Keep Calm And BlogOn Xmas

This weekend just gone I headed out on a mammoth blogging journey which had me at a Boots PR event (all the new Christmas goodies) and the awesome SHOMOs in London. It ended with me in Manchester for BlogOn Xmas so here is a round up of what happened on Sunday at my favourite Blogging event.

Keep Calm And BlogOn Xmas

What Is BlogOn?

BlogOn is a blogging conference where many different people in the industry from all different niches get together to chat, share ideas, learn and have fun. Although very much parenting focused, especially BlogOn Xmas, it’s great for any niche who needs advice and guidance.

Each year there are two separate conferences, one around May and the September Christmas focused one.

Isn’t It A Bit Early For Christmas?

For your average Joe then yes, but in the blogging world Christmas planning starts as early as July. What is the point in posting all our Christmas content in the three week lead up until Christmas? No-one would see it or make use of it.

Brands and bloggers need to be ahead of the game which is why BlogOn Xmas works so well.

Naughty Elves, Toys & The Grinch

Laura and her team of awesomeness did a fantastic job this year, both at BlogOnMSI and BlogOn Xmas. Obviously to make the Christmas one stand out from the regular BlogOn event she had to go that little bit further; she did so well. The ground floor of the Hotel Football was transformed into a Christmas fair full of stalls and goodies.

The Stalls

As you’d expect from a Christmas fair, the place was covered in exciting stalls filled with goodies to play with and brands/PR’s to chat to. They were all lovely, happily showing us their products allowing us to test them and in some cases eat them. A few had samples to take home, others had business cards or sign up forms to collect details.

There were toys, stationary, food, lingerie, wine, board games, women’s products, things for your car and shoes; a real mix of brands. I’m looking forward to being able to share more with you at a later date so keep you eyes peeled here and on my social media accounts.

Naughty Elves

One of the highlights were the elves from Elves Behavin Badly. These guys were lots of fun, walking around the fair taking selfies and causing chaos…as you’d expect them to be. Elfie, the boy elf, thought my hair was candyfloss so tried to lick me every time we saw each other; I spent the day in stitches.


Yes, the grumpy green grouch was there and moaning at everything. Reluctant to take selfies with us and shouting at Elfie and Elvie every time they walked passed. I grabbed him for a selfie but he wasn’t too impressed with the fact my t-shirt said “Santa” on it, until I pointed out it also had a candy cane pentagram on; this pleased him.

He never broke character and just added that bit more awesome festive fun to the day.

The Grinch BlogOnXmas

More Than Just Toys & Candy Canes

Throughout the day guest speakers held talks and demonstrations to help in areas that bloggers needed. Everything from confidence boosting and photo styling to content creation and how to go live on Facebook. These sessions are a great way to come back feeling motivated and ready for the festive period.

Unfortunately I only managed two sessions as I ended up getting stuck in the Christmas fair, it wasn’t a bad thing because I was using this time to chat to brands. To try their products and discuss how we could work together on projects.

There was also cake and wine during a break session as well as breakfast and lunch being provided. These breaks were a great opportunities to chat to other bloggers, many people meeting for the first time even though they might have been chatting for years. I think it’s great to meet the blogger behind the blog at these events.

The Final Touches

At the end of the day there was an awards ceremony for the best toys at the event. The bloggers got to choose their favourite toys from each category and the winners took home a trophy to prove their greatness.

All the toys in the awards were also donated to the amazingly HUGE raffle after the awards. The cost of the tickets helped raise money for the BlogOn Community Fund which helps bloggers in need. The grand total raised was a whopping £2303.50.

Wait! There’s More!

Oh yes, it wouldn’t be a BlogOn post without a mention of the amazing goody bag. At the end of the day, just before you head off home, there is a bag filled with goodies to take with you.

For BlogOn Xmas we also got a bag to take around the fair with us for samples, business cards and anything else the stalls handed out.

At the time of writing this I’ve barely had chance to look at what I’ve got but I’ll be sure to snap each item and pop it on Instagram over the coming weeks so make sure you follow me to see it all.

If you want to see more of the fun then Instagram is a great place to look, search #BlogOnXmas and you’ll see what the 100’s of other bloggers were snapping during the day and after the event.

If you’re a blogger reading this and trying to decide whether you want to come along to the next one then it’s a definite “YES DO IT!” from me. The last two I’ve been to have been so worth it, not just for the talks and the brands but being able to get together with some of the awesome bloggers I’ve been chatting to over the years. Being around like minded people who get what you do is a refreshing feeling.

Finally a HUGE thank you to Laura and her team, as I’ve said before they did an amazing job. I really do look forward to attending this conference. I’ll see you in May!

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