Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – Shmalentine’s Day

So, it’s that time of year again – the shops become filled with red hearts, soppy teddy bears, overpriced roses and enough chocolate to let¬†Willy Wonka have an early retirement. If you couldn’t tell by the post title, I don’t really do Valentine’s Day – to me, it really is a cash cow that every shop now seems to milk. It’s become less about showing your loved one you care and more of a “which partner got the best, most expensive gift” and the fact people now expect to be bought for means it has lost all of its meaning.

Valentine's Day Shmalentine's Day

I don’t expect Aaron to buy me anything and I never have. He shows me how much he loves me each and every day; through hugs, kisses, being an awesome Dad and of course by telling me. Expecting him to go out on one day of the year to buy me flowers, chocolates, jewellery and/or a bottle of wine is no different to him going out and buying a tube of toothpaste or a tin of cat food. If he was to buy me something on the 14th February then I’d appreciate it just as much as if he’d bought it on the 12th July or 11th December because I’d know that it wasn’t bought because he felt obliged to do so (luckily he feels the same).

Now I’m all for romance, and I love to be wined (well, fizzy popped) and dined like most women but no-one should feel that they have to spend all this money just on one day. We’ll be going out on the 11th February, not to celebrate Valentine’s Day but because we have a child-free night and Deadpool will have been released – hitting Bella Italia and there is every chance I will have something from their Valentine’s Day menu but that is because it looks delicious.

I know there are many who read this who will agree with me, but for those who don’t then here is the customary link to all of the Valentine’s Day special offers that Amazon are promoting – go on, find your loved one a bargain.

Now…March 14th, there is a day I always keep close to heart – I get steak but that is another post.