Juice Plus Omega Blend: Do You Need It?

Juice Plus Omega Blend: Do You Need It?

A few months ago the delightful company that is Juice Plus launched a new “must have” supplement to run alongside their other extortionate and pointless products. Now, I haven’t tried them because I have more sense than money but it doesn’t take a scientist to do a bit of Google research so, Juice Plus Omega Blend: do you need it?

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Preparing Yourself: The Health Scares All Parents Dread

Preparing Yourself For The Sudden Health Scare All Parents Dread

As a parent, when you have a toddler, your job is to make sure they experience the world without any mishaps. And yet, it’s not like they’re babies or at an age where they’ve just learned to work, they’re able to experience the world for themselves. A lot of parents think they should be keeping their toddlers on a leash, but smothering them will, in fact, stunt their emotional and social growth.

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The Music That Makes Us Who We Are

Last week the music industry was hit hard with the suicide of Linkin Park’s singer, Chester Bennington. Tributes to him poured out left, right and centre and my Facebook feed was filled with friends who were shocked and saddened by his death; many who also suffer daily with their own mental health. It’s had me thinking a lot since the news about how they influenced me and without Linkin Park I might be leading a very different life.

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Starting The Keto Diet – Ketogenic Diet

At the end of May 2017 I decided that starting the Keto diet might be the best option for my health. I have struggled to stick to every other diet I've tried so didn't see the harm in giving this one a go.

UPDATE: I just wanted to add an update to the start of this post due to no longer being on the Keto Diet. Primarily this was because my husband’s health was getting worse but we’ve both decided to go back to a plant-based diet. I’m a firm believer in not removing content if I don’t need to so even though I’m no longer following it, and I’m vegan, the post will remain as an information aid.

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