profit Accumulator a go. To get started I was told I’d need about £60 (if I had more then that was desirable) and that after completing the two offers on the free trial of PA that I’d be around £45 up. I watched the videos, twice, I read the instructions and double checked everything I was told because I can be a bit of a dim-wit. Sure enough, over that weekend I made just short of £40.

I then took that profit and invested half of it into the Platinum monthly membership fee (£22.99/month or £150 for the year). I was then given access to the whole of the beginners offer, advance offers and reload offers as well as the forum where you can get additional help or read about the offers. Month’s down the line and it has become a regular income for me, I don’t do it full-time but I do bring in around £500 a month which is tax-free.

How does it work?

Matched betting isn’t gambling in the sense of placing a bet with the chance of losing the money you used. You place a bet with a bookmaker and then place another bet with what is called and an exchange, this second bet is AGAINST the result of the first bet.


Bet 1: Liverpool WIN

Bet 2 (aka the lay bet): Liverpool DON’T WIN

This means that the bets cancel each other out so you technically don’t win or lose. The profit is then made by the free sign up bet the bookies will offer you, so you repeat the process and end up with profit. You then sustain your earnings by doing the multitude of offers that the bookies dish out after signing up.

It is a LEGAL, RISK-FREE and TAX-FREE way of earning some serious cash. My weekends have become a lot more productive since I started it.

Profit Accumulator

Further up my post I mentioned a site called Profit Accumulator who I can’t recommend enough if you’re looking into doing Matched Betting.

Jumping straight into matched betting by yourself can be a huge risk, there is so much to get your head around and if you’ve never placed a bet in your life the whole odds calculations thing can leave you scratching your head.

As I said above, Profit Accumulator is a subscription service but for that fee they basically take away all of the leg work. The site searches and posts the sign up/reload offers as well as guiding you through how to use them.

It includes oddsmatching software which will find you the best events, with a filtering option so you can tell it which bookmaker to use, which exchange and specify the events you want to bet on.

The site includes a calculator which will not only work out how much profit you will make from your bet but also how much you need to lay at the exchange so you are only betting what you need to.

They’ll hold your hand all the way through with in depth videos and a forum (for subscribed members) where you can discuss offers or problems with those who have more experience.

There are other sites and services dedicated to matched betting, and they can offer more or less information/help than Profit Accumulator but Profit Accumulator offers a good balance of offers, step-by-step guides how to take part in matched betting and a forum for discussion. They are 10,000+ members strong which tells you something about the service they offer.

I get any doubts you might have but I’m a pretty cautious, my husband more so, but if you have a spare £60-£100 I highly recommend giving the free trial a go; you really have nothing to lose.

Do you matched bet? How do you find it and would you recommend it to others?

Matched betting

DiscountIF Review

I love a bargain, as do most of you I assume but sometimes the hunt for a bargain can be a little…well, boring. Recently my attention was pointed in the direction of a website called who promised to add a little spark of excitement to your internet shopping, so I decided to give them a try – here is my DiscountIF review.

DiscountIF review

DiscountIF is a UK retail site that offers a little excitement to its shoppers. When you want to make an online purchase from you run the link thought them, you are then given a list of upcoming events that have cash back offers attached to them. You select the offer/event you like the most and if you win then you get the cash back – this means that you could get your purchase for free. It’s a win-win situation, if you don’t win then you get the purchase you were getting anyway but if you do win then that purchase could be completely free.

How does it work?

You find the product you want to buy from and pop the link into where you might even get a better offer. You confirm the order, making sure all the product options are correct such as colour, size etc. You’re then offered a list of cash back offers that are linked to different events; events include anything from football and tennis to the X Factor and the weather.

70% cash back IF England wins the Euro 2016
100% cash back IF Donald Trump becomes president
80% cash back IF it snows on Christmas Day

You then buy your item like you would normally and it is shipped to you as usual. You then wait for the results of your event, if you win then you get the stated cash back but if not then you still have your purchase.

Cash back that has been won is deposited into your DiscountIF account within 30 days and you can either withdraw it back on to your selected debit/credit card or use it to purchase other items via the site.

The percentage of cash back can change as it is calculated in real time so you are given 10 minutes from selecting your offer to completing your purchase, a timer will appear on your screen to let you know how long you have left to make the purchase. Once the time is up you will need to start over if you still wish to make the purchase but your offers may be different.

I’ve used DiscountIF twice now, once for a set of car mats that should have been £12 on Amazon and I got for £5.50 on DiscountIF – I didn’t win my event though so no cash back for that purchase. The item arrived on time, just the same as if I’d have ordered it on Amazon. I have used it again today for an item which was £1 cheaper and if Manchester Utd win 2-1 today against Derby I will get 100% cash back meaning my item will be free – COME ON YOU RED DEVILS!!!

The customer service is also great, there was an error ordering the item today and within 15 minutes of tweeting the guys it was fixed and my order was placed. I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a little bit of fun and fancies the chance of getting their order free or even more discounted; if my husband sees something he wants then he’ll always send me the link to the item so I can see if DiscountIF will get it cheaper for him.

Have you used DiscountIF? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

For more money making and saving ideas head over to The Money Shed.

Happy 2nd Birthday to The Money Shed

If you have read any of my money making/saving posts then the name The Money Shed may have popped up a few times. This site has been a life-saver as it is the first place that got me into earning money online and showing me that it is more than just poorly paid surveys. So I’d like wish a very Happy 2nd Birthday to The Money Shed.

I found TMS in March 2014 when I was contacted by the host, Jon, on another forum about an opportunity to work for a text based question and answer company. Jon gave me all the info I needed to apply, coached me during the application process and then mentored me in my very early days; none of this he needed to but that is Jon for ya – always wanting to help.

This is why he created The Money Shed, as a way for him and it’s members to pass on their knowledge, experience and expertise onto other people who are looking to make an income from home. The forum covers everything from surveys and paid to click right the way through to blogging, matched betting and direct sales. The unique thing is that all the opportunities are tried and tested, there is no spamming permitted and everything is very open from the start; even the direct sellers need to be open about their opportunity.

To celebrate the forum’s 2nd birthday Jon has posted a two part special about how TMS came to be and what he has learnt from then until now. You can check the posts out below.

The Money Shed is 2 – part 1

The Money Shed is 2 – part 2

I cannot express how vital The Money Shed has been to me and continues to be, almost everything I do from home has come through the forum. If you are looking for GENUINE ways to earn an income, a top up wage, pocket money from the comfort of your own home then that is the place you want to be looking.