Recipe: Gluten-free Yorkshire Puddings

Being a Yorkshire-bred lass there is one thing that is a must have on any roast dinner…Yorkshire puddings! I recently made a few changes to my eating habits that include reducing/cutting out gluten which obviously meant dropping the traditional Yorkshire pudding, or at least I thought that. I was on a mission to make sure there was a fluffy, crispy and golden side to my roast beef/chicken/lamb when I came across the gluten-free range at Sainsbury’s and BOOM the gluten-free Yorkshire pudding was born.

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Skylanders – Give us a chance


So like most five year olds, my son is obsessed with Skylanders. If you don’t know what it is then here is a quick explanation. Skylanders is an interactive game available on consoles and tablets, there are now 100’s of plastic figurines available to buy in addition to the game. The child chooses a character and puts it on a portal that transports the character into the game with all the stats, currency and level it had last time it was used; it makes it a great game to play with friends as it stores data and lets you take it to a friend’s house to play.

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I’d Dye For That Colour: Vidal Sassoon Salonist Review

Ah, there is nothing quite like the feeling of freshly dyed hair. It adds a whole new lease of life and really gets you noticed. When I was approached to give a new series of hair dyes a whirl I jumped at the chance and I thought it would make a great review. Here is what I thought to the Vidal Sassoon Salonist hair dyes – in red.

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