Making The Switch To A Mooncup

So let’s talk periods! They’re natural, most women get them so why not turn it into a topic of discussion on my blog? More specifically I want to talk about my recent switch to a Mooncup and how it has changed my period as I know it!

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The Pre-Mooncup Years

Before switching to my Mooncup I used tampons but even then I was still relatively new to using them. I can’t remember exactly when I switched but it was sometime between giving birth to Eban (I was almost 26) and turning 30, before then I was so scared about using them. The fear of “losing it” or becoming ill from keeping it in too long completely scared the living stuffing out of me so I stuck to pads.

Pads got the point where I just couldn’t cope with how uncomfortable they were, especially in the summer when it was warm and I was sweaty. Not to go into too much detail but being a larger lass, with an extra layer between my legs and the heat meant it could get pretty painful down below.

I decided to be a big girl and switch to tampons but even those have started having their downsides. Dryness, irritation and internal discomfort lead me to look at actually taking a leap and investing in my first Mooncup.

My Mooncup

I’ve known about Mooncups for many years, since before Eban was even conceived, but like tampons, they scared me. They looked weird and how on earth was I meant to insert that inside me? What about the mess? What if it got stuck or lost? If you’re reading this then you’re probably thinking all those too.

Aaron had been encouraging me for a while to give it a go. I mean it was a one-off cost, it was better for the environment, better for my health and vegan approved. I made the choice to give it a go, obviously, I was worried about the cost and whether it’d be worth it but you don’t know until you try.

The First Try

It arrived in its little box and tiny bag, I opened it up and it honestly did freak me out. I read the instructions at least three times and watched the videos on their website.

When my period came around I was still nervous about using it but I gave it a go. It was easy to insert and I used the folding in half and half again method. I could feel it, slightly, which was an indication that I hadn’t inserted it properly. When I came to remove it, it had worked its way further up which, when I Googled, meant I’d just not got the seal right.

So, I did a bit more reading and tried the other folding method which looks a bit like a rose (you push it down and fold it). I moved my finger around the cup once I’d inserted it to ensure there was a seal and from then on it was a perfect fit. I also found inserting it when it was wet was much easier.

Removal Of The Mooncup

As you’d expect, I was worried about blood flying everywhere. In fact, it was stored nicely in the cup and you simply tip it down the loo and rinse it out. Then re-insert.

There is no soiled products to dispose of, no wrappers, no tubes so it is so much better for the environment than any tampon or pad and also less household waste.

My Period & After Health

I did find that I needed to use it for less time than I’d have worn tampons, but most importantly for me, it hadn’t completely dried me out. There was no irritation either which is normally a result of tampons sucking all the moisture out of there.

It now lives in its little bag in my bag so if I go anywhere then I know its there for me.

Buying Your Own

If you decide to grab your own after reading this then you need the correct size.

The two Mooncups are slightly different sizes, size A is slightly larger than B.

I picked mine up on Amazon, with Prime delivery. There are a few different brands around, some are much cheaper but I decided I wanted to go with a highly recommended brand and I was willing to pay the slightly higher price. At the end of the day, it’s cheaper than a year’s supply of branded tampons or pads.

If You’re Thinking About Making The Change

Then just do it. They’re better for your health, they’re better for the environment, they’re reusable and simple to use, once you’ve got the hang of it. I’ve not met a Mooncup user who has regretted making the switch.

If you have any questions or concerns then pop them in the comments and I’ll answer them for you.

I decided to finally make the switch to a Mooncup rather than a tampon. I thought it was an easy, vegan way to help the environment as well as benefiting my own health.

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3 thoughts on “Making The Switch To A Mooncup”

  1. A very honest and useful review, as I’d heard of these but must admit I didn’t know all that much about them. I still find the concept quite difficult to get my head around, as I can’t see myself using them and getting on with them. But, you never know until you try!
    Caz x

    • I was like that for the last 10 years Caz, so nervous to try them. Glad I finally did and looking forward to seeing how the effect my cycles in the long run.

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