Vremi Apple Slicer And Silicone Baking Cups

Don’t you just love things that make your life even that little bit easier? Even the simplest things excite me such as this apple slicer and these silicone baking cups I was sent to review (and offer as a giveaway). Here are my thoughts on both.

Vremi Apple SlicerVremi Apple Slicer

Despite what the name says, this device does more than slice apples. It comes with three separate blades which are perfect for apples, chips and mangos! Yes, slice that pesky mango with easy using this awesome slicing dodad.

You simply twist the blades to remove or attach them, they’re dishwasher safe and rather sharp. The external handle is solid and easy to hold and use.

Working the slicer is incredibly easy, you place your fruit or potato under the sharp side of the blades and push down.

Vremi Apple Slicer

The blades slice through the apple with ease, leaving nice sharp cuts.

Vremi Apple Slicer

Which leave you with eight slices of apple and the core.

Vremi Apple Slicer

Personally, I love this because Eban is a pain for leaving too much fruit on the core sometimes so having slices means all the fruit is eaten. Even better is that I haven’t got to stand there slicing and coring an apple, getting covered in apple juice and becoming sticky.

It really is a lazy person’s device but it saves time, it saves waste and it’s just so handy. I haven’t tested it out on a potato or mango yet but I will be soon (probably chips for tea tonight). It’s also kid friendly, as long as you supervise them as the blade is sharp, they can use it to slice their own apple.

You can grab this on Amazon, currently £7.99 with free priority delivery (it’s not Prime so not next day).

Vremi Silicone Baking Cups

Right, first things first. I haven’t actually had a chance to properly test these yet as I’ve just not had time for any sort of baking. However, I am baking myself some birthday cupcakes next week (30th November) so I will be using these instead of cupcake cases.
Included is a 24 pack of multicolour and BPA-free round cake moulds for cupcakes and muffins. They are reusable, oven and microwave safe up to 249ºC, freezer safe from -40ºC and dishwasher safe (use the top rack to preserve quality).

Vremi Silicone Baking Cups

They come in a mixed pack of four colours; pink, yellow, blue and green. From what I can tell, they’re going to work really well. You can order them from Amazon and they’re £13.99 with free priority delivery.

If you want to see how well they performed then keep an eye out on my Instagram as I’ll post a picture as soon as my birthday cupcakes are done.

Win A Vremi Apple Slicer & The Vremi Silicone Baking Cups

As I said above, I was sent both of these to review and to offer as a giveaway to you awesome lot. So if you want the chance to win both of these for yourself just follow the instructions below. The giveaway closes on the 17th of December and the guys running the competition will email the winner with their own code to purchase them from Amazon.

Please note I have no control over who is picked or the correspondence once the giveaway has ended, I’m purely hosting the giveaway. Good luck!

Win the Vremi Silicone Baking Cups and Apple Slicer #15

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