Dodge Growth Spurts: Adjusting Kid’s Clothes

As a parent, you will know just how many clothes your kids go through. Something that fits one day won’t fit the next, and you’ll be constantly keeping up with their growth spurts. This can be particularly hard when you’re sticking to a tight budget. Of course, you can be super prepared by shopping in the sales. Maybe you love the odd discount code or cashback site to help you save on the spending. But there is one thing all of us can try and that is making our own clothes for our children.

Dodge Your Child's Growth Spurts: Tips To Help You Sew Your Kids Clothes

Making clothes may seem like a hard task to ensure, but sewing is a fantastic skill to develop. It can really save you a fortune on your kid’s clothing, and even help you in other areas such as costume making. Halloween and world book day woes will be no more. It’s also a lot of fun and gives you a chance to express yourself creatively. So here are some top tips to help get you sewing in no time at all.

Buy a good quality sewing machine

There is nothing more frustrating than a machine that often breaks or doesn’t work correctly. If you’re serious about sewing, you need to invest in a good quality machine. Prices will vary so consider what kind of sewing you are likely to be doing. This is when websites like BestSpy could come in handy. Do plenty of research into the models as some machines have multiple functions that might be confusing if you’re just a beginner. Basic machines by reputable brands such as Singer and Brother are ideal when you’re just starting out. Take the time to research specifications and read reviews from previous buyers of the product. This will give you a better idea of what you need. It might also be beneficial to attend a beginners sewing class so that you can grasp sewing techniques and learn how to set up your machine correctly. These classes will also teach you about hems, fabric types and how to read patterns.

Stick to suitable patterns

Sewing has had a rise in popularity in the past few years, so there are more patterns available for children than you probably realise. They range from everyday shirts and dresses to pyjamas and costumes. There are so many fantastic designs to choose from, and you can find them online and in sewing shops. It can be tempting to buy them all but stick to the patterns that are suitable for beginners to start with. This will help you develop your basic skills and build your confidence in using your machine and trying different designs. When you feel you have mastered one pattern, you can then move onto a more advanced one.

Dodge Your Child's Growth Spurts: Tips To Help You Sew Your Kids Clothes

Get creative

Kids clothes should be fun and enjoyable to wear. So always consider which fabrics, buttons or ribbons you intend to use. While traditional fabrics and trimmings are good, this is the ideal opportunity for you to make your kids clothing more exciting. You can search online for eye-catching fabrics or party dresses and shirts. You could ask your children to help you choose fabric for their new item of clothing so you know you’re making the right decision. You could also combine different patterned fabrics together to make a real statement piece. The possibilities are endless so don’t limit yourself.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box

These days there are so many smaller boutique shops selling handmade clothing, so check them out for some inspiration and ideas, but don’t steal anyone’s design. After all, those people work hard and it is their livelihood. Instead, it may just provide you with the seed and then websites like Pinterest could help you turn it into something original and wonderful. Better still, you may become so skilled in this that you might even set up your own shop yourself. Thankfully, platforms like Etsy have a great facility for you to begin your whole new venture online. Of course, it is advisable to take baby steps at first, but this could be something you learn to love and feel passionate about.

After some practice, you’ll be able to recreate those items on your kid’s clothing wishlist and improve your sewing skills quickly. Sewing does require patience and it’s likely you will make mistakes from time to time. Remember that this should start out as a hobby, where you get the benefit of items for your little ones. Don’t rush and learn from every mistake to create fantastic clothing and costumes that your children will adore wearing.

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