Getting Started Streaming – Giveaway

getting started streaming

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I decided to give streaming another go. February 5th 2019 marks my One Year Twitchiversary and it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, especially since starting university. So, to celebrate I thought I’d give a little advice about getting started streaming, my recommendations and have a giveaway.

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Bored At Home? Game Online!

Game online

The home is an amazing place. It can give us all the comfort and joy in the world. It can be a place where amazing memories are made. The home? It’s an incredible investment. It’s an incredibly unique place in our lives. Our homes give us safety, comfort and so much more. We can carry on gushing about the benefits of a home, but that would be another article entirely. Whether you live in the family home, your own flat, or your own house – just know that you have got your very own special place in this world.

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Hellooooooooo….This Is Why We’ve Banned Stampy Cat

banned Stampy cat

I love YouTube just as much as most people. I have a selection of content producers who I watch and support on a regular basis, everything from beauty and make-up to films and gaming. It was inevitable that Eban would follow suit and join me in my YouTube enjoyment; and in most cases I don’t mind. Recently there is one YouTuber who has really started to grind on us and has been impacting, negatively, on Eban. Here is why we’ve banned Stampy Cat.

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Console Yourself – My XBox One Review

Over my lifetime I’ve tried many consoles; my earliest memory of gaming is a Commodore 64, playing games such as RoboCop and Rainbow Island. Modern consoles are a much different story as many of you will know as well as coming with a pretty high price tag – making it harder for you to choose which console you should go with. Luckily Microsoft made our latest purchase an easy one and I’ll explain why in this Xbox One review.

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