How To Get The VIP Vegas Experience Online

For lovers of cards, casino games and all-out entertainment, Las Vegas is the ultimate destination. The city is a booming metropolis of bright lights, crazy bars and casinos that stay open all night long. It may have changed a lot over the years and decades, but Vegas always finds a place in gamers’ hearts.

How To Get The VIP Vegas Experience Online

If you live in one of the surrounding states, such as California or Arizona, then Las Vegas is just a trip over the border to Nevada. For anyone over here in the UK, Vegas is a long way away, and a costly option just to spend a few nights at the roulette and poker tables. With this in mind, anyone who wants the VIP Vegas experience without the flights can find a semblance of the 70s Vegas vibes online.

Online Casinos

Online casinos have now long served as a valid alternative to the brick-and-mortar casino environment. Any kind of gaming online can have advantages. There are pros and cons to both, and it all depends on what you want. You could always check out your local casino if you prefer to play live, but online casinos offer the advantage of playing from home. Not only that but they always have games running and players on the site.

When it comes to game selection, you can find a vast range of casino games at the online sites, usually a lot more than you would do in a typical Vegas casino. Decent online casinos offer dozens, if not hundreds of slot games, along with table games like blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat. That’s what online casinos offer – a full range of games available pretty much any time that you log on.

You can also find progressive jackpot slots at most popular online casinos. Anyone who has been to Vegas will know that these are a common feature in the casinos on the Strip. Progressive jackpots are shared between multiple slots within the casino, or even throughout many casinos, so the jackpot gets insanely big. Online sites can also offer huge prizes, with progressive jackpots running into hundreds of thousands. And with more people playing online, it’s hardly surprising.

The remote gaming market, including online casinos, betting and bingo sites is worth £5.6 billion in the UK alone, representing nearly 39% of the market share. As we said, more people are gaming online anyway, but some online casinos go one step further when it comes to offering the Vegas experience.

Live Dealers

Live dealers bring you closer to the action and closer to the Las Vegas experience. This is the online casinos answer to the number one problem with online gaming. It can detach you from the feeling that you’re actually playing an exciting game in a tense and thrilling atmosphere. Live casino games bring you back to that feeling of being in the casino.

Top online casinos offer live casino games that include live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat, live table poker games, and even live game shows such as the Dreamcatcher wheel. Players at live casino games will be immersed in a casino environment with a real croupier on hand to spin the ball, deal the cards and talk players through the outcomes.

For players who are looking for something extra special, check out live casino games in the Elite Lounge at 777. These games are reserved for the most valued members, who will be treated to epic views over city skylines, elite dealers, and the most courteous service anywhere outside of the Vegas high rollers lounges.

How To Get The VIP Vegas Experience Online

VIP Schemes and Clubs

In Las Vegas, regulars at the tables know to get hold of club cards at the casinos they play at. This allows the casino to track the amount the player’s bets, and they will give out rewards depending on how much players spend, from free rooms and meals to tickets for shows.

The M Life rewards scheme at MGM Resorts offers redeemable points, mobile check-in, room discounts and personalised offers. Caesar’s Resorts offer a similar package, with free or discounted stays, pre-sale access to shows and discounts at restaurants. For high rollers, this is a big part of the attraction of the Vegas lifestyle.

Online casinos also have their own version of the Vegas reward schemes. Some even offer VIP Clubs and members schemes, such as the 888 VIP Casino Club. This invite-only club gives players personal treatment, additional bonuses, access to VIP events and special offers.

Like the clubs on the Vegas Strip, these members-only features are multi-tiered. The first tier VIP gets access to weekly rewards, higher comp points, increased deposit limits, access to high stakes tables, and birthday gifts. The VIP Gold and Platinum members get extra bonuses and promotions, faster withdrawals, personal accounts managers and access to exclusive hospitality events.

Along with the VIP clubs, which are usually reserved for high rollers and frequent players, some online casinos also offer loyalty points for all players. Points are earned for every bet, and can then be spent on prizes or entry to games.

Can You Really Get The Vegas Experience Online?

Of course, there’s a lot more to Las Vegas than just playing roulette. There’s the shows, the exciting atmosphere, the monster buffets, and the sheer drama of being on the Strip. It’s not for everyone, but Vegas is well worth a visit if that’s your cup of tea. It’s not mine.

When it comes to casino gaming, you can find pretty much all of the regular Vegas games online, plus a whole lot more at the most popular online casinos. Combined with live dealers, 70s themed lobbies, elite lounges and VIP clubs, players can get the Vegas feeling more than they think.

Written in collaboration with Danielle Quayle

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