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My morning can’t start until after my first cup of coffee, I know many of you will be the same. Whether it’s relaxing with the morning news, in a travel mug on the way to work or once you’ve got to the office; I need that first cup. I’m also a sucker for a fresh coffee, nothing wrong with instant, but you can’t beat fresh coffee, which is why when Blue Coffee Box asked if I’d like to give one of their boxes a try I couldn’t say no.

What Is Blue Coffee Box?

Blue Coffee Box is a coffee subscription service delivering some of the world’s finest coffee straight to your door. All their coffee is ethically sourced directly from the farmers so not only are you getting a high-quality coffee, your subscription is contributing towards these farmers being fairly paid for their hard work – a big tick in my book!

Like with any subscription service, you get to tailor it to your needs so you only get the coffee you want, when you want it.

Blue Coffee Box Subscription

Firstly, you get the choice of whether you want a single bag or a box which contains two bags of coffee in a presentation box – makes a great gift, which is actually the next option.

After you’ve decided whether you want a bag or a box and whether it’s for yourself or a gift, you get to customise the type of coffee you get sent. You can select how you brew your coffee; whether it’s full beans, cafetiere, dripper, Aeropress or espresso machine. Please note, this is a FRESH COFFEE subscription, there is no option for instant coffee so you will need a way to brew your own.

Once you’ve selected how you make your coffee you can choose the roast. The options are light, medium or dark roast with the option of a surprise – their most popular option. They also give you the choice to have decaf or a bag of each (if you choose the box). If you choose beans that need to be ground then they grind them to the recommended coarseness for your selection. The date they’re ground is then recorded on the bag.

Then you select your delivery frequency and payment plan. The most popular option is to have it delivered once a month but you can go as often as fortnightly or a less frequent as bi-monthly. You also get the option of how you pay for it either on a month by month basis or in advance. The longer you pay for in advance, the cheaper it gets so paying for a full year of monthly deliveries is cheaper than paying for one bag each month. However, that’s down to your preference.

How Much is the Blue Coffee Box Subscription?

As I’ve said, the longer you pay for it (in advance) the cheaper it gets but a single delivered bag is £8.99, which reduces to £7.99 per bag if purchasing a 12-month subscription. Each bag contains 227g of coffee, which is about the average size bag you buy in the supermarket. In the UK delivery is included, however, there is a shipping fee to other parts of the world – they deliver worldwide. Selecting the two bag box option is £16.99 for a single box, which is discounted to £15.49 per box if you opt to pay for 12 months in advance.

If you just want to try one bag or one box then you can, cancelling your subscription is easy but make sure you do it in plenty of time so not to get charged.

My Blue Coffee Box Review

Blue Coffee Box sent me a box to review for you, in which I received two bags of coffee for my cafetiere. I ordered the “Surprise Me” roast because I’m happy to give anything a whirl.

The two coffees I received were:

Ceiba: Mission Coffee Works – A coffee from Guatemala that is named after the country’s national tree. A rich, floral coffee with notes of cherry, apricot, cream and chocolate. This coffee is a community coffee so it benefits a large group of producers.

Hutwe: Craft House Coffee – From the Kivu province in Africa. This coffee boasts notes of nectarine, jam and chocolate. This coffee is grown along the Congo River so feeds into the basin.

Overall I’m delighted with what I received. It was something different and a product that both the husband and I were able to enjoy. I really liked the little information cards that which were supplied and told you about each coffee and the places the beans are grown. I try to opt for as many sustainable options as I can and a real positive of this coffee supplier is that they select the most sustainable, yet luxury, options they can. Often visiting the plantations to meet the farmers and producers. 

The £8.99 bag cost is on the pricier side of fresh coffee, however, it really is aimed at those who love their coffee and would enjoy the fact they get to try a different coffee (or coffees) every month. It is much more expensive than the supermarket’s own Fair Trade options but the sustainability of the product and its uniqueness is worth that extra cost. Plus, if you compare it to a grab and go coffee shop every day, it’s much cheaper – I’d rather put my money into this smaller ethical business than a multinational corporation who doesn’t really need it.


  • Really tasty coffee
  • It’s fresh, either as a whole bean to grind yourself or ground just before shipping – the date it was ground is on the bag
  • Information about the coffee’s flavour and where it comes from
  • Highly customisable subscription – you can choose everything from how regular it’s delivered to the roast and machine type
  • Sustainability and directly supporting the farmers/producers
  • You get to try coffees from all over the world
  • A really well-presented box which would make a perfect gift, either as a one-off or a regular subscription, for any coffee lover


  • It is expensive when you compare it to bags in the supermarket
  • If you like a particular coffee you can’t opt to receive it next time, there is a chance you will get it again but it’s not guaranteed

Ready to Buy Your Own?

I have good news! If my review has convinced you to give this subscription a try then I have a £3 off code for Blue Coffee Box which can be used against any product on their website. Simply head over to BlueCoffeeBox.com and enter the code “CIRL3” when you checkout. Make sure to let me know all about the coffee you receive in the comments!

Be sure to follow Blue Coffee Box on social media to keep up to date with them, they love to see your morning coffee picture. They’re on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Extras You Might Need with this Product

As mentioned earlier, this subscription doesn’t have an instant granules option so you will need a device to brew the coffee in. This doesn’t have to be expensive, a cafetiere can be picked up for under £10 but you do need to make sure you select the right product for the machine you have. If you have a cafetiere then you can’t select whole beans unless you have something to grind them with – such as a blender with an appropriate blade or a bean grinder. Below I have included a list with suggested extras if you do want to give this product a go but not sure what you need.

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1 thought on “[AD] Blue Coffee Box Subscription Review”

  1. I WISH I liked coffee. I love the smell and they always look great, especially frothy coffees with chococolate sprinkles, but I just can’t make myself like it. My parents, however, love a coffee or two each day. I bought them a coffee grinder and an electric coffee maker and a stainless steel pot (can’t remember the brand name now) for the hob. A subscription box is an excellent idea for getting a little surprise each month and the chance to try a brand and flavour you likely wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

    I wouldn’t mind gifting this for my parents (and maybe trying the tea one you’re reviewing soon for myself!) My folks certainly need perking up with caffeine and a treat after they’re still shielding since March. We’re all starting to lose the plot! Great review. Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway too.


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