4 Reasons You Need More Magnesium In Your Diet

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We all know that getting a good intake of vitamins and minerals is important for our health. We need a lot of different chemicals if we want our body to work efficiently and fight off health problems. Magnesium is one of the most prominent and important chemicals in our body.

4 Reasons You Need More Magnesium In Your Diet

It’s present in over 300 chemical processes in the body and it can help you to combat a whole range of health issues. Here’s why you need more Magnesium in your diet and how can you get it.

Strong Bones

Calcium is the mineral most associated with good bone health and while it is beneficial, Magnesium is just as important. Magnesium helps you to absorb calcium effectively so if you’re drinking loads of milk but you aren’t getting enough Magnesium, you won’t see the benefit. You need both in good amounts if you really want to improve your bone health.

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes is a serious health issue that you can’t come back from if you develop it, so prevention is the key to tackling it. Magnesium really helps with carbohydrate and glucose metabolism so if you’re getting more of it into your diet, you’re far less likely to develop diabetes. Obviously, your sugar intake is a big factor, but you need to make sure that you’re getting enough magnesium as well.

Heart Health

Looking after your heart is important, especially as you get a little older. Things like exercise are important because they give the heart a workout but your intake of magnesium can be a big help as well. Magnesium helps with your muscle health so naturally, it does wonders for your heart as well. People with a high magnesium intake have been proven to have a lower chance of common heart issues like hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Collagen Production

Collagen is an important substance that helps to slow down the ageing process in the skin as well as improving the health of tendons and ligaments in the body. You get wrinkles when the collagen levels in your skin reduce, causing it to go slack. By getting a good amount of magnesium in your diet, you can encourage collagen production and stop wrinkles from appearing so fast.

Where To Get Magnesium

Now that you know some of the amazing benefits of Magnesium, you’re probably wondering how you can fit more of it into your diet. The easiest way, if you’re struggling to get it in through your food, is to use supplements. Head over to https://www.focussupplements.co.uk/ to find a great range of Magnesium supplements. Just remember that you should always consult your doctor before you start taking any new supplements.

You can also introduce Magnesium into your diet through different foods. Vegetables, especially leafy ones are your best source. Things like kale, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and beet leaves all contain a high level of Magnesium. Nuts are great too so think about swapping them for some of your unhealthy snacks. Visit https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318595.php for a full list of Magnesium rich foods to add to your diet.

Magnesium is so essential in all areas of the body so always make sure you’re getting enough in your diet.

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