A Very Big Thank You Hug To You All

So, it’s the end of another fun TopCashback giveaway but before you all disappear until the next one I wanted to write you a bit of a thank you post. This is aimed at each and every person who has visited my blog throughout October.

October Thank you

A Very Big Thank You Hug

I’m not a very big blog, so anything more than a couple of hundred visits a day is AMAZING! Over the last month I’ve had a few very well received posts and of course all the answers for the TopCashback Trick or Treat giveaway. This combination seems to have skyrocketed my views to another planet and I have you guys to thank.

I know after today you’ll all go back to your normal lives that don’t revolve around chasing hummingbirds across computer screens but before you go I wanted to say a huge thank you for choosing me for your answers.

I really do enjoy doing the TopCashback giveaways even though they leave me exhausted for the few weeks they’re up; most nights I’ll stay up till after midnight for the clue change then be up for the school run at 6:30. I like to help those of you who need it or don’t really have the time to solve them, you can come to me and click on the link taking you straight to the winning page.

Please Don’t Leave Me Forever

I’m hoping you’ll continue to pop back to me, I have a lot of content coming up over the next few months and no doubt TopCashback will be back with their Christmas themed giveaway. To keep up to date with all most posts you can just pop your email in the subscribe box under this post – this will email you everytime a new post has gone up. Alternatively, you can follow me on every social media, links are at the top of the page.

So again, THANK YOU for making October my most awesome month yet.

If you haven’t already seen them then here is a quick list of the other posts that have done really well this month:

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