Chamaaaazing Results: Don’t Believe What You See

I have a little secret and I can’t keep it any longer! The secret to instant results for weight loss, hair growth, chronic illness cures and everything else that is wrong with you. Do you want to see my Chamaaaazing results? Well, keep reading.

All The Hun Promises

I’m sure you’ve seen them. They fill your Facebook feed, they flood the local selling groups and they feed off your desperation. Your desperation to lose a few pounds, to grow long and luscious locks or to finally feel liberated from your chronic illness such as IBS, Diabetes, ME and Anxiety.

By simply popping six capsules a day containing “30 fruit & vegetables”, drinking a “weight loss coffee”, wrapping your skin in cellophane or other such products, you can gain instant results! Such as my results, they’re real I promise.

False product claims

Don’t I Look Fantastic? Guess How I Did it…

Well, I didn’t! And the unrealistic images you see over social media didn’t do it either. For me, I simply stuck everything out in the first image, frumped and faced the camera more. For the second one, took moments later, I sucked it all in, tucked it all in, stuck out my boobs, changed my angle slightly and thought “thin”.

There was no miracle. There was no products. Just me on a mission to prove that I could lose pounds and inches instantly because I wanted to sell a product post.

Don’t Believe Everything You See

You see, I’ve become pissed off with all these fake results being thrown around to sell inferior, expensive and potentially dangerous “health products”. It’s not hard to fake results or steal other people’s hard work to pass off as a result of taking a shite capsule or “booster“.

There are certain weight loss health product companies who can’t control their reps. These reps will just take anyone’s weight loss results and pass it off as their product’s results.

If they’re not stealing other people’s results then they’re setting up their own. Pictures of scales with two different weights xx number of days later – not hard to take them together, one with an object in hand or extra clothes on then the other without. Then there are the obvious fakes like the one above I’ve done. Simple tricks you can do to lose weight instantly without actually having lost any.

“I’ve lost 4lbs overnight” – whoop-de-do! I do that often when I have a good day drinking plenty of water or after a great session on the bog! These are NOT RESULTS!

Research Before You Buy

I know how tempting all these products look. The reps are taught how to sell it and make you want them because it’s easier than just eating better and exercising. I get it, I honestly do. The problem is that most of these products aren’t regulated properly, they’re cheaply manufactured and don’t provide anything a decent equivalent from somewhere like Holland & Barret sell.

Do some research. Google actual results and reviews like the ones I’ve documented here on my blog. These products, primarily sold my MLM companies, can be bought cheaper and of a higher quality without all the false health claims – of which MLM companies aren’t allowed to make (including Juice Plus).

If you need more proof then I recommend you join the awesome Facebook group – Juice Plus / MLM Lies Exposed. Lots of information in there about different products, the false claims and actual responses from the companies who provide these products.

If in doubt about any product then drop me a message, I’m always happy to help!

Chamaaaazing Results: Don't Believe What You See

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2 thoughts on “Chamaaaazing Results: Don’t Believe What You See

  1. I think you’ve done amazingly well, and actually really liked this post for its honesty and refreshing perspective when it doesn’t sell weight loss pills or other tripe that does more harm than good. Way to go Chammy!

    • Thanks Caz. I’ve nervously been sitting on this since August – obviously showing off your belly to the world is a scary thing for someone so self-conscious and aware that she needs to lose weight. This photo was taken in August so luckily I’ve lost more weight since then though not through any of the false methods I’ve listed here 😉

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