Juice Plus Boosters: Do They Really Work?

So January 1st hits and the usual “lose weight, feel great” posts started popping up everywhere including the brand new, always sold out AMAZING Juice Plus Boosters. I was seeing posts from the multiple reps on my Facebook feed showing these fantastic results from taking a few of these sachets each day and after giving the shakes a go (see my post HERE) I thought “why not”. Here is my honest Juice Plus Boosters Review.

Juice Plus Boosters

What are Juice Plus Boosters?

Juice Plus Boosters claim to stop up to 25% of your consumed fat from being absorbed into the body, fill you up and curb your hunger pangs. The ingredients are:

Oil emulsion (dried corn syrup, palm oil, oat oil, glucomannan (33%), fructose, flavouring (multi-fruit), green tea extract (3.3%), stabiliser (sodium polyphospate), flavouring, caffeine.

In each sachet there is 1.0g of glucomannan and 9mg of caffeine.

They are not recommended for children or pregnant women due to the caffeine content.

They cost £74 for a ONE month supply (90 sachets), you can split the cost over four monthly payments of £19.50. The box recommends that for weight loss you take 3 a day but taking 1 or 2 is recommended by most reps so they last longer.

What is glucomannan? Glucomannan is a sugar (you’ll notice a lot of that in the ingredients) that is made from the root of the konjac plant (Amorphophallus konjac). It is used as a thickener/gel agent in foods – it absorbs water to create a bulky fiber (which is why it claims to make you feel fuller). There is some evidence that it can be used to aid constipation, diabetes 2 and high cholesterol. There is insufficient evidence to prove that it aids in weight loss or the treatment of obesity – contradicting research. Evidence shows that it should only be taken for 4 months at a time. (Information taken from www.webmd.com)

How do you take them?

Juice Plus Boosters are a powder you have to mix with water and drink before you eat a meal. The solution has a slight lemon taste to it but be warned, no matter how much you mix it, they never fully mix so you are left with floaty bits. I read a lot about how bad they tasted so I prepared myself for the worst but they weren’t as bad as that, in my opinion anyway – still not nice though. Different people have commented how they take them such as pouring the powder straight on to their tongue then drinking the required 1-2 glasses of water, others make it into a shot and some have even added squash to it. My preferred method was to make it in a tumbler, down it and chase it up with even more water. The instructions didn’t state how much 1-2 glasses was so I assumed a pint was enough.

Do they work?

You’ve come here for my honest opinion, right? Well, that would be a no. I was going to do a full month on them to see how they did but after 2 weeks of seeing stunted weight-loss I gave up. The first week I lost 1lb, which was less than I normally lose (the week before I had lost 4lb not on them); baring in mind it is claimed you don’t have to change your diet for these to work and I was following the Weight Watchers plan at the time. The second week I switched to Lean In 15 while on them and lost 2lb – this was after 3 days worth of exercise too,and no it wasn’t because my fat magically turned to muscle which weighs more. The last week while not on them I lost 3lb so to me, that is saying something.

Did they make me feel fuller for longer? Well yeah, but so would drinking a pint of normal water before any meal. Did they curb my hunger pangs? After being on Lean In 15 without the boosters then the answer is no – eating high protein, satisfying meals are curbing my hunger pangs without the cost.

What they did do is give me a headache because of the caffeine – I try to avoid caffeine where I can (drinking decaff etc) so this was basically the same as having a cup of normal tea everyday which made me feel terrible. I also got an upset stomach from using them.

Other People’s Results

But what about all these AMAZING results? You know, I’ve noticed a pattern with these results – everyone posting are also on the shakes/eating plan which is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) so of course there is going to be great results. Plus they are cutting out dairy, gluten, pork and drinking at least 3 pints of water each day which helps prevent water retention (making you weigh less) and no doubt they are doing some exercise. The same results can be seen using Cambridge Diet, Exante, Slim Fast etc as you are creating a calorie deficit. As with all these diets – once you come off it you’ll gain it back…I know, I’ve been there with them all.

You want an effective way to lose weight without limiting the foods you eat? Check out my review of Joe Wick’s Lean In 15; there is a reason the book was the fasted selling one of 2015 (released in December) and has been at number one on Amazon for five weeks. You are eating good, wholesome food that really does keep you full while making you leaner, stronger and healthier – plus it’s the cost of a book, not a 3 month contract and the food costs you less that it does to do the JP plan properly.

Have you tried Juice Plus Boosters? How have you done? Are you considering them and if so, has this changed your mind?

Juice Plus Boosters - they claim to aid with weight loss and make you feel fuller for longer but do they really work? See what I think in my review.

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57 thoughts on “Juice Plus Boosters: Do They Really Work?”

  1. I have just started juice plus today, I agree the boosters are rancid. I have three friends that have used juice plus for the last 6 months plus and have had really
    good results. I am sure if they followed weight watchers for the same amount of time they would also have good results. I like the idea of juice plus as you have good healthy food along with the shakes. I agree this isn’t a long term solution but I am not viewing it as that. I plan to follow it for a few months reduce my weight then start reducing the shakes and increasing the good healthy food. Juice plus promotes eating clean so they encouraging a healthy way of life. I am not a rep for juice plus just someone who is desperate to lose weight and eat more healthily. Thanks for the recommendation of Lean in 15 its something I will look into to run alongside juice plus

    • Good luck, I have done the shakes (there is a review of that floating about on here) and they do work but in the same sense as Cambridge, Slim Fast etc – they are a calorie deficit. I eventually stopped because I began to hate the tastes of the shakes (there are better tasting ones on the market).

      Your plan sounds like a good one, my JP rep follows the Lean In 15 for her meals too. I’m sure you will get there 🙂

  2. I’m on day two on the boosters, currently replacing one meal a day with a Jp shake too. Firstly I feel sad that so many people buy into these miricle fixes, no pill, shake or potion is going to make you lose weight if you are not eating correctly and the results people get with jp are achievable with any other cal/fat controlled diet that us out there. I’m sticking to jp purely because after a very bad expirience in a dress shop one day, I was crying and upset because my weight was out of control. Magically someone I confided in about my day, just happened to be a jp rep and told me about the wonderful affects of jp and despite the fact I know how nutrition works and the cals in/out rule, despite me scoffing in distaste everytime I saw a jp or forever post, in my desperation I signed up to both plans. I started on the shakes only and lost weight quickly, however I knew that there was nothing miraculous about the shakes I was simply eating less cals than I was burning off! Now here’s the thing I’m an extremely overweight morbidly obese woman, my meals are not standard sizes but I found something in the shakes was keeping me full which simply made me more able to stick to it! If I’m full I feel ok with restriction if I’m not, I’ll likely eat the cupboards dry lol. I’m trying the boosters to see if I can eat less in the evening and hopefully slowly shrink my stomach so I can come off them altogether. I just wish jp explained to ppl that there simply is no quick fix, every diet relys on the cals in/out rule!

    • I’m a rep and completely agree there is no quick fix for weight loss. There are some bad reps out there! Simple changes everyday and results will be seen in time. I believe in the JP products and use them and promote them myself. Good luck with the weight loss 🙂 x

  3. I started the boosters almost 2 weeks ago, i dont like the taste but will persist as they cost so much money. I havent had any weight loss. At first I thought I had lost a pound but now, 2 weeks down the line, I weigh exactly the same as I did before I started. I also find myself more hungry! Maybe it’s because the boosters are giving me the poops so bad! I am hoping that things will change! Really want to loose a stone!

    • I actually went to Juice Plus and got my money back for the unused sachets – my tummy was that bad and I got awful headaches from them. Instead I’ve reinvested the money into a Fitbit and in less than 2 weeks have seen a half a stone loss. I’m more aware of my activeness and what I’m eating, plus it gives me goals, achievements and trophies for working hard. I think it’s a much better investment 😉

      If you do stick with them I hope they help, it is a hell of a lot of money if it doesn’t 🙁

          • Thanks I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that was ill due to taking boosters. As Rep is determined that they are all natural and won’t cause ill effects. I have just emailed juice plus I just want to return the rest of sachets and not pay any more.

          • Hey Julie.

            Sorry to hear that they weren’t great for you either. To be honest most reps don’t have a clue and will repeat what their upline tell them.

            Glad I could help.

  4. Hi,
    Done JP program for 4 months. Lost almost 15kg in this period.Period. No one will tell me it is miracle, it is a catalyst to start your healthy journey. I am vegan and COULDN’T EAT 5 x a day fresh fruits&veggies, can you?…
    Still take shakes for breakfast and capsules (30 fruits&veggies for less than a cup of coffee a day in Starbucks? Find the better deal 😛 )


    They meant to fill your stomach between the meals to avoid snacking sweets or other things we usually do (specially during the weight lose program) .Period. It is not a get fit powder, it is not diet pills. READ THE INFO before judge.
    So you will not lose weight only by taking Booster, forget it. If someone sold you that as a magic pill – you probably trust too much what people say 🙂 – and you have been told wrong!
    It is ideal for people who take the 4 months program with eg. shakes(and capsules) so you won’t feel that hunger between the meals while your stomach get used to the fact you eat less and more healthy instead of crap,processed food or heavy meaty meals or even a morning ham&cheese sandwiches…

    • Hi Pawel, thank you for your reply – I like hearing from anyone whether they agree with me or not.

      Firstly, well done on your weight loss. Juice Plus is obviously working well for you.

      I want to respond to some of the points you made in your post.

      1) I am vegan myself and have been for 2 months now. I get MORE than my 5 fresh fruits and veg a day, honestly I’m worried if you’re not – being vegan, the majority of your diet should be plant based?
      2) You tell me to “read the info before judge” – I did the boosters for as long as I could before they started effecting my health. I’ve also done the shakes prior which I’ve also reviewed. I have many Juice Plus reps as friends on Facebook so I know what they do – or are supposed to do.
      3) If you’re restricting your calories which is what you do on Juice Plus then OF COURSE you will lose weight, you’re creating a calorie deficit and ultimately putting your body into ketosis (starvation mode), This is the same as other plans such as The Cambridge Plan – not always a healthy option because your body will target muscle to burn energy rather than the fat.
      4) The Boosters are advertised to work, as in TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT, alongside your current eating plan. You are not required to change your diet to lose weight though a calorie controlled diet will help – duh! I have seen people telling me that their friends are still eating 3-4 McDonald’s a week and it’s helping them lose weight.
      5) The Boosters are sugar, caffeine and glucommanan – two of those things I avoid putting in my body and the third hasn’t had proper studies as to it’s effects on the body.
      6) The capsules, no I haven’t tried but I know science. When you breakdown a substance you lose certain things – with fruits and veg you lose many of the vitamins and good things that you get from those items fresh, including the fiber which is vital for every diet and for some of the vitamins and minerals that come from fruits they require the fiber for your body to extract them. It’s like putting a soluble tablet in a glass with no water for it to dissolve into.

      So before coming to my post and rudely telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about, take the time to read the post and see what I’ve written OR do some independent research about the products this company sell. Now that I’m not desperate to lose weight and have found a lifestyle that is working for me (I have too lost weight, have more energy, clearer skin, brighter eyes through my vegan diet and with proper exercise), I’ve taken the time to read about these products, to compare them to other products on the market and find for the price, they are inferior and being sold by people who have NO health qualifications or nutritional knowledge – ultimately damaging some people’s health.

      My becoming vegan post – https://www.chammyirl.co.uk/food/becoming-a-vegan/

      • I’m also a healthy, whole foods vegan, and I started trying the booster because, after turning 40, my weight suddenly started creeping up. I found that they did absolutely nothing for my weight. Not in the slightest. I haven’t tried the capsules, but you should know, in case you do decide to go for it, they are NOT vegan. The capsules are made from gelatine (yuck). I should also add that I have recently started selling JP, though not too hard because i haven’t been able to try the capsules due to the price (I live in Denmark where the cost is much higher than in the USA), so I’ve taken a step away from selling until I am able to actually try the product. The Complete Booster being the first and only produce I’ve tried, I am so far not impressed by Juice Plus. Anyway, just wanted to say that i agree with you, Chammy.

        • Thank you for your reply Celeste, I have no plans on giving the capsules a try. It’s sad to see you’ve joined this company and aren’t impressed so far – I would drop them an email and explain you unhappiness, especially the part where you cannot actually take the capsules because they’re not vegan.

  5. I’ve just read your posts and think ill stick to what i’m doing now just eat sensibly the right mix of fruit nuts berries water and fresh salad in a wrap no bread. Calming your eating habits is much better than any diet it just takes time to think about what your about to put in your mouth each time plus as always a little of what you fancy does you good. So with that in mind ill leave you to your chosen diet /meal supplements whatever they are and wish you luck . Ray Blackley

  6. Slimming World, no fads no gimmicks just if you can grow it pick it or kill it (apologies to theVegans) you can eat it, plus your syns so I get my little chocolate hit daily. 5 stone down and still enjoying the variety of foods and the amount of food I can eat‼️ I did use the Berry Capsules as I have very poor soft nails and I have to say they do actually help my hair and nails so I am happy to invest, what they don’t do is increase weight loss – find what suits you like I did, embrace it, enjoy it or don’t do it as you won’t persevere in a happy positive way.

  7. Ive done my 1st day today and got real bad poops. Is this normal and will it wear off after afew days of taking them?

    • Hi Ash, this happened to me and it didn’t wear off. I ended up stopping them because I also got terrible headaches. I could put you in touch with my rep who could advice you better?

  8. Tried to purchase this product, told they would arrive 3-5 days after payment left my account. 10 days later still waiting, rang customer help line and spoke to a woman who was not interested at all then when I rang a second time – 10 days after payment taken told the package was stuck in customs ‘somewhere’. Feel this is a con so be cautious if going for this product.

  9. I have been on the boosters for 2 weeks now 3 times a day before each meal, well i have not been for a poo in 2 weeks is that normal?

    • Hi Louise,

      I’m sorry to hear this, I wouldn’t know if that was normal – it’s not like there has been that much researching into the ingredients in them but at a guess, based on human body functions then it really isn’t. I recommend either contacting a rep (Aimee is lovely – https://www.facebook.com/aimeesmithx) or asking your doctor. I know when I was on them it was the other way but I couldn’t even manage a week.

      • Yeah i have spoken to mine she said its cos i am not drink enough water i drink between 5 to 10 small bottles a day some times more

    • The same happened to me they put a coating on your small intestine i think 3 is too many i only take 1 a day

  10. Juice plus as a company, their main aim was the capsules to help people become healthier. There is LOADS of research on the capsules to their health benefits. This weight loss stuff is a new add on. Anyway the capsules work for health. They improve eyesight, energy, you get less jet lag if you travel a lot, get sick less etc etc I’ve been taking them on & off for years. I came to read this as I wanted to know more info about the boosters. Might stay away from them’ would defo recommend the capsules for a healthy life though, read into the way in which they keep the value of the vitamins and minerals form the veg & fruit. It’s not the same as vitamin extract. It’s the closest you can get to actually having those amounts of veg fruity per day!

  11. Hi,
    before I write anything else-yes I am a rep forJP. Reading through these comments, I think some people are missing some points about what JP actually is! It is NOT a diet, neither does it claim to be! Yes, we do sell products to aide weight loss OR gain but that is all they are claimed to be-an aide. JP is actually about a lifestyle change, so yes obviously customers are given a meal plan to follow as well as ongoing support from their rep. We do not claim that our products are ‘miraculous’ and that they are advised to be used alongside our clean eating program. Yes you would still lose weight using a good meal plan and none of our products-however many people struggle with this and this is where the products do come in. They can help kickstart someone’s weight loss and help them make the changes they need to. The products are approved by a number of health professionals and JP is the most researched whole food nutrition company in the world. Our products/meal plans/one to one support have helped millions of people for almost as many different reasons. All the results that are put out there are from genuine customers-and a large % of customers use some of our products long term so obviously they are helping people somewhere out there! As for the boosters-I can honestly say I had a lady just 3 weeks ago lost just over a stone in a week using there alone-no other products, no change in diet and no exercise beyond what she would normally undertake. Now I am not saying that every person who takes these will have the same results, neither do we ever guaranteed weight loss, but they are certainly having positive results for some (including myself). What works for one person will not necessarily work for another, but for a business to be up and running for 40+ years there has to be more than just wild claims and faddy products.

    • Hi Tracy,

      Thank you for your comment, I do like to hear from reps other than the 10+ I have on my Facebook friend’s list (I’ve actually lost count of them and unfollowed most of them now).

      You state that that company never claims that they are a diet or weight-loss product, well the message has obviously been lost somewhere. The number of comments on here from unhappy customers who have been told they’d lose weight and want a refund shows that. There is also the fact that EVERY rep on my Facebook feed promotes ALL the products for weight-loss “How much weight would you like to lose” being a popular post to attempted to gain interaction. Then the booster posts that are 70% images of people on the scales and 3 days later having lost xx pounds in weight. I’d say only a couple of the reps advertise it as a lifestyle choice and even then only a couple of posts say that – the rest are for weight loss or helping to cure xyz condition. If it was just one or two reps then I’d put it down to bad training from their upline but it’s EVERY rep I have as a friend – that’s more than just a bad upline.

      As for “products are approved by a number of health professionals and JP is the most researched…” many doctors recommend not using them, many dietitians are worried about people using them (one on the BBC recently said to avoid them) and my Uncle, who is a well thought of now-retired consultant highly recommends staying away from them. Researched? Yes they are, by studies paid-for by Juice Plus to get the results they want to see – the few studies done by independent researchers basically say “yes, this product contains x which is good for y” such as vitamin C in the capsules.

      Unfortunately many reps (not all) prey on vulnerable people who are desperate to lose weight, showing all these “amazing result images” which not all of them are 100% genuine – there was recently a case of reps using a photo from someone who had lost an amazing amount of weight by herself, claiming it was Juice Plus who did it.

      You might not like this reply, nor any of the other posts I’ve written but I was fooled into thinking JP would work but after trying it, being let down and then doing more research into it such as the claimed “research”, looking into the ingredients etc and comparing it to other products available I’m not sure how they have been going for 40+ years, heck if it wasn’t for the wild claims I doubt they’d still be around – if you need a wild claim just look at O.J Simpson as an example. Even Actiderm are jumping on the glucomannan supplement band wagon and doing it for cheaper.

      It might be helping “millions” of people but it’s also robbing those people of money which they could be spent on high quality powders and supplements – heck, them just doing the clean eating meal plan will see them get the same results. They don’t need a poor quality protein powder (because that’s what it is, I’ve researched and compared the ingredients/nutrition) for two meals a day, 6 capsules that only give them 4 nutrients (look at the label, that’s all they give) and a sachet of sugar with caffeine and a plant extract that has had little research done on it for it’s benefits.

  12. hi chammy,i bought a months supply of jp shakes last year which cost a fortune ,at the time i thought it was for more than just a months supply which i wasnt told about at the time otherwise i wouldnt have paid all that money out,firstly id like to say i didnt lose any weight but iv got to say the recipes the lady gave me were very good and easy to make (i didnt lose any weight eating them either though) ,i get sick and tired of reps adding me or inboxing me on facebook all the time trying to get me to buy jp,im a size 10/12 now and i was a size 14 before i lost weight.i used the tesco own label shakes which were 4 boxes of 10 sachets at £10 but now they are 2 boxes for £6 which is still very cheap,i have a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch and for tea i have a salad with jacket pot or jacket pot and a full tin of tuna or beans etc,in 2 months ish i lost nearly 2 stones ,i dont really exercise as i dont have the time because i work long shifts,but i did find these shakes really worked as i didnt feel hungry and wasnt likely to pick and eat my usual big bag of crisp and choc at bedtime,also i found that taking a bottle of juice around with me and drinking that throughout the day helped as a lot of the time your not hungry your thirsty but your body makes you think your hungry.people are entitled to their opinion but they dont need to be rude about it,brilliant post 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words Sharon. Well done on your loss, that is excellent. The requests can be rather annoying, I recently went through my Facebook friends and removed all the reps on there, at least 10 of them. Won’t add anyone who even looks like a JP seller anymore as I’m fed up of it.

  13. Hi, I have been on JP for the past 5 weeks. This includes the shakes twice a day, the 6 capsules a day, and 3 boosters a day with water before shakes/meal. I have lost around 12lbs, and at first I did feel less slugish, and my skin appears more vibrant, however, this week I have had terrible pains in my tummy, so much so I can hardly walk, and I am not sure if the boosters have caused a blockage in my tummy as I feel so constipated, which is something I have never suffered with in the past.

    When I started taking the boosters I noticed that once mixed with water they still didn’t fully disolve, so I drank most of the glass and then filled it up with more water. However, if you don’t clean the glass out with boiling water straight away the sides and bottom of the glass would form a jelly like substance which even after going in the dishwasher didn’t sometimes come clean, which kind of scared me as I thought this is what my stomach must be like, lined with jelly!

    I have now stopped taking all the products as of last Friday but today (6 days later) I am still in pain, so much so that I feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach and I am very constipated.

    It would be interesting to know that if anyone else has suffered from constipation after taking the boosters?

    • Hi Amanda,

      Thanks for your comment and I’m so sorry you went through this. From my experience and feedback from this post, I’ve seen a few people complaining about constipation while on the boosters and I myself have experienced the pain you’ve mentioned. I’m not a doctor but I’d recommend staying off them, drinking plenty of water and adding fibrous nuts and veg to your diet. Really, I’d say see your local GP if it continues passed the weekend. If you have any unused products you can get a refund – http://www.juiceplus.com/gb/en/franchise/contact-us Be sure to let them know the problems that have been caused.

      I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  14. Hi Chammy,

    Thank you for your reply and advice. I will certainly contact my GP if my stomach is no better soon as it’s the worse pain I have ever experienced.

    I will also contact JP and ask for a refund as I won’t be taking these again!

    Best regards


  15. Hi Chammy
    I have just received the box of 90 booster sachets, (I was under the impression I was getting the tablets, but I guess this is what happens when all you do is send messages to the Rep back and forth) after reading these comments I’m a little concerned, firstly I will point out I asked the Rep about these products and was told they would definitely help me lose weight, I also explained to her that I have a number of illnesses and disabilities including fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, panic and anxiety attacks etc etc etc,and I am on 2 different forms of morphine tablets 8 times a day!! She had assured me that I will feel amazing and I would definitely lose weight, quickly. I asked her if this was anything like the Cambridge Diet as I could not do that because of the 28 tablets I take a day for pain etc and I need to eat something otherwise I would be poorly on my meds. So….after reading these comments here I’m concerned that 1) I’m going to end up very constipated which is something I struggle with anyway due to the morphine and I am in agony most days because of it. 2) As they contain so much caffeine and green tea I’m concerned my panic attacks will get worse. 3) I will not lose weight (I have ordered the shakes but am still awaiting them) prior to this I had been (half heartedly) taking the Tesco ones, so I bought the JP ones as I thought they would have a better/faster weight loss because of the other products I purchased to take together!
    So now I don’t know what to do. Should I send the boosters back before I have even tried them, after all I cannot be throwing money to the wind if they don’t work as the many, many photos claim they do. I asked her if any of the photos of people on her wall who had experienced “this great weight loss” were actually people she knew, I did not get an answer!! I’m worried about their interactions with my morphine medication and I also cannot afford to get even more feacal impaction than I have now. Do you suggest I try them? Will they refund my money if I have not tried any. I don’t feel very confident in her as a rep after reading through your experiences!!
    Please Reply as I don’t know what to do, I just desperately need to lose weight but not if these boosters are going to Make me unwell!!

    Karen x

    • Hi Karen,

      Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner, you caught me on the school run.

      Firstly I am no doctor, my medical knowledge is what I personally research but I’m going to assume that your rep wasn’t medically trained either. If you do want to try them and do the shakes then I suggest that you first talk to your GP. I don’t know how these products or this diet will effect you personally and I wouldn’t like to say one way or another.

      My personal opinion is that you should send them back. The diet is a scam and the products are poorly made. Their shakes are cheap protein shakes that have 26g of sugar in per serving, the second ingredient on the list is added fructose and they’re soya based – which is never good for someone with any issues (such as my PCOS). The boosters aren’t great and taste foul but most of all there is no guarantee you’ll lose weight with any of the products. My rep, when I did it for this post, told me they’re not meant for weight loss but as part of a healthy lifestyle.

      There are other, much healthier options out there and cheaper. Look at Weight Watchers or Slimming World. I’ve recently started something called the keto diet which is more of a permanent way of eating and is great if you love things like bacon, eggs, cheese and butter. Replacing your meals with these shakes and taking barely proven supplements isn’t the way to do it, you need to do it healthily and under the guidance of people who know what they’re talking about – not people who’ve paid £50 to join a company where they get money back from what they sell.

      I hope this helps. If you need me to answer anything else then feel free to keep replying.


  16. omg never tasted anything so disgusting tried to drink booster but it made me vomit i cant see me taking anymore and after reading comments on here regret buying it

  17. I am on my second day of the sachets and shakes. Ines stole it’s was 55 pound a month and I didn’t have to carry on to next month if I didn’t want to but my invoice says it’s 55 a month for the next four months! This is not what I agreed on and I’m only giving it a month to see if anything changes in me neither weight loss or healthier skin etc. The sachets make me gag which is disappointing as I really want to carry on, the shakes taste just like slim fast. So my question is am I tied to this for four months or can I cancel before next payment is taken ?

    • Hi Bex,

      Yes, they are sneaky when it comes to how much it costs. You can return unopened products to them for a refund and they’ll stop any recurring payments, especially if you tell them you were wrongly sold them as a one month payment.

      Good luck on them, hopefully they’ll be worth the money for you.

    • Hi Akudo,

      I’m not a doctor or medically trained at all. I would say you could fall pregnant while taking them but if you did I, personally, would stop taking them. It’s unnecessary caffeine and there isn’t enough evidence to prove that the glucomannan in the boosters is safe during pregnancy.

      If in doubt, have a chat to your GP NOT your Juice Plus rep, nine times out of ten they’re not medically trained and they’ll say anything for a sale.

  18. Ok so been on the JP shakes and vile sachets for 5 weeks. Have lost 4lb but that’s nothing to do with the sachets as I gave them up after two weeks due to the vile taste and a bad stomach. I have now joined a gym and have stuck to the shakes but I’m cancelling my next two payments and just buying slim fast which will only cost me 4.99 a month. Like I said before no one told me it was 55 pound a month for FOUR months and it being so close to xmas I simply cannot afford something that I now know I can do by myself. Have sent numerous emails but no reply yet. Can I cancel through the bank as well anyone know please ?

    • Hi Bex. I think you can cancel with your bank, I’d pop in or give them a ring – just explain that they never said it would be a recurring payment and that you’ve tried contacting them but they’re ignoring you (just goes to show how bad this company is).

      Good luck x

  19. Like many others on this thread I was apprehensive about taking the boosters. However for me they did work, I took two a day, one in the morning and then one before my evening meal, and just ate sensibly (can’t stick to any diet plan) I have lost 7 and a half pounds in 3 weeks which was my goal. Before taking these I had tried for about a year to lose half a stone and all the cutting down and eating sensibly didn’t shift anything. I found the best was to take them was to put the powder on my tongue and wash down with water, to be honest I found them ok. I have had no headaches or upset stomach.

  20. I’ve been on the boosters for 2 days now I’m constantly bloated I have headache and my tummy hurts is this normal? I’m also hungry all the time

    • Hi Andrea.

      I had exactly the same side effects, this product is nothing but a waste of money. In my honest opinion, I would stop taking them and try to get your money back.

      I hope you feel better soon.

  21. Hi all,
    I was using shakes about three years ago after I had a baby. And they were really working for me together with kapsules. And you are right about why they were working, because I was replacing two meals and only having 600cal meal about 5pm. What I wanted to say is – I had the same problem with payment as I haven’t been told it’s four months “agreement”. I just stopped paying and sent them email with explanation that no one said to me it will be for four months. Now I bought a sachet of vanilla shake and hoping to see some results as I am struggling with losing weight xxx

  22. The boosters are leaving me feeling very gassy and bloated and also very constipated. I am achieving weight loss but that must be because of healthy eating plan.

  23. I have the poops but I don’t care loving the boosters and for once I believe in these so I’m gonna keep going no matter what anyone says I’ve been using different diets things for 2yrs and nowt helped taking these boosters are def helping me

  24. I am starting my juice plus tomorrow I bought them a few months ago . The boosters also .. I just looked at the date on the shakes and it’s out of date since April and the boosters is saying there out off date since Dec 17 !! I only got them maybe in November!! Would it be okay to use them ?

  25. I have done jp shakes and boosters together and separate.
    They work, the shakes aren’t amazing but they do work.
    The boosters again do work they swell in your stomach which makes you believe you are full. I lost weight on jp shakes without boosters and then slightly more with them (with boosters i wasnt snacking and was eating less in eve) but i got bored and gave it in. I went back to slimming world (which I’d done before jp too) and found again the boosters to help. I stopped the boosters because id had enough of the taste and stopped losing weight. I am now starting them up again while on a call control diet (12k a day) I was losing a average of 1.5lb a week without them but haven’t had a weigh in since starting them.

    I honestly believe as with any diet etc that they will not work with everyone so what dnot work for you may work for some one else and vice versa.

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