Please Sir, I Want Some More: Cosmo World Buffet Review

Don’t you just hate it when you’re going out for something to eat but no-one in your party can decide what they want? You want pizza but your boyfriend wants Chinese or you’re with a large group of friends who all want something different. Well, that’s where Cosmo World Buffet comes in. Last weekend, Aaron and I decided we wanted all the food before we hit the cinema. We popped along (not for the first time) to Sheffield’s Cosmo World Buffet.

Cosmo World Buffet

What Is A World Buffet?

If you’ve never done a world buffet before then you’re missing out, well as long as you get yourself to a good one. A world buffet is an all-you-can-eat restaurant but instead of being just Chinese you get a selection of foods from around the world.

Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, English…there is a selection from every corner of the globe. As it is all you can eat, you can get up and have as many dishes as you want, from wherever you want.

What Sort Of Dishes?

Every world buffet is different so I’m going off what was available at the Cosmo World Buffet in Sheffield this weekend. The dishes included:

  • Sushi
  • Pizza – pepperoni, margarita and vegetable
  • Roast meat – pork and beef with roast potatoes
  • Tacos and fajitas
  • Duck and pancakes
  • A range of Indian mains such as curries
  • A range of Chinese mains such as sweet & sour, curry, meat in [sauce]
  • Lasagne, bolognese, pasta in sauces
  • BBQ – ribs, chicken wings, corn on the cob

As well as all the mains there are a selection of cuisine appropriate side dishes, salads, vegetables, dips, sauces and toppings. THEN there are the puddings, oh the puddings.

Dessert You Say?

One of things I love most about this kind of meal out is that I can have a pudding without feeling like a gannet. Aaron doesn’t normally do desserts when we go out, he’d rather have a starter or bigger main dish. So when it comes to afters I tend to say no, because I don’t want to be a pig.

At the world buffet the puddings are included and there is just as huge a selection as with the mains. Ice cream, gateaux, mini desserts, hot puddings with custard, fruit and even a chocolate fountain.Cosmo World Buffet

Sheffield Cosmo World Buffet Review

Cosmo isn’t the only world buffet I’ve been to. I went to one in Leeds several years ago which didn’t really impress me. In fact, it put Aaron off world buffets and I had to convince him to try Cosmo the first time. I visited with friends for a hen night and it was the easiest choice as we had someone who was vegan as well as fussy eaters.

Anyhoo. If you fancy going to Cosmo then I highly recommend you book in advance. We’ve walked in before without booking and were lucky to be seated within 20 minutes. There can be anything above an hour wait – even midweek. We booked for 5:30pm and when we got there it the reception area was already full of people waiting to be seated.

As we got there just before 5:30 and they don’t start seating people for the dinner session until 5:30 we had a little wait. A few large groups of students were filling up the bar area and it was a little crowded. Soon we were seated and our drinks order taken. I had an unlimited soft drink which you just go and help yourself to and Aaron had a beer (two in total).

The selection of soft drinks were Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sunkist Orange, Sunkist Lime & Lemon and the reason I have soft drinks, Vimto. There is also a cold water machine and ice to add if you wish.

The Food

Now, I’ll be honest. This kind of deal is like a jack of all trades, master of none kind of deal. Now I’m not saying the food isn’t nice because it is but it’s nothing like going to a cuisine specific restaurant. If you want high quality Italian then you go to Bella Italia or Zizzi, if you want Indian then you hit an Indian restaurant and if you want a Sunday roast you hit a carvery.

Obviously Cosmo World Buffet is a happy mutual that is suitable for all. The food is hot, it’s freshly cooked and it tastes really good. You pay one price and get all the food you can handle, including desserts.

The Cost

The price of the buffet changes depending on the day and time. Lunch is cheaper than dinner, midweek dining is  cheaper than weekend. Children under 150cm are half the full price and children under three years old have to pay a small charge, I think it was £3. Drinks are typical all you can eat prices with the unlimited soft drink being £2.95.

Cosmo World Buffet Extra Info

With how busy the place gets they do give you a time allocation of 90 minutes. This is plenty of time as you can just help yourself from the start. Sometimes certain parts of the buffet won’t always be available. I’ve previously been during lunchtime to find no hot desserts – I don’t normally have them anyway.

The staff are lovely and very efficient. As soon as your plate is clean they suddenly appear to take it away. They ask you if everything is ok throughout the meal, strangely never mid mouthful like other places.

If you’re looking to stuff your face, can’t decide on what you actual want to eat or just want to eat everything then Cosmo is your place. No other place can you have roast beef, roast potatoes, lasagne and pizza on the same plate. There was one guy who was having desserts and covered his melon is spaghetti bolognese – not that’s weird!

Have you tried a world buffet yet? Do you recommend your local one – in case I’m ever in the area.

Cosmo World Buffet allows you to eat from a range of different cuisines from across the world. Here is my review of the Sheffield Cosmo.


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