2018 – Will I Actually Keep My Resolutions?

So, if you read my last post you’ll already know that I was pretty crap at hitting my 2017 aims/resolutions. I think a combination of unrealistic aims and zero motivation is what lead to me failing and failing hard. So this year I’m aiming smaller and more realistic, but still challenging myself. So, will I actually keep my resolutions for 2018?

2018 - Will I Actually Keep My Resolutions?


ChammyIRL hits three years old at the end of March and 2017 saw my blog grow in terms of reach and the companies I’ve been able to work with. One of those included Mediavine who supply my advertising, I hope you’ll agree that the ads being served now are a little nicer looking and more appropriate to you, the reader, than they were with Adsense.

2017 also saw me start two new blogs. One was Modern Money Life which is somewhere I’ve been able to take a portion of my money posts, while still sharing the more relevant ones here such as TopCashback Giveaways. The other was UK Vegan Bloggers which started in December and is a community I’m hoping to grow and a place I can add more vegan content without it putting some of you guys off ChammyIRL.

Anyhoo, to the aims for my blogs.

  • Publish new posts on ChammyIRL three times a week. One new post from me on UK Vegan Bloggers per week. Modern Money Life is just as and when content.
  • Share my From Frivolous To Frugal journey each month.
  • Grow my TwitterFacebook and Instagram followers. I’m not aiming for a target this time, if I can double them then that’d be great but last year I set my targets too high.
  • YouTube is the one I will set a target for. I REALLY want to hit that wonderful 1,000 subscribers mark. As I write this I’m at 217 so with my plan to post twice a week I should hopefully see that slowly grow.


Back in August, I went vegan for the second time. While I’ve seen many aspects of my health improve such as my PCOS symptoms and joint aches, I’ve not been a healthy vegan – yes, it’s possible to be a fat vegan. Over the last month or so I’ve slowly regained some of the weight I lost.

I want to become a fit vegan so we’re looking to getting back into eating whole foods, less processed vegan “junk” foods and watching portions sizes. So my targets are…

  • Be healthier at the end of 2018 than I was when I wrote this post. This is my overall goal! To achieve this I will…
  • Increase my exercise and aim for a 30 minute session at least three times a week by doing Yoga, skipping and the occasional Just Dance boogie on the Switch.
  • Post my weekly Vlog to YouTube, when I’m doing this I’m motivated plus, I have watchers who apparently like these videos.
  • Cut down on the crap and make 5/7 meals whole food with a couple treat meals a week (burgers, pizzas etc).
  • Stay vegan!

Christmas Weight Gain


There isn’t much more to do in the house, besides the garden. But here are my aims for the year:

  • Finish the office – we just need to decorate the walls, once we’ve decided how we want to do it.
  • Get the veggie patch started, at least have an idea of where we want it and what we want to grow.
  • Overpay on the mortgage by around £4,000 ready for the remortgage at the end of the year.

Everything Else

In addition to the main aims of the year, here are a few other aims I have for 2018:

  • Start my sleeve (tattoo). I’ve promised myself a sleeve once I’ve lost the weight so that is one of my motivations.
  • Spend less and save more. We’ve become really silly with money recently so I’m wanting to dial back the spending and start saving more.
  • Less procrastination and more organisation. I’m terrible at putting things off and I’m so disorganised that it’s frightening, this year I want to plan my time better and make use of it.
  • Read a book. I actually want to take some time to read a book which might not sound like much to some but it’s a big thing for me.
  • Maybe, just maybe, look at starting some kind of course. I’d be very interested in looking at studying something around vegan nutrition.

As I realised last year, I gave myself too many goals and overwhelmed myself so much that I didn’t actually get most of them done. This time I’m doing smaller, not so specific aims, and if I meet them then I can just come back and reevaluate my aims for the rest of the year.

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a great start to the new year and make sure you let me know what your aims are in the comments.

Good luck and happy new year!

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