Things I’ve Learnt Since Becoming A Vegan

Almost 2 months ago my husband and I decided to become Vegan – you can read more about that in my Becoming A Vegan post. I thought it was about time I checked in and share with you what I’ve learnt since becoming a vegan.

I've learnt since becoming a vegan

  1. I don’t miss anything – I honestly thought I’d be craving things like cheese or milk but I really haven’t. We’ve managed to find some amazing replacements such as rice milk (which is lush on cereal) and some pretty tasty yoghurts that are made with soya.
  2. Toileting – Oh M Gee, I never knew going to the loo could get any easier and I’m sorry if you don’t want to hear this but pooing is fabulous! TMI ALERT!!! Most of the time if I needed to go I could be in the loo 10 minutes, struggling but now I’m in and out within a minute – it just flows.
  3. It’s cheaper – Our monthly shop costs have already gone down and that’s even with buying some of the meat replacement products (which we hope to reduce over the next month). I did a chilli the other day and worked out that it was almost £4 cheaper to do just because I left the meat out and still tasted amazing (with all the same nutrients minus the massive saturated fat content as meat!!!).
  4. Eating out isn’t that bad – I worried about this, even though there are now over half a million vegans in the UK many places still don’t offer vegan options but I’ve only struggled in one place – the local Fayre and Square pub but that was a disaster all the way through. We’ve eaten in Las Iguanas who are AMAZING for vegans, we’ve had Toby Carvery, Handmade Burger Company and we’re trying to find the time to get to Zizzi as well as a local place called Twisted Burger Company. There are plenty of options.
  5. Milk and milk powder is hidden everywhere – We’ve had to really check labels because even things you wouldn’t expect milk to be in has it in. Things like wine, yes we’ve seen milk listed on wine (ARGH!). I’m so glad for the app “Is It Vegan?” – it makes life a little easier.
  6. I feel great – Within a week I was feeling fantastic, within two weeks I was no longer bloated and by week four I felt like a different person. I’ve lost weight, my eyes are brighter, my skin is clearer and my body seems to be functioning fantastic – I’ve even got the energy to go to the gym.
  7. The longer you’re a vegan the better people react towards you – When we first switched friends and family almost mocked us, didn’t understand and were kinda ignorant. Now they ask questions, understand why we did it and can see the changes in us. I’ve had a few people talk to me about how to go about making the switch which feels great.
  8. New foods – We have discovered many new foods since doing this that we probably wouldn’t have thought about trying unless we had made the change. I was always put off tofu but when prepared right it is a wonderful thing. Seitan is amazing – I made a lovely kebab with it several weeks back. This morning we had chia pudding (check out the recipe HERE from The Minimalist Baker) for breakfast which was delicious.
  9. The world is backwards – Did you know that if the world went vegan that we could end world hunger? Yup! The crops we currently grow to feed the animals that we then kill to feed ourselves could be used to, well you know – FEED US! We pump the animals full of things like antibiotics to stop them infecting us and making us ill BUT that’s making us immune to those antibiotics so when we are ill there is nothing we can do. I actually watched a documentary the other day about a woman who was fighting for her life and the antibiotic that could of helped her no longer can because she’s become immune to it through animal product consumption. It’s bonkers.
  10. The animals – Becoming vegan was never about the animal welfare to begin with, that has become a part of the reason through research into becoming vegan. Some of the stuff I’ve seen and read is heartbreaking and disgusting. The manufactured meat and dairy industry are just as bad as each other, and I think the dairy and egg industry is actually worse than the meat industry. I’m not here to preach or guilt trip so if you’re interested in what really happens for your meat, dairy and eggs then drop me a message and I’ll fill you in – it’s a real tear-jerker.

It’s quite good that I planned this post for today which is World Meat Free Day, so today is a great way to make a difference. Even just having one day a week which is meat-free is making a difference – one day turns into two days, two days ends up half the week and so on.

I’d love to know what you’re having today – we’re having meat-free meatballs made with tempeh in a homemade marinara sauce and spaghetti. Also, if you have any questions about the things I’ve learnt since becoming a vegan then please feel free to ask – I’m all about helping.

Becoming a Vegan

If you follow my YouTube channel then last week you may have seen that I restarted my Vlog and the first installment was the announcement that the husband and I had decided to go Vegan. Over the last week I’ve had a few friends ask “Have you gone Vegan?” because of the food posts I’d been sharing on Instagram with the hashtag #vegan so I thought, for those who don’t do YouTube, that I’d pop a post on here about it.


This choice wasn’t a spur of the moment thing, we’ve been thinking about it for some time and even gave vegetarian/flexitarian a trial at the end of last year, beginning of this one. We did end up reverting to old habits for a few months but after numerous documentaries, piles of research and the fact we’re both fed up of being in pain all the time – we decided to go for it.

Why did we choose to do this?

Well, first and foremost it was a health issue. Both of us suffer with stomach problems which we have narrowed down to meat and dairy being the cause. For Aaron it is mostly meat and for me it is mostly dairy so the logical thing was to cut out both from our diets. Two weeks into our new lifestyle and neither of us have suffered with any stomach upsets, we both feel healthier and neither are constantly bloated.

While doing the research into making the switch I came across a YouTuber called Kalel and watched her video about her becoming vegan. She pointed out the ethical reasons behind her choice and opened my eyes to how the animal food industry really operate. I’m assuming it was pure ignorance on my part that led me to believe that the animals I was consuming led an ok-ish life – well, as good as you can get for something that is going to be slaughtered soon enough. I truly believed that free-ranged meant that chickens were hopping around the place all happy and healthy when it really doesn’t. After watching this YouTube video I sat here at my laptop and I cried, I cried hard. I then showed Aaron it when he got home and we both cried.

We were planning on a “treat night” once in a blue moon but now neither of us want that – we’ve even gone off Masterchef since removing animal products from our diets. That is how strong a message we got from this video – and many others we have watched since.

We’re also slowly making the change to other products as well as food, I already use (and sell) cruelty-free makeup and nail wraps – some of which is vegan-friendly but everything else will be a slow transition.

Now I’m not preaching, I’m not here to change your mind and if you want to continue to eat meat, eggs and dairy then I’m not here to convert you – just to explain why the two of us chose this change.

What about our child?

I’ve already faced the “I hope you’re not going to force this on Eban” comments to which I’ve replied no I’m not. Eban is a bright and clever boy who knows what being vegan is, he knows we are doing it because it’s healthier and because we don’t want to hurt any more animals – he also knows it’s his choice what he wants to eat. That said, he has already expressed a preference to rice milk over cows so that will no longer be bought, he loves tofu and the vegan cheese we get. We won’t be buying in any more meat and dairy so he’ll eat the same as us at home, if he is anywhere else then he can choose what he wants to eat.

Some people have already commented that this is just a fad for us, I can’t blame them after all we have tried many different lifestyles over the years but I can assure anyone reading this thinking the same that it isn’t. The thought of meat now makes me feel sick and the images I’ve seen cannot be unseen. Being vegan will also now become a regular part of my blog – this is an awesome new journey for my family which features many new things to try, review and tell people about. I won’t be removing any of the previous content I’ve written because that isn’t what I’m about.

Please, if you have any questions about become vegan, about why we did it or about how we are finding it then pop them in the comments and I’ll answer them.