The 10 Commandments Of Online Gaming For Children

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In the current day and age computer games are highly popular; from war games to football games – there is something for all ages. A lot of parents worry that their children spend too much time playing video games.

Whilst a healthy dosage of games can be good, children should not be spending every hour of the day staring at a television or computer screen. So, in order to give parents a helping hand, take a look at the top 10 tips for managing your children’s gaming habits…

Do your homework first and you can have more time playing games

You should implement a rule whereby if your child does their homework before they begin playing then they can have an extra hour or so spent on their computer games. This ensures that their schoolwork comes first and that they understand the importance of working hard to then enjoy more leisure time.

Take an interest

Take an interest in the games that they are playing, whether this is car crash games, fighting games, simulation games, or something different. This is important because it allows you to monitor the sort of games they are playing and thus you can ensure that they are age-appropriate.

Encourage other activities

Rather than simply telling your child to get off of their computer game, you should encourage other activities. Invite their friends around; suggest games which they can play outside, etc. 

Set a password on the computer

By setting a password on your computer you ensure that your child has to ask you before they utilise it. This means that there is no chance of your little one sneaking on the computer to play a game without you realising it.

Encourage educational games

Not all games are bad for children and thus you should spend time finding games which will enhance their development, broaden their knowledge and add to their skills.

If they misbehave, the games are the first to go

Make sure that your child knows that if they misbehave then their gaming privileges will be the first thing that is taken away from them. This can help to encourage good behaviour because they are not going to want to lose access to their favourite games.

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Play video games with your children

There are lots of games which parents and children can enjoy together, as there are a wealth of different multi-player games available today that are suitable for all ages. This is a good idea because it ensures you and your child spend some quality time together. Also because you will be taking turns and interacting with one and other it means their eyes will not be glued to the screen.

Embrace the gaming world

Don’t act like you hate games and that you are completely against your child playing them – this will only make them want to play on their games even more. 

Set a time limit

You should make sure that your child only plays video games for a certain time period a day. This also helps because it ensures that they view computer games as a privilege. 

Only allow games to be played on one PC

If you have more than one computer, then you should only allow games to be downloaded onto one of the PCs. When your child is doing their homework then they can use another computer. 

If you try to follow at least a couple of these tips then you should be able to manage your child’s gaming effectively in order to ensure that they are still having fun but are also being healthy and involved in other activities. 

To conclude, there is no denying that most children today love playing online games. In fact, some children spend most of their time glued to the screen. To be sure that there is a healthy balance and your child’s gaming does not turn into a source of friction within the home, follow the advice that has been provided above. If you act like you hate gaming and it’s “stupid” your child is only going to want to play more and they will be frustrated that you do not understand their hobby. Instead, it is about working with your child and taking an interest in their gaming so that they can enjoy it in a healthy manner and it can help to boost other areas of their life.

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