The 26 Books Challenge

I don’t read. Well, when I say I don’t I mean I try, I genuinely want to try but I start and never finish. Over the last 12 years, I’ve started and finished ONE book. As part of my 2018 aims I’ve decided that I want to finish a book but I feel that’s a little too easy so instead, I’ve decided to take on the 26 books challenge.

26 Books Challenge

The 26 Books Challenge

The challenge pretty much says what it is on the tin. One year to read 26 different books, I mean you could lump certain books under multiple categories on the challenge but for me, that’d leave me reading about five books.

A friend introduced me to it after sharing it on Facebook so I’ve neatened up the image and decided I’d document this on my blog, updating this post throughout the year with the books I’ve read. I’ll also share each book over on my Instagram feed so if you want to keep up with my reading shenanigans then you can.

The Book Categories & My Choices

So here are the 26 categories and under each one I’ll list what I’ve read for it, with probably a little blurb about why I chose it or what I thought.

I won’t be doing them in order, it’ll all depend on what I fancy reading after the last one or what I have to hand at the time. I will list the ones I know I’m going to read, with the author and whether I’m currently reading, have read or haven’t read yet – just so you get a rough idea about what’s to come.

A book you own but haven’t read

A book that was made into a movie

The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown (not read yet)

A book you pick solely because you like the cover

A book a friend loves

A book published this year

A book by an author you’ve never read before

A book by an author you love

A book at the bottom of your “to read” pile

A book with a colour in the title

A book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit

A book you started but never finished

American Gods – Neil Gaiman (currently reading, first of the challenge)

I first picked this book up in August 2017 and started reading while on holiday. I got several chapters in but then didn’t pick it up again once I got home. It’s the book at the Amazon TV Series is based on and I loved the TV show.

A book with a lion, a witch and, a wardrobe

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (obviously) – C.S Lewis

A book with a heroine

A book set in summer

A book of poetry

A book you learned about because of this challenge

A book that will make you smarter

A book with a blue cover

A book you were supposed to read at school but didn’t

A book “everyone” but you have read

Harry Potter – J.K Rowling (haven’t read yet)

A book with pictures

A book with a great first line

A book from the Library

A book you loved…read it again!

Angels and Demons – Dan Brown (haven’t read yet, well for this challenge)

A book that’s more than ten years old

A book that’s based on a true story

Taking Part

I’ve included an image for you to save, print out, pin etc so you can have your own copy. I’ll personally be sharing each book I read with the #26bookschallenge so I can inspire others who are on the challenge.

If you’re up for doing it then let me know, comment what your reading for each category or tag me in your photo on Instagram/Twitter (@ChammyIRL for both). I may need a bit of inspiration for some of them.

I'm taking part in the 26 Books Challenge. Reading or re-reading 26 different books over the next year.

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1 thought on “The 26 Books Challenge”

  1. I don’t think I could read all these different types of categories, but I could probably manage 26 books in a month (if I turned off Netflix…) I love reading, but I do think sometimes I should be writing something and doing something with my life rather than reading about the lives of others!! You can do this Chammy – if you get stuck on any let me know and I’ll see if I can think of any good suggestions 🙂

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