Choosing the right Sponsor

This post is going to be primarily Jamberry and Younique based because that is the company I am personally involved in but the advice should be taken on board; no matter what company you are with. Choosing the right sponsor or representative for the company you wish to join up with can really make or break your relationship with that company.

Choosing the right sponsor

Since joining Younique I’ve had a few people approach me asking for help, they’ve not been on my team or even under my upline but have been desperate for someone to help them with their Younique business. They’ve wanted advice, support, ideas and generally just someone to be there to rant to because they have felt that they’ve been unable to approach their sponsor. That isn’t how it should be.

In almost every job, whether it is paid employment or something like Younique, you will find good people and bad people. Some people are fantastic at their “job” and help the people under them thrive but now and again, you get the bad egg. That person who is so self involved that, unless you are directly helping them succeed then you don’t matter – I’ve had many of these in previous jobs.

The nice thing about Jamberry, Younique and other direct selling companies is that YOU get to choose who is above you (to a certain extent) so doing your research is a must. Chat to more than one person who works for the company, make sure the information they are giving you matches up – because some will (unfortunately) say anything if it means you will sign up under them. Ask them for their Facebook address, their business page, to join their VIP group and google them. Really take a look at who is going to be there to support you through any bad times and cheer you through the good.

One Presenter recently contacted me via my business page, desperate for help. She’d been with Younique for less than two weeks and wanted to give up. She had been given bad advice, spent a fortune on giving away free make-up and boosting posts, and just couldn’t see what she could do to get started. She felt her Sponsor was ignoring her because she was struggling, she asked for help and got ignored but could see all the other Presenter’s on her team being praised. I chatted to her for a while, gave her my honest advice and added her on Facebook so I could always be around. I chatted to my Sponsor about her and my Orange Status upline, we gave her advice and we invited her to our team page as an honorary member; so she can ask questions and be recognised for the amazing work she is doing. It’s safe to say she is feeling a lot more positive about her venture and is making lots of plans – her regret? She wishes she was on a different team, but you can’t switch Sponsors.

Choosing the right sponsor

I only do this for hobby money, but I do care about the success of others. I’m willing to spend the entire day just chatting if it will help someone else to keep on track, to earn money and to feel better about what they have chosen. I am proud that I make time for anyone who needs me, even if it isn’t a direct benefit to me.

For more information about me, pop over to my Younique info pages, my Jamberry info pages or drop me an email.


Fake Younique Mascara (3D Fiber Lashes+)

Fake Younique Mascara

This post goes for all fake beauty products but being a Younique Presenter I am aiming this mainly at our 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara+. Today I have had a friend contact me regarding her “Younique” mascara and it turns out it was indeed a fake Younique Mascara. We, as Younique Presenters, are asked daily about these copycat mascaras so please take care when purchasing.

Fake Younique Mascara

Name editing out for privacy of my friend

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Do not fall for the fake Younique Mascaras, or any make-up brand for that matter. Genuine mascaras are ONLY sold through Younique and their Presenters, and even we cannot get them for cheaper than what they are sold for (unless we sacrifice our commission).
These fakes are unregulated, can contain ANYTHING (fiber glass, arsenic, paint, tons of lead) and can cause pain/inflammation/discomfort and much worse – plus they don’t come with a 14 day love it guarantee.

If the mascara you see looks too good to be true – ie $5, £4.99, £10 and BOGOF DO NOT BUY! Christmas is around the corner (at the time of writing haha) and it is so tempting to try and save a few ££’s but please think before you risk your own eyes or those of your loved ones who you might want to buy as a gift.

Also, they no longer sell the original formula, only the 3D+ (unless a Presenter has some left over stock) so it won’t be genuine anyway!

Real Younique mascara

This is what our new enhanced 3D+ Mascara looks like

If in doubt ask me to confirm that you are buying a genuine product; comment below or drop me an email.

Children in Need 2015

Children in Need

Every year for Children in Need I try to do something that helps raise a little bit of money for this very needed cause. Other years I have done cakes, I once did a sponsored sleep over in my schools common room – that was fun. This year, seen as though I am now a Presenter for Younique I thought I would take advantage of that and offer a very nice prize of a Cloud Nine Collection. This little kit comes with all of our newest products and a 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara+ in a gorgeous little make-up bag and for this month only, our new product Moodstruck Eye Primer also gets throw in.

I am opening this raffle up to anyone, tickets are £3 each and can be paid for via Paypal (chermainesamphire@hotmail, If you are interested in purchasing a ticket(s) then please include your name, address, email and contact number. The prize will be shipped directly to the winner’s house.

I will be donating the commission from the prize straight to Children in Need and any ticket sales above the cost of the prize.

Children in Need is such a worthwhile cause and I am always proud to do my little bit.

Younique: Going for Yellow!

A couple of months ago I set myself the target of reaching Yellow Status Presenter with Younique before the end of the summer, well that is rapidly approaching so for the next 10 days I am “Going for Yellow”.

Why is Going for Yellow important to me? Well, obviously there is the rise in commission but at Yellow I have so many more options for where I want to go next. I can stay at Yellow and happily plod along with my amazing and ever growing customer base or I can look to the next step on the ladder with my own team.

To reach my personal goal I need to sell another 302.92 PRS (about £240), which is basically 10 mascaras before the end of the summer which I will be classing as 1st September – which is also the launch day for our new “Cloud 9 Collection” (Lipsticks, Eyebrow Gel/Liner, Eye Shadow Palettes and more). If I make this goal then I shall be running a competition, I’m not sure what the prize will be just yet so I will reveal more when I get there; it will be something from our collection.

How can you help? Well, the obvious thing is to buy a mascara (and/or other product) 😉 but I know not everyone is interested in our products and I have a strict “no pushy sales” policy so to help you can share this blog with friends/family who might be interested in our products, you can pop over to my Younique Facebook page, drop me a like and share the pinned post from there or just share my special party link If you’d like your own lash link then just let me know, this means you can share your own party with friends/family and earn yourself some free & half price make-up; while still contributing to my mission.

I am so determined to hit this target so any likes/shares and obviously sales are extremely appreciated. I shall be keeping regular updates on my Facebook page so be sure to check it out.

Wish me luck, I’m Going for Yellow!

Younique Germany Launch – date confirmed

Younique Germany Launch

I’ve just come off a webinar call to discuss the Younique Germany launch that has just been announced as kicking off on the 1st August 2015, on this date new Presenters will be allowed to sign up to the company and with product sales coming to the market from 1st September.

The company is all a buzz as we have known that the German market has been coming for a while but we’ve never had the official date until today. Of course I will be putting my Sponsor guidance out there for anyone who would love to join this company as long as you speak English or Google Translate as my German is restricted to Rammstein lyrics haha

A few reasons to join Younique

Quality and gorgeous naturally based make-up that isn’t tested on animals.

Commission paid within 3 hours of each sale.

Orders are delivered directly to your customer’s address.

An amazing Presenter’s kit with the option to expand it with free and half-price make-up.

Online, focus is on Facebook with the option to use Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube (home parties if you want to).

A ONE time set up cost that grabs you the gorgeous kit, website and back office.

If you would like more information then drop me a message or email to Also check out My Pages which is where my Younique social sites are listed; I’m always around for a chat. If you have friends or family in Germany who love make-up and you know they’d love an opportunity like this then please ask them to get in touch, it might just change their life.

Younique Germany Launch