The Selfie Lottery

Free Lottery Draws: The Selfie Lottery

There’s nothing better than the chance to grab some free cash. Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing some of my favourite websites that offer a free lottery draw – basically you can randomly win a cash prize. The last post was about Free Postcode Lottery (go check them out) and this post is about The Selfie Lottery.

The Selfie Lottery

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last five years you will have most probably taken a selfie, or at least know what a selfie is. If you don’t then it’s a picture of yourself, taken on your mobile phone and shared to your social sites. Anyhoo…The Selfie Lottery is a daily draw done at 12pm that gives one lucky winner £10 for uploading a selfie. This jackpot rolls over if it is unclaimed, you have to physically visit the site to check and claim if you are the winner – there is no email notification that you have won.

You will receive a daily email to remind you to check to see if you are a winner and as an extra incentive for checking the site you will also receive a 50p loyalty bonus, this stacks up until you win and is added to your total winnings.

There is a referral scheme too so if you invite your friends/family and they win then you win too! If you or your friend wins then The Selfie Lottery will also DOUBLE your winnings; it’s certainly worth signing up to.

I haven’t personally won this yet but I do have a rather nice loyalty bonus of £50.50 to date and I’m hoping it is any day now.

This site takes minutes to sign up to as you can sign up via Facebook and use your Facebook picture – you can also manually sign up and upload your picture.

Have you won via The Selfie Lottery yet or are you still building that loyalty bonus? Let me know in the comments.