INNOVO Restore The Floor Review

I’m the type of person who thinks I know best, I tend to ignore expert advice and just accept the consequences so when I fell pregnant with my son I completely ignored all the advice with regards to pelvic floor exercises. I was far too busy enjoying the fun sides of pregnancy, like eating what I wanted, having an excuse to put my feet up and enjoying the little alien that was wriggling around inside my belly – I was never going to suffer for not doing it…or so I thought. Who knew I’d end up so past embarrassing that I’d look to technology to help me and luckily INNOVO Restore The Floor was there with their “restore the floor” device.


Post Pregnancy Pee Problems

Don’t get me wrong, after the birth of my son I tried to do some pelvic floor exercises such as holding my wee while on the loo and clenching the muscles while I sat down, but for me remembering to do it was never my strong point. I do it a couple of times a day but then the next day I’d forget and go a week in between doing them – I knew this wasn’t going to be effective but it just kept slipping my mind.

Slowly this lack of care for my own body turned into a real issue. I was having to stop in my tracks to sneeze so I could cross my legs and hope I didn’t wet myself, jumping around started to prove a problem and it got worse over time but I was embarrassed, I thought it’d go away and only old ladies suffered with this – not someone in their mid to late 20’s.

I’d Had Enough

I reached a point where I was wetting myself when I coughed, I dreaded getting a cold and the last couple of winters I had a couple of very bad chesty coughs that lasted for weeks – I even started sleeping with a towel under me, it had got that bad. Denial is a strong thing, embarrassment is a terrible feeling and both of these stopped me getting help, stopped me from buying products that would help and I still didn’t exercise because I thought I’d got to the point where I was passed help and just accepted it.

I think the real turning point for me was when my husband started the Insanity workout classes, he loved it and begged me to join him but I knew I couldn’t, I knew that I’d need to wee minutes after starting the workout even if I’d just been. He started showing me the moves to do at home but I dreaded the star jumps because I’d need to rush to the loo or end up wetting myself. I hated it.

INNOVO Restore The Floor

This is when I was approached by INNOVO to try their “Restore Your Pelvic Floor” device and I’ll admit I was sceptical. Basically it sends gentle electrical impulses through your muscles to help tighten them – like an ab toner belt but placed in such a way they target your pelvic floor muscles.

What is it?

The device itself is like a pair of shorts you wrap around your legs, I highly recommend wearing them when you’re not expecting company (haha). They have four gel pads for each leg which are positioned on your legs and bum. The first time you put them on can be a little tricky and they feel weird to wear but you soon get used to them. Each leg then has a cable which plugs into the device that controls the pulse, you then get yourself in a comfy position that allows your pelvis to be slightly slanted (laid down with bent knees is my way) then hit go.

At first you’ll feel a tingle in your legs but as you increase the strength of the pulse that will move to being a pulling sensation in your pelvic floor region. Honestly, it’s weird but it isn’t painful and you soon get used to it – I’ve actually learned to really like the sensation.

Does it work?

Now that is the question! Like I said I was sceptical, obviously this was the easy way out – ok, the more expensive easy way out but easy nonetheless. After a week I honestly felt a difference, doing my home exercises were proving a little less problematic, not a huge difference but to say it had only been a week I was VERY impressed. A month in to wearing the device five times a week for 30 minutes was proving well worth my time, I’d lay on the sofa with it pulsing away and barely notice it – I have fallen asleep a few times too.

I’ve been using the device for 12 weeks now and until I have a nasty cough I won’t know how large of an improvement I’ve had but I can jump around and sneeze without having to worry – I’m now looking into reducing the time I wear it and starting to introduce normal pelvic exercises into my routine in order to maintain my new found muscles.

What’s the cost?

The cost of the device is £249 which includes everything you need (the device, charger, controller, gel pads, manual) and can be spread over six monthly payments. The gel pads need replacing every six months (or 60 uses) and are £29.99 for a full set of eight..

It’s been a life changer, it really has. In one way I wish it hadn’t have got to that stage, I wish I’d have listened to everyone when they said do your pelvic floor exercises – if I had then I wouldn’t have suffered with such extreme bladder weakness before I’d even hit 30. It’s not just old ladies that get it, do your exercises but if, like me you didn’t listen then the INNOVO Restore The Floor really could change your life!

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