2017 – A Year Of Broken Resolutions

Ahh, it’s that time of year when everyone makes their usual “I will do better” or “I will do this/that/the other” promises ready for the new year. So let’s look back at the things I didn’t do in 2017 before making a whole load of new promises for 2018.

2017 broken resolutions

2017’s All The Fails

It wasn’t until deciding to do this post and looking back at the post I did last year that I realise how utter slack I’ve been over the last 12 months…well slack or I just set my targets too high. So here is my analysis of last year’s resolutions.

Aims for 2017 – Blog

  • Publish a new post at least five times a week – FAIL
  • Hit (or come very close to) a four figure monthly income from my blog and blog related content (by the end of the year) – FAIL
  • Reach 5,000 Twitter followers (by the end of the year) – FAIL
  • Achieve 2,000 Facebook likes (by the end of the year) – FAIL
  • Obtain 2,000 Instagram followers (by the end of the year) – FAIL
  • Post one Vlog video and one non-vlog video on YouTube every week – FAIL
  • Run a new competition at least once a month – FAIL

As you can see, EVERY target on my blog I failed to hit and looking back I do think I set my goals a little too high. I should have maybe focused on one social media channel then reevaluated my goal to focus on another.

I did increase all my social media this year, Twitter being the highest so it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

My earnings have been very up and down, with my best month being around £700-800 in earnings.

YouTube I’ve got better at, my lack of confidence and good lighting has been my downfall to that but 2018 is my YouTube year.

Aims for 2017 – Health

  • Make changes to my diet which will include cutting down on meat and dairy again, trying to keep to one meat-based meal a week – WIN!
  • Increase my exercise and aim for a 30 minute session at least three times a week – FAIL
  • Weight loss aim of 2lbs a week but I won’t be disheartened if I don’t hit it as there is always next week – as long as I’m healthier at the end of next year than I am now that’s a win – KINDA WIN!
  • Post my weekly Vlog to YouTube – FAIL
  • Get out of the house more as this isn’t only about my physical health but also my mental health – FAIL

Well, I had a big win on the health side of things. Rather than cutting down on meat and dairy I went full on vegan again and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. This time around things are easier and a lot more tasty.

Weight loss was a kinda win. Through the year I lost almost two stone but I haven’t weighed in over a month and Christmas has just happened so I may have undone some of that progress. However, I am ending the year feeling a lot healthier than I started it.

I was keeping up with my weight loss vlog for a while but that took a hit due to confidence issues. That won’t stop me this year!

Exercise, I was kinda doing Yoga for a while but it kinda just stopped for no real reason.

Aims for 2017 – House

  • Have the house completely decorated, each room done including my new office which is being built from scratch – KINDA
  • Patio the top half of the garden and fence off the bottom half so the dog can’t use that area – FAIL
  • Start my own veggie patch. I have enough garden to grow what I want so I want to start that this year – FAIL

Well, the office was set up. There is carpet and equipment in there but we’re still undecided about how we actually want to decorate the room.

The rest of the house is accessorised and each room is painted.

We didn’t manage to get much done in the garden over the summer. We’re still very undecided on how we want it. We’re thinking of turning the whole bottom half into a veggie garden this spring but we’ll see. I did get my rhubarb plant planted though, that grew HUGE but I couldn’t harvest it due to it being its first year.

Aims for 2017 – Everything Else

  • See more bands – I managed to see two in 2016 (Yashin and Alter Bridge) but I want to try and double that this year. Few new albums coming out and they normally bring tours with them so we’ll see – FAIL
  • Get out more as a family – we’ve moved to a great part of Sheffield that puts us in easy reach of the Peak District and as National Heritage members, there’s lots of things around us that we still haven’t visited – KINDA
  • More varied “me time”. Turn off the TV and spend more time reading or colouring, maybe even discovered a few of the games I’ve missed – WIN
  • Clean more (husband inspired aim) – I hate cleaning, like REALLY hate cleaning, so I tend to do the very basics. This year I plan to whack the music up to 11 and dance around while scrubbing every inch of the house on a regular basis – FAIL

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any bands this year. We just didn’t get the time or they weren’t playing local enough for us to get to. We’re starting out 2018 seeing Motionless in White though so that’s a start.

We made use of our English Heritage pass quite a bit, visited a few more local places as well as just going out for the day. Still, I don’t think we got out enough but that was more to do with the weather and other commitments than anything.

I’ve seriously increased my “me time” and spent time away from the PC/Laptop to watch some TV shows I’ve been wanting to see as well as a bit more gaming. It’s done me some good too, though I still feel guilty about not “working” while I have the chance.

And cleaning, we’ll not talk about that one!

2017 Summed Up

I did pretty shite, to be honest. Like I said, I think I set myself too much to do and didn’t motivate myself enough to get it done. For 2018 I think I’ll be less numbers focused and more just enjoying the work I do and the time spent with family.

How well did you do with your resolutions? Are you making any for 2018? Mine are coming…

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