Let’s Get Physical, Physical With Flex

I’ll be completely honest with you, exercise is never a priority for me even through I know it should be. Thing is, I feel fantastic after doing some sort of workout but I quickly forget that feeling. I then dance around doing it again because I have “more important things” to get sorted first. This is a BAD ATTITUDE! One reason excuse is not finding the time to actually go out, to the gym, and work out. Well, when the guys over at Flex TV got in touch with their unique approach I no longer had that excuse.


Excuses. I’m Full of Excuses

I have many, I can make up an excuse for anything – and will, given the chance. Over the last few years I have “tried” to change my exercising ways. Last year I rejoined the gym and that was going great for a few weeks but then the excuses started. The gym was a 30/40 minute bus ride away so going during the day (while Eban was at school) was an hour+ just in travel; an hour I could have been working. This left me only going when Aaron could take me, on his day off and we’d go together. Then on the evenings if my mum could watch Eban or we’d just do swimming with Eban. It wasn’t long until that gym membership was cancelled – it was just too much hassle.

So, What Is Flex?

When the email from these guys hit my inbox I was sceptical and I even told them this. I’d been approached by a few exercise/healthy eating folks in the past and when added to their program felt a lot of disappointment. Most of them were expecting £20ish a month for the privilege of a Facebook group mostly ran by the members, a few meals plans in the document files and access to their YouTube channel which had a handful of workouts. There was the offer of a phone call to offer advice etc but still…£20 a month for a load of information you can get free.

Flex, however, surprised me and I was impressed from the off. What you have is a platform to bring the gym to your living room – well, the classes side of it. You don’t actually get provided gym equipment, that would be silly. You are given access to a huge range of different workouts provided by friendly and encouraging instructors. Dance, HIIT, Yoga, Pre/Post-natal and toning classes are just a few of the wide range on offer from these guys.


What Makes It Special?

Ok, so you can just grab a selection of workouts for free on YouTube or pick up a workout DVD and do that. That’s fine. What makes Flex worth it is that you can join in with friends. Book a session together and chat via the chat function, not only to them but others in the workout and the instructor. It’s like being in a class but without everyone staring at you and the fear of laughter in case your bladder explodes mid-star jump – yes, it happens.

You can plan your week also. Look through the upcoming sessions and book yourself in without the fear of the class being full. If the times/days of the sessions don’t suit you then there are 100’s of pre-recorded classes to choose from. You can alternate your week to get a good mixture of work outs. I’ve opted for a cardio class every other day with toning/stretching in between. The Burlesque classes are a lot of fun.


How Has Flex Helped?

Flex has removed the possible excuses.

“I don’t have time to go to the gym” – I work from home, I can move things around and make it fit!

“I’m too embarrassed” – No-one else will see me, as long as I shut the curtains.

“I don’t have the right clothes” – Go naked, see above reply.

“I can’t afford the expensive membership” – Flex isn’t expensive.

“The classes I want are always full” –  There is always space in a Flex class.

“I keep forgetting to exercise” – Once I’ve booked a session I’m sent email reminders and can even export the sessions to my digital calendar.

The ONLY excuse that they can’t help with is the “Oh, but I can’t be bothered” one – only I can deal with that.

What Is The Membership Cost?

The GREAT news is that they offer you a 30 day free trial. No card details are required so if you don’t want to continue and are like me in the fact you forget to cancel (everything) then you won’t be stung. If you do want to continue then it’s only a tiny £4.99 a month, with no contract. That’s the same as your average single class.


You can access your account and the sessions from anywhere you can use a browser. I personally use my TV to display the sessions so I can do them in my living room but you can also use your laptop, smartphone or tablet. This means you can exercise ANYWHERE (obviously as long as you have an internet connection). Yoga in the park during the summer or Pilates on the beach while you’re on holiday.

There Must Be Some Negatives?

I am here to serve you and be to be completely honest. There are a couple of things that need improving such as watching on the TV. At the moment you have to load up your internet browser on your TV and enter all your details with the remote. This doesn’t work with all TVs and they were surprised when I told them it was working for me. They don’t have any apps yet but I know this is something they’re looking in to.

The chat function is great BUT I feel I don’t have time to type in a response as I’m too busy flailing around the living room to use it. It’s a great way to give feedback to the instructor though. The Flex guys recommend using Skype/Whatsapp to chat to your friends in the background and to give Doodle a go. Doodle lets you schedule “meetings” with friends.

Besides that it really is a great idea. The guys behind it are fab too, always happy to answer a question and willing to give you a ring should you need support. It is marketed at the stay-at-home mum market because, well they often struggle to get the chance to workout due to childcare but anyone can benefit from this service.

If you give it a go then let me know what you think, personally I love it.

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