5 reasons why artificial turf is great for kids.

Kids love nothing more than playing outside in the garden on a nice sunny day. All too often, though this is ruined because the grass might be too muddy or maybe there’s fertiliser on the lawn, trying to convince it to grow. Artificial turf can help give the kids somewhere safe to play all year round, read on for my top reasons why anyone with kids should consider artificial turf.

5 reasons why artificial turf is great for kids.

Artificial Turf Is Allergen Free

According to Kantar in 2017, 31% of people in the UK self-reported experiences of hay-fever, and it is feared that this statistic will only increase. Artificial turf is allergen free, so the kids will be free to play outside all day without worry of itchy eyes and sneezes.

It Is Safer To Play On

There are a couple of things that make artificial turf safer than the conventional lawn. Firstly, because the lawn is artificial it does not require any assistance to keep it looking its best, it is free from hazardous chemicals. This means the children can play out without worry of chemical residue from weed killer, fertilizer, or pesticides. Secondly, the artificial nature of the lawn means that the surface is smooth, you do not have to worry about foot traffic causing uneven areas that can become trip hazards.

FallSoft Technology Protects Little Ones

When you install artificial turf you can have soft pads placed underneath the grass that helps to cushion trips and falls. This means the kids can play out in the garden to their heart’s content, without causing your heart to beat faster with every daring gymnastics move or everytime they overdo it on the garden swing. It also makes it kinder to the little ones, who are uncertain on their feet.

Have a read of this article regarding the use of artificial turf in school playgrounds to get an idea as to how turf can be used to protect children.

It’s Cost-Effective

You are probably already aware that here at Chammy IRL, I’m all about saving money and finding the most cost-effective way to do things. The good news about artificial turf is that it can save you money big-time throughout the life of your lawn. A natural lawn needs love and attention to keep it looking its best, and that will cost you. Think of your water bill and money spent on seeds and fertilizers, when you install an artificial lawn, you do not need to worry about any of these things, saving you money in the long-term.

It Looks Great All Year Round

With artificial turf, you no longer need to worry about the winter slump, when your grass is just a muddy, soggy mess. Gone too are the summer worries, when your grass is so scorched it is no longer green. An artificial lawn looks incredible all year round, not just for the typical two-week period between the winter and summer weather.

Hopefully, you are now thoroughly convinced of the benefits of artificial turf. If you want to find out more, however, you can read up on artificial grass here. This is a company that specialises in supplying and installing artificial turf to both trade and the public.

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