Blog On Christmas Jumper 2017 Linky

Yay, It’s BlogOn time again. You might remember back in May when I headed off to my first ever BlogOn, well it was that much fun I’m doing it again and it’s Christmas themed! In a couple of weeks I’ll embark on my 470+ mile journey to BlogOn in Manchester via London for the SHOMO conference.

Blog On Christmas Jumper 2017 Linky

Blog On Christmas Jumper 2017 Linky

I do love a good blogging event. I get to meet up with my blogging friends, meet new ones, learn things to make both mine and your experience on here better and oh course, the goody bags!

So, here we go this the Blog On Christmas Jumper 2017 Linky.

Please share your favourite photo of you.


This photo was actually taken on the way to BlogOn in May. It’s the first photo I had of me actually feeling like me again after breaking away from the fakeness of the “Younique” me. Red hair, dark make up, hoody and music blaring away in my ears while waiting for the train to Manchester.

It reminds me every time I see it to never change who I am.

If you could choose a band to play in your garden for your birthday, who would you pick?

Oh, this one is hard. I have so many bands I could pick. I’m going to have to go with Black Veil Brides as it would please Eban also because he loves them almost as much as me.

What do you take with you for long visits to the toilet?

My phone. I can the catch up with work or social media, if it’s a REALLY long visit then YouTube keeps me entertained.

What word can’t you spell?

Most of them, I’m not very good with words; autocorrect is my frenemy. I have to recite things like 1 cup 2 sugars for necessary. Definitely is one I write out 3 times before getting it right too.

What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

I don’t think I have had any. I worked for a text based question and answer company for a while – that was unusual at times.

Knitting, sewing or crotchet?

I tried crotchet a few years back and would love to have the time to actually make something. I can sew but I don’t like to.

Without looking it up, what is a jerkinhead?

I honestly don’t know, will look it up after this. Some sort of regional insult? Like muppet or numpty.

If you could have as much of one food as you wanted forever, what would it be?

Anything Mexican and smothered in guacamole.

What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Agreed to meet with Aaron for the first time (we met online). I’d already started falling for him but was still hurting from a long term relationship break up so I was scared to let someone else in – I know that sounds corny. Best decision of my life mind.

If you needed a getaway driver, who would you choose?

Aaron, as he is a great driver and easily accessible for me to use.

Would you rather live in Narnia or at Hogwarts?

Hogwarts, I don’t do snow!

What snack food says ‘Christmas’ to you?

Rumballs – are they a snack food? If not then twiglets.

Is there life on Mars?

Yes, but not humanoid or such. Life on a microscopic level – I don’t believe there are other lifeforms similar to us within a close range – ie, could travel to in a single lifetime. We need to get that warp technology going first.

Which Christmas movie would you be a character in, and who would play you?

Nightmare Before Christmas; it’s both a Halloween and a Christmas film before you start. I don’t have many favourite female actors so to fit in with the Tim Burton theme it’d have to be Helena Bonham Carter.

What are you proudest of?

My family. Eban makes me proud to be him mum each and every day. Aaron works his arse off for the both of us so I’m super proud to have him as my partner in crime.

So, there we go. I can’t wait to see you all in a couple of weeks – you won’t miss me as I’m the one with bright red hair and will probably be wearing an alternative style Christmas t-shirt. No jumpers, I’ll be far too warm. See you there.

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11 thoughts on “Blog On Christmas Jumper 2017 Linky

  1. Thank you for taking part! I love some of those answers – and I’ll never argue Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t a Christmas AND Halloween film, and an excellent choice, who wouldn’t want to be played by HBC? 😀
    I love the spelling tip, and I pronounce definitely ‘dee-finite-lee’ so that I spell it right!
    On behalf of myself and the BlogOn team, thank you for taking part – see you there! Jenny

    • You’re welcome. My whole plan was to have a video so others could see that they actually DO need a suitcase for this event 😉

      It’s going to be lots of fun, once you do it you’ll be hooked.

  2. I adore Nightmare Before Christmas – although I tried to watch it with J when she was 2 and realised it wasn’t a very good film for a toddler haha! I’m popping over for the Blogon Xmas Jumper linkup – it’s my first time going x

    • Eban loves it, he often asks for it outside of Xmas/Halloween and no doubt it’ll be on almost daily from October 1st haha

      Can’t wait to see you there.

  3. Nightmare Before Christmas – ah, how did I not think of that? One my absolute favourite films to watch around Christmas! The goody bags do look great, it’s my first time so I’m definitely looking forward to that, aha.

    • It’s the best kind of film because it works for my 2 favourite times of the year, perfectly versatile haha.

      I’m looking forward to the goody bags this time, it’s my first Xmas event and apparently they’re better than the earlier in the year event so I’m excited too!

      See you there.

  4. Ooh I love your choice of a nightmare before Christmas! I don’t think I’ve ever tried guacamole (just discovered a word I couldn’t spell, thank good for predictive text haha.)
    This will be my first time attending a conference and alone, eek! X

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