A Foodies Christmas Gift Guide 2018

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Ok, so one of my favourite parts of Christmas is the food; everything from the orange in the stocking to the main event. I do tend to go a little crazy over the festive period but hey, I tone it down the rest of the year. So, here is my Foodies Christmas Gift Guide 2018…in case you’re not sure what to buy them this year.

All The Sweets

Christmas gift guide for foodies sweet hamper

I’m guilty of having a very sweet tooth and have been known to “help” with my son’s health by assisting him with the stash his Nan supplies him with once a month (aka being a naughty mummy). Anyway, when I saw sweetie hamper I just knew it had to go on my foodie list as a pure indulgent. Great either as a shared gift to friends/family or to someone who has a serious sweet tooth. This hamper comes in a variety of different themes, the one pictured is the Great Britain Sweet Hamper which is £37.99 and includes over 1.2kg of sweets. The hamper is personalised with the person’s name and a short message.

Chocolate Fix

christmas gift guide for foodies chocolate pizza

Keeping with the sweet tooth theme, how about a chocolate pizza for your food-loving family member. A solid chocolate base topped with a selection of toppings and finished off with a sprinkling of grated chocolate. This pizza isn’t for the faint-hearted. True chocoholics will go crazy over this gift and it’s certainly more interesting than another box of Quality Street. You can grab this Chocolate Pizza for £11.99 or one with different toppings; they even have special pizzas for birthdays.

Bubbles Everywhere

christmas gift guide for foodies popaball

So this strange product came to me via BlogOn and I thought it would be perfect for my foodie gift guide. Granted, it’s more of a drinks product but I’m not doing a separate guide so it can be squeezed in here. PopaBall are little balls filled with tasty juice that compliments your drink. Think of bubble tea but for your glass of fizz. You simply add them to your drink and they pop in your mouth as you drink them, oozing out a tasty flavour sensation. You can grab them on Amazon in many different flavours, themes such as Prosecco or Gin, and even as mini gift sets. Also good in non-alcoholic drinks too.

The Ultimate Foodie Hamper

christmas gift guide for foodies hamper
Bearings Christmas Food Hamper: Images Courtesy of Amazon. Priced: £40 (21/11/18)

I’m a fan of hampers (if you didn’t already guess) so when thinking up this gift guide I went hunting for a hamper perfect for any food lover. I stumbled across the Bearing Christmas Hamper. Filled with Christmas favourites such as cake, mince pies and shortbread but I think the thing that I love the most about it is the Yorkshire Crisps – they’re bloody lovely. This is a great gift if you have a family of foodies as there is a there is a little bit of everything in it. For £40 I don’t think you can go wrong.

Happy Down

I’m not the biggest of drinkers, though my regular Friday night Instagram photo might make you think otherwise. So these drinks from Happy Down were right up my street. They come in three different flavours; Lychee Guava Chilli, Lemon Cucumber Mint and Raspberry Pomegranate Basil. Are only 4% volume so they’re a much lighter, more refreshing alcoholic beverage but look posh and make you feel posh. Prices start from £1.99 but check their website for your local stockist.

And In The Morning, I’m Making Waffles

christmas gift guide foodies waffle maker
VonShef Waffle Maker: Images Courtesy of Amazon. Priced: £24.99 (21/11/18)

Fun fact: I was actually nicknamed Donkey for a short period of time in my teen years. I’m not sure if that’s because I was constantly annoying or that my friend was nicknamed Shrek because he was a grump. Anyhoo, waffles are one of THE BEST breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper/snack foods ever invented. You can smother them in sweet or savoury goodies and freshly made ones are so much nicer than shop bought ones. I think every foodie needs a waffle iron (and a toasted sandwich maker) in their cupboard. This one is well reviewed and a bargain at £24.99 just don’t forget the waffle batter mix (or use a recipe, like a good foodie).

It’s All A Bit Cheesy

Christmas gift guide foodies make your own halloumi

Who hasn’t always thought about making their own cheese? I once made my own Paneer which was pretty awesome and I know I’ll be making a Boursin at uni very soon so this kit is super appealing and is a great idea for your cheese loving foodie friends. The kit, available on Firebox, comes with all the bits you need to make you’re very own Halloumi – YUM. It’s £22.99 and makes eight batches – that works out at less than £2.90 a batch!

That’s my Foodies Christmas Gift Guide 2018 all wrapped up. I hope you like the selection I’ve put together and it provides a little inspiration. Make sure you keep an eye out for other Christmas content across the blog including recipes, other gift guides and ideas.

I was sent some of the items featured in this gift guide for free, in exchange for this post. This doesn’t change how I feel about them, I still think they’re all pretty awesome which is why they’ve been included.

What are you getting your food-obsessed friends this year?

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